I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Return Of Mother Energy - my HS/EM

8 July 2014


SK'S Higher Self, EM [Expanded Me]

SK: EM and I are chatting about the return of Mother [that is the Infinite Mother Spirit I call IMS] to this plane...


IMS or Mother has been desiring to return to the earth plane for eons, but has been prevented from doing so for a number of reasons. Some of which have been outlined, to you the people of earth.

Now it is her time to make her presence known once again. And to have her energy, the feminine divine, returned to the hearts and souls of all humankind. That each might embody the wholeness of who they are. Thus bringing forth a great and grand healing to ALL THAT IS; to each individual and to the collective within the various societies of earth.

What a time this will be as we move forward into great heart-opening focus for every man, woman and child. A great healing is to ensue that all might finally know who they are – and in fact, who they aren't. For in truth, who they aren't has been the source of much imbalance and troubles in the lives of each, and therefore for the collective of humanity.

Highlighting who we are not and why we are not automatically brings to conscious light the pitfalls that we have been up against that we may choose never again to return to such limitations. And thus may we begin to know the power of that which we truly are. In so doing removing restrictions and limitations that have been placed upon us by outside forces that have wished for their control to continue for yet further eons on this plane. But this is not to be. For their time is now up.

There are many ways in which humans may make the return to their True Selves. But only one Truth may exist at the end of the multiple routes to arriving there, to arriving and returning to the Heart. And it is this Heart of all things that the Mother energy is concerned with. For living within the Heart allows all to be known from its TRUE perspective. Where all else is then perceived as the illusion it is, as the matrix of limitation and control. Which is mistruth.

Therefore lies ahead a big job for all of mankind in DISCERNING Truth from lies to begin with. First EXTERNALLY and then as that reflects INTERNALLY. Then can humankind begin sorting within the many created illusions and DELUSIONS that have been the source of such suffering for each.

There is great work ahead which ultimately brings the greatest of rewards. And that is the emergence of the whole HUman - HIGHER UNIVERSAL man...eventually.

I AM most excited to be a part of this momentous mission. As are all my fellow workers. Yes, we are all champing at the bit to get going.

This is what I have to share with you today. And there will be more...oh, much more.

Be you all deeply blessed.

EM [SK's HS]