I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, November 10, 2018


I watched this earlier this year and it's become one of my favourite films.
Samsara is highly memorable [says a stack if I can watch the same movie more than once] and If you have a couple of hours it will be well spent on this.
Samsara is innocent, poignant, evocative and is a story with a theme familiar to all of us. It's poetry is reflected in the evocative desert mountain cinematography. A bonus for me as I have a serious thing for desert mountains.
  It revolves around the life of a young lama/monk and the choiceless? choices he makes.

Soundtrack is by Cyril Morin - who's a masterfully creative composer.  I love this, Tashi's Theme, in particular

Blessings to all and enjoy!

Monday, November 5, 2018


31 October 2018

If I was able to ‘see’ into the ethers…I’d see great swathes of Light and Love settling over and into everyone and everything. Or in turn the Light and Love  may be pulsating. As it is, I don’t ‘see’ in those ways, but I rather feel. 

And what I’m feeling right now when I look at myself and every other person who I connect with – strangers and friends alike - is our connection on the dot that we call the  NOW moment. But now in the context of their greater eternal mission. What I’m trying to say is I’m feeling the significance of my/their eternal Selves recently more than I’m feeling, and thus focusing on, our/their limited here-now experience and expression. In this, I am seeing and feeling more expansively. This is good, very good.

It’s a perspective shift; triggered by Love descending or/and ascending. I can’t tell which as it’s all one united force in this true reality.   It’s as if the very air, the atmosphere, is charged with Love particles[whatever that may be]. Or perhaps they’ve always been there and only now can we access them/them us more naturally, due to the levels of raised consciousness we’re experiencing currently. All thanks to the sometimes-relentless upgrades and Wave energy we’ve been receiving.

  The air being charged with Love is a very real experience. I’ve been blessed to experience this state of bliss a few times already. It’s like feeling as if your every atom and body cells are  melting and merging into the ethers, where Love is. Likewise, does it simultaneously feel as though the Love is coming into and melting INTO you - your body, mind, heart, everything. Though the Love is already in you…
However it works, it’s absolutely delicious and sublime because it happens with your every inhalation and exhalation. For me, this is the holy breath lived.

Just a side-note here. I used to do a lot of volunteer work in my late teens/twenties amongst the mentally handicapped ‘borderline’ cases. I also had an artist friend with a brilliant mind who wore a serious psychiatric label.  I remember now observing some of them feeling the Love in the air sometimes and caressing it. Or they’d go off into different zones, entering other planes of reality and ‘see’ all sorts of things. I was intrigued – being my first exposure to other-dimensional travels, so to speak. Even if it was all mixed up with partial dp possessions and other nasties, which I had no clue about then.

What I have much more of a clue about now, though, are some of the colours and lights I’ve been seeing as a result of these elevated Light-infused times. Only because quite a number of others are seeing similarly. I’ve been waking up to colour combos of soft pinks and greens in a vertical unit, as if it’s raining down from somewhere. There’s also been the odd pastel-coloured rainbow that’s appeared on my off-white walls. And more flashing white lights. Usually this happens either before I go to sleep, during contemplation time or on awakening. 

However, with all of this, consistency is something that continues to plague me. And prevents me maintaining myself in those lofty states, mentioned above. Likely this is for the same reason most of us have.  

We tend to keep returning to identify in thought and feeling with aspects of our lives – past, present and future –and our particular PERSPECTIVE on it. This way, like an addict of some type, we consciously keep re-turning to the false reality of our small existence, almost by default.  Not as the Godly beings of Love we are, but as the little ‘i’ addict.

And it’s certainly an unworthy exchange for the glories and wonders of whatever the space of Love/God/the heart has just given us to experience. Even a day of peace or joy or contentment is a day spent basking in God.

 This is what I was dwelling on last night and it came upon me that:

We are NOT what happened to us as children. We are NOT how we chose to re-act to ourselves/the world[via behavioural patterns] subsequently. We are NOT the archetypes we have taken on as ….’s partner or  role  as mother/father to our children. And we are NOT little HU-mans[a contradiction in terms]. 

Instead, we ARE whole in God. We ARE One with God. We ARE love and joy in God. We ARE safe and protected in God. We ARE peace in God. We are multidimensional aspects of His magnificence…and much more.

This is the living Truth and living the Truth. Not just for moments here and there as some kind of novelty experience, but our permanent and real state of living Heaven on Earth. Though even all of our positive experiences of Love and God combined are just the tip of the iceberg of what awaits.

Having said all that, we did create our experiences as children. So did we choose how to re-act to ourselves/the world. We also did adopt archetypes created by our inner unhealed wounds and lived staunchly by them. We chose the adult relationships we thought we were worthy of or weren’t and how to deal with them or not.

  Each of us are the scriptwriter, the director and the entire cast full of [our life story’s] characters. Every aspect in each  of our unique life story is of our own creation.

Yet, WE, the real I, are but the audience members; the spectators. We have become so engrossed in the movie/theatre of our creation that even when the lights go on at its end, we’re still doing the Groundhog Day-style repeat. Our movie/theatre is so entrenched within us we've forgotten that we aren't the actor/actress. We keep [mis]identifying by jumping back into the character/s of our creation. Time and habit help. And thus we keep ourselves tied to the compulsion of our false reality.

It behooves us, therefore, to counteract our undisciplined thoughts and feelings by calling upon the Lighted Angelic orders who specialise in mental and emotional focus and concentration. This way we can practice keeping out harmful thoughts that we can more easily maintain our space in our God heart/love. There are a range of other higher Lighted dimensional experts you can call on to clear your feeling space also.

May our energetic and emotional investments within become far more firmly anchored in the only changeless space there is – our God hearts. Regardless of past or current situations, events or people. No, in spite of it. 

Another favourite local poetic soul artist at a neighbourhood haunt with her song ‘Flow’. Appropriate for the piece here as being in the ‘God Flow’ as I like to call it is the only place worthwhile being in, imo.

 Ernestine Deane with Flow: