I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Touching The Hearts Of Strangers by Sa-Ra

Touching The Hearts Of Strangers



thru Shellee-Kim

25 July 2013

Beloved Shellee, oh it is so good to have returned again, to be with you once more.

Yes, now begins a new cycle entirely. Marked by the separation of all that is to occur. Your preparations and the extra time given will see you all in good stead. It has indeed been a long time coming and in the making.

But of course you are wanting much more concrete information than this. And so we say to you ‘now is the time to stand up and be counted’ if you perceive yourselves as ones who wish to be of Service at all.

So now for today’s message: How many of you can say you speak out when pressed to do so, you stand up for injustice done to another being in a public place or you become involved in a situation that is rife with tension that ‘isn’t your business’?

If you are ones to whom this applies and you are easily able to and do do these things, then we applaud you. However, if you are the silent majority who prefers the approach of turning a blind eye and deaf ear to such proceedings occurring around you all the time, we ask you now to stop in your tracks.

Why do you believe that an argument on a bus between a man and a woman is of no concern or business of yours? Are these not your brothers and sisters also?
It may be due to a subtle action on your part or even an overt one that could help these two find some kind of resolution together. Even if it’s merely a temporary one. It could be that through your ‘interference’, you could act as a tonic, a healing balm or a helping hand for the hurts experienced by either or both parties. There are very many more advantages to ‘standing up and speaking out’ in such a scenario than there are to not doing so.

You also become an example to others, potentially beginning a chain reaction. And perhaps the next time one who witnessed your outspokenness on the bus will him/herself witness another scenario of conflict or a person requiring help elsewhere, he/she will instantly be reminded of your own courageousness and spontaneity in stepping forth to assist. In turn, this gives that one the courage to stand up and speak out. Do you see the importance of this?

There are no excuses, beloveds. Each and every one of you are faced with many of these situations on a regular basis. Regardless of whether these are in the work place, while interacting with others as a consumer/seller or in your home environment. Too many of you still remain overwhelmed by the ‘what will others think of me’ re-action, which in turn suppresses your potential responses in this kind of Service.

Practise in these moments and given opportunities. Use them now to quickly ask yourself during your witnessing of such, ‘how and what would be the best service I can provide to this person/people/situation/animal at this time that would be of benefit to the highest good of all’.

Of course, there are numerous situations you also cannot get directly involved in. But that voice within will help you to discern and assess each situation accurately. You do not want to be directly in the line of fire (figuratively-speaking) of those at explosive points and find yourself at the short end of the stick. But listening within as to what to and how to react will ensure each situation is handled perfectly.

We do believe that many of you use your perception of the potential explosiveness of others as an excuse to bury your own heads in the sand, turning away from doing such Service to others, as a result.

By your own actions you are teaching others through demonstration that this IS acceptable, and even necessary, to stand up for and with others, helping to smooth the way a little. This is extremely important, beloved friends. For it is over millennia of bowing down and accepting your world’s self-appointed ‘authorities’ that your people and planet are in such a mess. These are some of the first steps to again finding your own sovereignty and power within.

For there is indeed something very personally empowering in reaching out to touch the heart and/or mind of a complete stranger. Such actions help unity between people, help people in feeling acknowledged and that they count and gives you, as importantly, the opportunity to actively seek out ways your Service is sorely needed.

This will be all for now, beloved friends.

Please go about your days asking for ways in the world and amongst strangers that you can positively ‘interfere’ with in this manner . It is far more important than you might think.

I AM your beloved Sa-Ra come once more this day and through this one.

It is always my delight and pleasure to be here amongst you in Service.

You are all so deeply cherished and loved.

Until the next time…


Monday, July 29, 2013

Nebadonia: The Destruction of the Nature Kingdoms

The Destruction of the Nature Kingdoms

24 July 2013


thru Shellee-Kim

Beloveds, it is I Nebadonia that wishes to speak once more.

It is true to say that those of your time and place have little regard for all other species upon your planet and in your seas that occupy the same space and air as you do.

Somehow because you utter words, you have talked yourselves into a sense of collective superiority over your brothers and sisters in different forms. These ones, like you, have volunteered to experience life on Mother Earth’s body to serve both you and she. And to learn as a species. But they have been reliant on you to guide them, to show them the way in this grand evolutionary journey and wondrous opportunity for growth.

Yet, instead you have seen fit to rather choose to inflict the most horrendous pain and suffering upon them, in your wisdom.
‘By their fruits, ye shall know them’, so says one of your world’s holy books. Well, WE have come to know what it is that still remains prior motivation in the deep dishonouring of the many species upon your plane. And it breaks our hearts…

There can be no greater pain for a mother than to see her children swept along by the lies in a world that refuses to stand up to its oppressors, all the while the voiceless (animals,birds, sea life, trees/forests and all of the rest of the nature kingdom) face endless cycles of continued pain and suffering.

You have been visited by ones who know not what the word ‘mercy’ means and so you have now become as them, (re)made in their own image. Do you not recognize, beloveds, who and what it is you are serving? Where and how your allegiances are being made and remade daily?

This is why this cycle ends now. No more shall there be the levels and extent of harm, atrocities and abuse committed in the name of man’s greed and external power associations.
There will no more be the wave of unconsciousness and fear that has kept man imprisoned within and away from his ability to know, feel and express compassion and empathy for all.



All possibilities have been exhausted, all avenues opened have resulted in dead ends, in the main. Thus we move into the new, having learned all that could have been that may be applied to the various future scenarios.

This is enough for now. I AM your beloved Mother Nebadonia holding the seeds of your tomorrows in deep hope within my Heart.