I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Splitting of Worlds by Mother Mary

27 July 2016

My dear beloved children of earth

The change is upon you
And it is Time

I come as one who is on the front lines of this mammoth operation, helping to assist in your transition.

You have all come to the fork in the road now of and for your choosing.
At this time life gets to be more difficult for some and becomes easier for others.
This is all in accordance with what you have chosen and your own personal consciousness destination.

Do remember that your ‘destination’ as such, is nothing more than a state of consciousness – your chosen one. And there are numerous states the world’s inhabitants will be splitting off into.

In some instances it may feel as though a wall is up between you and others; that certain of your family members seem to disappear and quite suddenly, long-time friends may appear to up and go, leaving for different climes in foreign countries.
Ditto the reverse for others in your life. Some may suddenly make what appears to be an unexpected reappearance, likewise.

In fact, beloveds, you will all be travelling to these ‘foreign countries of consciousness’ if you like. And the choices are quite varied.

While you will all continue to be rooted on earth in physical terms for this moment in time and space, you will all also be occupying different ‘realities’.

This is not to say you cannot be interacting with others from other consciousness destinations. You can and will, but there may be a sense of distance or you may have the feeling that communicating with the person feels like trying to penetrate a brick wall. For in some respects, this is what it will be – a wall of one type of consciousness versus another. Or it will produce a sense of dissonance.

Yet at the end of the day or experience you will each return to your chosen destination, which will feel far more homely and natural as your destination ‘state’ which resonates with you.

[SK: when HS and I had a recent chat she gave me the image of various huge bubble-like mushroom-shaped domes over earth, wherein each group of consciousness resides – separate from each other, yet simultaneously, all together on earth]

This may sound somewhat complex to understand. But, in fact, these are the respective timelines now coming in to play. And the time you have been waiting for and preparing to experience.

While it all may be a bit mind-boggling to wrap your head around the technicalities of this, in my perspective this is less important than finding your equilibrium in your new chosen‘home’.
Which is not necessarily to say that equilibrium as a quality will be experienced by all either.

Beloved ones, you are all mightily privileged to be doing this dance on earth at this time, whatever your choice, and wherever it takes each of you.
For when this earth experience comes to a close, you will have learned a great deal.

Until our next communique

I AM your Mother Mary leaving you with what is hopefully some food for thought.

[SK: When chatting to HS earlier about this

Also, I did a piece with Nada maybe in 2009? which was about this subject too. I think we called it The Separation of Worlds, if anyone’s interested. ]