I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, July 12, 2014


6 July 2014


by IMS

through Shellee-Kim

Aah good morning, beloved daughter mine.
I'm so very pleased to have this moment with you once more. Its always a pleasure and a privilege to come to you and the people of earth in this manner.

Today I will speak a little about KNOWING WHO YOU ARE.

Beloved and dear children of my heart: it is time for you to know WHO YOU ARE.
And by this I don't mean your intellectual understanding of all the concepts, metaphors, analogies of aspects of yourself as you experience these in your world - which are always coloured and often limited by your ego - but I mean for this knowledge of yourself to be as a direct line to who you are.

[SK: I'm getting a visual of the telephone line connection from the personality self -to the higher self - to the god self...connected upwards by this line/cord]

TO know YOURSELF and therefore to BE YOURSELF totally is to know who and what you ARE beloveds. You ARE soul, you ARE a fragment of your higher aspect having a physical experience. It is NOT the other way around.
This has been how for the vast majority of you on earth have mistakenly IDENTIFIED those parts of yourself as the ones in charge, in control of your lives. And this is not so. It is a case of mistaken identity certainly.

But it is also a habit that has hypnotised you for way too LONG. And what is necessary as a next step is for you all to unlearn this habit in much the same way as you would any other nasty habit, such as interrupting another as they speak or breaking the habit of cigarette smoking.
It is to be seen in this light, beloved ones, that you might know it for what it is. That the part of you that is in charge in most instances, is the part that is not the God Self. And great and total transformation ...must occur that the God self can take its rightful seat as driver of your fleshly vehicles.

Yes, this is a process which many of you reading here have begun, I am happy to say. However, this is an endeavour that the majority inhabitants of your future civilisation are to embrace for a successful society and its manifestations in all spheres of your expression and living.
And therefore the importance of stressing that this God Self within needs to be in charge, cannot be over stressed. In fact, this is PIVOTAL to your future existence – individually and collectively.
As many of you have begun the process as I mentioned, you are ones therefore that have acknowledged this needs to be so. And also understand WHY...so you will go forth then, as pioneers, that you might share with and teach others how and why it is necessary to do the same.

Some of the limiting and restricting factors that keep you vascillating at this moment, between identifying with your EGO self and identifying with your God Self ARE in a word: FEAR.
That would be fear of surrendering – as in relinquisihing your or your ego's control and fear of identifying with the unknown. And you may find it difficult to get your head around this one: fear of freedom, of prosperity; fear of the flow of being in tune and aligned with God.
These factors, and I've named but a few here, are exactly those elements which set the ego off into a tizz and the ego panics at the prospect of relinquishing her/his identity to the God Self.

This internal battle is indeed one on which everything rests. So it is essential that the resetting which is to occur, also allows for a personal resetting... where you are to know and have an opportunity to identify fully with your Higher Selves, your God Self as your point of reference.
Both in your relationship with your self and thus the world around you. And this truly is to be a gift of the ages. Not bestowed upon everybody, but upon those who have made the commitment to see this plan on earth through and have been devoted to the process.

It is this group – and I speak here not only of those associated with AH alone but many others around the world not yet known – who are to be the pioneering group that will demonstrate this in action.
You will take this to the four corners of your globe, demonstrating the new HUman. This is what it means to be the Higher Universal man embodied in flesh. This will be a great joy – not only for this group – but for all the citizens of your planet.

Beloved ones ,the coming times are to be rough. This you have heard in many different ways and forms and through many different messengers over recent years. But you ones will be forearmed, if you like, with the gift of living and expressing from the Truth of YOURSELVES. And for you , this will help to balance out whatever the difficulties you each individually may be encountering.

[SK: I'm just feeling such joy again...don't know why; whether its coming from all the celestials at present...or just both IMS and Machiventa, I dont know. Either way, the joy from IMS is just permeating all of me...its beautiful... :1rij: ]

Yes, beloved children, this grand battle of the ages has not only been an external and internal one with the adversary that is known.[SK: the darkies] But also with this aspect of yourselves that has been far lesser known.
It has infiltrated human consciousness from within and over eons of time. But it was not always this way. Right at the start of the time of the first population on your earth people lived most contentedly in their God Selves, expressing through them. Everything worked, their lives flowed and there was a community of brotherhood. Mutual love and respect flowed between these HUmans and all other life, other species.

The God Self was still in charge at this point , and it was only after the First Fall of humankind that the separation between the God Self within and the ego within began and became locked into battle. And, as more time passed, eventually less and less of the God Self was visible, was felt, until it became completely submerged and totally at the mercy of separation governed by the ego self. Which is where you mostly all still are today.

So when we we speak of battles, of the war on consciousness and of the adversary, first and foremost my beloved children, this is to be the primary focus of our attention. And it is here that our focus needs to remain until we have restored our God Self to its full and rightful place. And that is to be the commander of our bodies, minds and hearts; to be fully in charge and the authoritative aspect of all we use to express ourselves through. In both our actions and reactions to and in the world.

I do hope this is clear to you all as this is of VITAL significance as you all go forward into embracing the totality of who you are.

My dear beloved children :
You are all so very precious to us ALL here. And we wish to present you with a tipping of the hat and a bouquet of flowers to congratulate you thus far on your personal and collective works. [*IMS smiling broadly*] For indeed, they are great. And you are soon to know the fruits of your labour. This is meant for each of you.

But for now, I say

May the God/Goddess within bless, strengthen and encourage ALL THAT YOU ARE into full expression.

And with that I wish upon you my Love

This is your Mother

The Infinite Mother Spirit

Saying goodbye