I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Yesterday was perhaps the greatest day of the year for me so far!
I really do believe this country collectively broke through the glass ceiling of FEAR!
That self-censoring programming that many here have bought into for so long just seemed to vanish yesterday.
I would energetically call it a definitive turning point in the affairs of man here.

An important Khazarian Zionist date, amongst others, yesterday 7 April 2017, South Africans of all cultures, colours and creeds came together in the 10's or 100 000's. Most took to the streets to protest against our cloned 'president' Jacob Zuma. Some even put the figure at around 1 000 000.

This entity is another KZ clone without conscience, like many of them. Just how many years ago the original was murdered is anyone's guess. I'm feeling quite a time before his original election/KZ-forced installment as president, ten years ago.

However, like many KZ-installed leaders in many countries, evidence of his criminality is in the 780+ criminal charges brought against him. Not that that went anywhere in terms of our freedom, as the KZ's here also control the judicial system who conveniently dropped all charges against him a few years ago.
That, amongst very much else, is what we as a people have chosen to accept and put up with for so many years.
But now...we have risen!

Yes, there is outrage and anger collectively. It was what the shadow government/deep state attempted to capitalize on this week. Knowing how easily the middle-class respond to fear here, they chose to spread fear-mongering through the media. Once they caught on to how many more people than usual were intending to march, their MSM presstitutes suddenly talked about the marches that would be anti and ‘pro’ Zuma. Suddely ‘pro’ Zuma marches were worked into newscasts. Suggesting that there could be clashing and violence – a typical tactic.

They continued their campaign by inciting fear in the impoverished areas across the nation also. In my area alone, two more innocents humans were shot in the few days preceding the march at a drug and crime-riddled suburb nearby mine. And at my neighbouring township, there was coincidentally a ‘flare up’ of zenophobia – supposedly locals attacking Africans from other countries living in the same township.

Instead, these were murders and flare-ups executed by deep state’s agents slaves covertly going about their usual dirty business. This time to ensure as many as possible would be too paralysed with fear to leave their homes and join the march. Which sort of had some effect.

Yet a march outside the gang-riddled area still got off at 6am. I was invited to attend in my professional capacity, but there was no ways I was getting up at 4.30/5am.

Despite that, many more than usual came out of the woodwork yesterday. The majority of suburban main roads going into the centre centre were lined with humans voicing their concerns and standing together in solidarity. Many for the first time. And next time, there’ll be even more people present. Because next time the people will be able to see through the media lies and know them for what they are - in advance.

During the early part of the week I made numerous requests with the Lighted realms for what I wanted to see happening on the day-the external conditions and in how people would feel internally, if it was in God’s will that it all be so.

The day before the march, I asked for further galactic and celestial assistance that the people marching have the right and the freedom to express without the interference of the darkies tactics. I also went to connect with the Higher Selves/essences of all marchers.
And a whole lot more about very specific things I wanted prevented. I know it must have helped.

Overall, this was a very good experiment. And despite covert threats being made here and there, the protesting masses were unharmed by agent-slaves in disguise.

There were many moments yesterday when I was moved almost to tears over the Godly presence in/around people at the locations I was stationed at. I had my placard with me which read: ‘And You Thought We Were Sheeple?’.

There was such an harmonius, peaceful contagion of the most positive kind that spread between people. A sense of already being triumphant, just by taking the action of being there. It was a mixture of that same feeling of unity when Mandela became president or winning the world Soccer cup. Except better...at least to me.

In the past, complacency aka fear of rising especially from the middle-class, was justified by memes such as ‘ we are powerless to do anything about it’ or ‘why protest as it won’t help’.

Yet something absolutely beautiful has happened...we are seeing through our own collective victimhood that has allowed the abuse to continue for so long. And, moreover, we are choosing to take our power back. Power (aka our sovereignty) and unity work hand in hand to strengthen each other.

But, even more importantly, there was an inordinately high number of people who echoed these and similar sentiments. Rather than overtly being there to ‘fight against’ the man or system, many were there ‘for’ unity.

Some of the comments video-d were:

'We are here to support the country',said one young male marcher.

While an unnamed biker said:
'The idea is to show the world that in unity we have power'.

'[What Zuma’s doing]It's going to hit the impoverished the hardest...I'm here as a representative for them' said one woman.

From a country that has feared rising so much for so many years, that people here now talk about rising for the sake of unity is like a dream come true for me.

I, for one, am so very privileged to have been part of this breakthrough here.
A new cycle’s begun and it’s the start of something big.