I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


15 September 2018

Discernment is a word bandied about all over the place. Mainly because it will help us create the best possible outcome for all.  Discerning what’s true and what’s not within ourselves, groups, others and the multitude of scenarios in our world are essential if we are to be effective in aiding humanity to rebuild a consciousness aligned with love, peace and joy. Living our God Selves or Christ consciousness sets the example to others.

 Knowing and hearing your true Self is discernment.It happens naturally in those who have open hearts. I'm speaking more here to those who have difficulty with this, as I have.

 When words, written thoughts, teachers and their teachings, music and even mainstream debate purportedly are revealing Truth, what do you feel inside?

Some people have a very clear physical response in their gut, as in ‘gut feel’ if what is being communicated is not aligned to Truth.  Others feel alarm bells going off in one way or another: some may feel a slow dawning of ‘something’s off/wrong’ instinctively or have feelings of doubt, but can’t explain it to themselves. It’s just a knowing. Listening to these God Self/HS/your Lighted team impulsing you through feelings of discomfort is the important thing.  

Even if you don’t feel anything, you can still ask yourself whether the teaching feels aligned with pure Source energy, Christ consciousness and personal freedom for all? Do the ideas presented leave you feeling hopeful and uplifted [without wanting to throw money at the person for a workshop or service] ? Or is there more of a doomy-and-gloomy long term forecast and you emerge from it feeling lower in vibration than when you started listening?

There’s an uptick now in the CIA/military industrial complex’s current related projects in order to reel in, collect and entrap humanity’s ‘energy’. And that includes targeting seekers drawn to Ascension teachings, especially where Truth combines with esoteric information. I’ve recently seen numerous instances of this where somewhat established teachers are being used to this end. 

As everything is changing so rapidly and we have already been duped in so many ways [read further down], it is for us to keep constantly alert to the game at all times, which includes noticing shifts and changes in those we’ve previously relied on for information and those we’ve considered spiritually clean teachers.

  Some of those being used have soul-ed out recently to money/power and others have been murdered and replaced. While other long-time MKUltra’d may stay in same/cloned bodies or be replaced. Often by some of the world’s worst actors.
What I have observed in the past couple of years particularly is that there’s been a  greater ease of ability in discerning Deep State/the CIA’s payroll trolls on alternative news and other sites by an increasing amount of mainstream people. As if the energetic changes to planet and consciousness have resulted in a gossamer-thin veil where the troll in question is almost visible now to many.  It's asif you can almost see them jumping up and down with a flashing neon red sign above their head screaming: “Look at me - I’m a troll!”

I’ve been thinking that this topic would be my subject for a while, then read a  blog called Spiritual Consumerism by Lisa Renee on the same subject and saw another blogger also wrote on the subject from her own  perspective. So this question of discernment is clearly important at this time especially!

Lisa spoke of the selling of services in the spiritual/ascension community where unsuspecting seekers are duped by spiritual gurus. For me, the most important thing to be aware of currently in everything we expose ourselves to is the motive of the one presenting, so we do not give an ounce of our precious God sovereignty away. This is what keeps us connected. 
Ill-intentioned forces are working through many spiritual/ascension/truther teachers and presenters currently. a It’s for us to perceive where the so-called authority is coming from within so we make the best choices for us!

This is an excerpt from a long comment I made on the subject on another site recently:

‘… I'd emotionally and energetically invested in watching an esotericy ascension teacher-cum-Truther’s YT videos for a few years. She had previously intentionally exposed herself as having been experimented on/interfered with by military/milabs? In her childhood with her special gifts and had ‘come through’ it. I assumed she’d made her choice to stand firmly with the Light. But shockingly, on one of her recent YT videos I  heard an American English-speaking male voice bleed through her audio [probably deliberately]. I was nauseated, realising I’d fallen for another double agent, still ‘owned’. Confirmation came a video/two later:  she’d been removed, probably murdered. Or why would a younger, slimmer rather bad impersonator with nothing energetically in common have replaced her?

Another of her ilk, a young man who also makes popular YT videos, disclosed ‘working on the projects’  similarly. What I'm getting to is both these 'teachers' spoke lots of Truths from their respective perspectives, mixed in with liberal doses of misinformation – fed by their handlers. And part of how they confuse to get your buy-in.

 But an important point to discern real Light teachers from the darkies as I call them is that the former will encourage, bring God/Universe/Source into their picture, know and share the Lighted realms perspective and put forward the ultimate success of this Earth ascension mission and thus, hope. Whereas the latter's tone is often 'we're doomed if we do and doomed if we don't', they often keep away from ‘God’ and ‘Christ consciousness’  and they subtly discourage hope/success of a final Lighted  evolutionary outcome. That way they can keep the collective vibration of their followers low, in FEAR and dependent on them!

The energy healers/spiritual teachers murdered and hijacked by the reptilians are often the very 'successful' and established VIP types or ones with huge followings. Sadly, I've observed numerous of these nasty transformation over the past year/two also.
They're easy to spot: humans do not blink as rapidly in a minute as reptilians do and human eyes do not turn into vertical slits when you freeze a frame watching them. Reptilians use a liquid crystal hologram to disguise themselves behind these famous faces. Watch their eyes, mouths and skin when they experience extreme emotion-it’s when you’re likely to see their real form as the hologram breaks down. *
There’s a new breed of imposters, though it’s early days in my research on these. The video presenter or teacher will look and sound regular – but for one thing. There’s a creepy translucent white ring around their iris. Others similar but not the same have glowy/shiny eyes all around. I suspect these could be part or full AI’s or perhaps other species from elsewhere now unveiling themselves on Earth. I've seen a woman doing a beauty review on something, a guy  presenting something business-related and others. Do you own research on this.

Having said this, I’ve also been wrong about people I’ve discerned in the past. Not to mention about myself and information I have received from what I thought at the time were the Lighted realms. *Only later did I realise these were parasitic impersonators, who even make etheric ‘doubles’ of your HS/Light body so you believe it’s your own organic Lighted aspects you’re hearing.   Ditto any and all previous Lighted personalities that you may have had regular contact with and who’s ‘flavour’ or personality energy you thought you were familiar with.

 Some  tragic instances where I’ve allowed myself to be duped include taking Ormus[highly dangerous to DNA!]. And a while later I put my beautiful cat to sleep as I was sure I was hearing he wanted to leave after another UTI. I was horribly wrong, but only discovered that many months down the line! I could share many more stories with you.

The invisible darkie parasites, planetary parasites and their AI tech are ‘on our etheric asses’ *smile* as someone said, day and night. One reason why I’d rather put out zilch in the way of messages today, than be potentially BS’ing and leading readers astray.

 Most messengers don’t give a toss, though. One who did and who’s name I can’t remember purportedly brought through Jesus the Christ/Sananda/Esu. She was a psychologist and put out very frequent ‘messages’ until one day a promised time/date she  received for an event that was supposed to occur, didn’t come to pass. She had the integrity and accountability to publicly withdraw and disassociate from whoever was giving her the messages.

Buying  hook, line and sinker into voices heard is the norm, though. Even when more than 90% of messages are manipulated or come from the CIA/Deep State/AI machinery rather than any true God/Lighted sources.

Amongst the several others I’m thinking of right now was one guy who was pretty connected to the Lighted realms with sometimes good info. Over the past few years I observed his Lighted information was being interspersed with other information I felt to be of the dark/imposter light or the False Father-Mother god energy. Basically, this is an entire inverted system which imitates the Light, set up by the parasites/NAA for the exact purpose of fooling Lightworkers. Like my experience above.*

Unless you are emotionally whole and have no energetic access points for parasites (no loves, hates or fears and more) or are totally surrendered to God in open-heartedness, you are not able to be impenetrable and thus, fully protected. 
 Learning how to discern when we are being manipulated – whether through our own  consciousness and minds – or through another outside of us is imperative.

Discerning etheric hijackers is also important. They could be in your circle of friends, family, colleagues,strangers or in online communities. A year or two ago I commented pretty innocuously on someone's site. This guy fancied himself as a font of wisdom. I think I suggested looking at something related to sport from a different perspective -being that mechanisms controlling it behind the scenes were the same across all industries.  In his crazed, fury-filled response – which expanded over weeks and included videos in an all-out,unprovoked  gaslighting attack on me/my site as I’ve never received  before – he seemingly had no notion his bile came from what was attached to his own consciousness. He wrote somewhere he was a ‘clearing house’ for others. I would rename that to: ‘House of destruction’. After I was given info and response options by my GodSelf, I chose not to engage further but leave it to the Lords Of Karma.

I guess all these examples and my own point the way to one thing: ‘Man, know thyself' first. And hear the voice of thy (true) self. These are some of the ways the consciousness war is proceeding at this time and discernment may well prove to be our most precious tool in the days ahead. So sharpen and use it, rather than allowing parasitic hangers-on to use you. It could be the determining factor in how successfully we are able to serve others' needs when that moment strikes.