I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sara 11: Living/Teaching the God Within

Sara 11: Living/Teaching the God Within



30 November 2013

It is I Sa-Ra, come forth once again.

And this time I would like to speak about another very serious matter. I would like to speak about the nature of the God within as it relates to your upcoming service.

Yes. What or who is this God within? This is my question to you today...
Do you know?

The God within, dear Ones, is the most gracious, the most noble, the most balanced and the most compassionate, tolerant and loving aspects of your Self expressed. And these are just a few of the God within's attributes. The God within is one who's love knows no bounds.

The Father Fragment within is the God within. The God within is the Father Fragment within. These are both one and the same. There are many other names for this, but suffice it to say the Father Fragment is the best description.

When the Father Fragment or God within is fully operational within each of you, you will know these and many other attributes besides.
When you are able to give full expression to these or the God within, you then also have access to the Lighted realms of other dimensions.

And this applies to the feeling? (SK: couldn't hear word/phrase on cell phone clearly) and knowing of the Truth of all things. It is through this knowing that your wisdom is automatically able to shine that all might have access to and receive of this. Standing tall in your wisdom is being in great service to others.

It is important to note beloved ones, that some might perceive you as the God/Goddesses that you are. This is so, but in some cases they will see you as ones above and beyond them, out of their reach. Then there will be others who will feel threatened by you, which will perhaps only serve to diminish their own already shrunken sense of Self.
These will be some perceptions and reactions that you can expect to come forth. However, all you have really done is embraced your God within; your True Self. Not to speak too lightly of that either, for it comes at a cost to many of you.

Embracing and living the God/dess within comes with its own set of responsibilities also. Namely (SK: or mainly?) due to what I've mentioned above - the projections and perceptions of others who occupy a different space energetically.
But of course these you cannot be responsible for. You can only continue to behave as per that which the God within requires of you.

The God within is your access point to eternity in the Now.

Cultivating this relationship successfully assures you of permanently having on hand within: a protector, wise counsel, a teacher of Truths and many more roles that co-exist simultaneously within you when this relationship is successfully activated.

The God within is that which each one of YOU Light Warriors have prepared for over all these many years (and the many lifetimes of experience) to come to this point where you are able to teach the God within and what it is and what it can mean to others...
That they may know, be inspired and so seek to have the very same relationship with their own individual God within.

Do you see the importance of your past work, beloveds?
Do you understand that you are the Way show-ers? The show-ers of the Way?

And do you understand that by your very demonstration of living, expressing, feeling the God within, that you are doing exactly this?
Whatever your respective gifts and skills, your talents ....it matters not. For as long as you are living the God within, you are teaching beloveds, and your are serving.

This is all for today, beloved ones.

May you find these words thought-provoking, that they might bear some fruit and assist you a little further in your preparations for the immediate future.

With my Love and great Blessings upon you all

This is your beloved Sa-Ra

Saying 'Adieu' for now.

[SK: I'm needing to work on my cell now but some of this was unclear to me, so if you get a laboured vibe from it I had to go through it with Sa-Ra again]