I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, September 26, 2014

IMS and EM as One

24 September 2014

EM's COMMUNIQUES (SK's Higher Self)


SK: A few days ago I was urged to thank those of you here again that have made and are making the commitment to CM to be fully present here. And to express my/our appreciation for all that you've done, all you're doing - despite the many hardships you've encountered in your respective ways. Be they inner, outer or both.

IMS/EM as One

Our grateful and deep thanks go out once more to all those who have committed to going the distance with Christ Michael and his plan.
We are ever indebted to the strides in consciousness you take in your efforts to grow yourself into God.
We know it is a massive undertaking in a world of such separation and the deeper separations that exists within the mind.

Be you all deeply blessed.

You are most loved.