I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, November 26, 2017

God's Way - A Lucky Packet Of Surprises

Pale Imbongi Praise-Prose 2





I am in God's heart... He is in mine

He is my partner in eternal life

With Him by my side

There Can be no strife

Life isn't always a bed of roses

But that matters not when he guides the day

For in him always is the perfect way

Whatever the traffic light signals may say

In all you do, say, think and feel

Allow Him to be captain of your wheel

Life is what you make of it

So they say

Yet who's the true architect

Of life lived this way?

Ye ones can never know the

Work behind the scenes

I groove to the moves

So leave it up to me

And I will reveal

All that needs be

Not knowing what you'll get

From your lucky packs

can be quite thrilling

Sweetly anticipate all then

And be blessed

For ye all

are in me now

Blessed and how

I say it is

And so it is

Be blessed

In me and know

It is

so now

We're all in God's heart

He is ours

Together we conquer all

That all

May be


in Him

To be now

Be blessed (x2)

And all the rest


[In South Africa a lucky packet is a child's party packet with lots of mixed sweets, chocolates and colourful trinkets. You never know what sweet surprise you'll be pulling out next, as it really is a 'mixed bag']