I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, April 13, 2015


7 April 2015


by Shellee-Kim

Much has been said on the work required within for this period of opportunity to advance your personal ascension. But what does that mean? And how do you do this work?
The work each of you have been, and are still required to do concerns the recognition of all that which lives in shadow within you.

You may say: What? Not I for I am a worker of the Light. I am one who works with God and I have no darkness/shadow within me. But, you see, this would be your first mistake. And it could be said to be the way your ego ensures its first line of defence. Making sure that you feel justified in never having cause to delve any deeper into your mind.

Imbalances within produce septic behaviour: irrational moods, depression, inconsistent actions and reactions to others and self-destructive patterns. If ANY of these are present within you, you are living with imbalances within.
Bringing imbalances to neutrality –emotionally/mentally/energetically - is what is required at this time. THIS is what is meant by working on yourselves.

There’s an obstacle in your path, however. And that is the pesky ego. In order to want this thing called ascension, you are going to never have to take ‘no’ for an answer from your ego. But first must come the desire to question all your ego shoots up at you. And then the questioning of those very self-stated declarations. Over and over again, if needs be. Even through the resistance of ego, such an intention will bring positive results.

It may sound as though the process of discovery is becoming ever more complicated. But, in fact, three words can be applied to your thoughts, feelings and action process every step of the way to achieve this: QUESTION YOUR MOTIVES.
This is the start of consciously applying a formula to reach the oft-hidden Truth of yourself – and beyond the lies your ego has convinced you of, about yourself and your world.

And the purpose, you may ask? Once you get into a culture of constantly questioning the self, you will find many disparities. Produced by the imbalances mentioned earlier, these are what you’ll want to tackle as going into what drives all of these are hidden gateways to your healing, liberation and the raising of your consciousness.

Although this can be started overnight, I will not fool you or mislead you by telling you results are achievable overnight. For the vast majority (of a minority of the world’s population), this is accumulative work of many years of commitment that determines the desired fruits are produced.

This inner work never truly lets up; it’s a constant refining process – and one where becoming vigilant in awareness of and with the self as second nature. Or a second skin, if you like.

THIS is the type of inner work which through each and every imbalanced bit of energy brought to greater balance, also serves in raising your vibration. As the two are inexorably linked. The ‘junk’ DNA is activated each time you’re able to achieve such a healing within. The more activated DNA you have, the more easily and naturally you’re able to become telepathic, amongst the other gifts which open to you. Or you to them.
So the repercussions of what you can achieve once you make this commitment to yourselves are endless – and all in your favour.

However, the fear that most humans have about looking within themselves is a deeply ingrained one from both childhood and societal conditioning, regardless of culture or religious beliefs.
It has been widely programmed within the mass mind from one generation to the next, both via societal and parental conditioning.

Repeatedly, and from the time you are born, it is constantly demonstrated to you why it’s ‘bad’ to feel and express anything that lives ‘negatively’ within you. ‘Stop crying’, you may have been told repeatedly as a child. ‘Don’t think that way’, you could have heard when you tried to express a fear or a sadness to process it with a loved family member, growing up. Whatever it was that was said, or as importantly, not said but demonstrated in your history, has continued to serve as an effective tool of control over collective humanity.

Therefore, whether in the ‘seeker’ new age community or not, you will largely find the keep it ‘light and happy’ polarity at work. Often to the exclusion of this vital inner work. Delving into the shadows and below the surface of your mind means finally allowing yourself to acknowledge the true authentic feelings and thoughts that live within you. Firstly and most importantly – about yourself. Without it, you continue to contribute to the mass denial of humankind.

And this is why, if you wish to take this grand opportunity in your here and now, you must make the choice to overcome. Taking this decision (or not) will turn out to be the great divider between people. Even of those of you who stood firm in your commitment to the plan of Christ Michael and God. And even those of you who served others in all the ways you knew how.

Noble as all this is, it is still the confrontation of what lies within your minds and hearts that remains to be dealt with. The shadows and darkness of the world you inhabit are but a reflection of the same dark, imbalanced corners of your very own minds.

This is the defining work that ensures you make or break it up the next rung on the ladder of your eternal journey.