I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Final Conscious Battle by Machiventa Melchizedek

4 July 2014

The Final Conscious Battle

Machiventa Melchizedek

through Shellee-Kim

Ah indeed! And it is a very good morning to YOU and all the people of the earth plane who wait in anticipation of our arrival. You will not be disappointed when you see what is in store for you.

But the wake up call comes bringing both harmony and sorrow simultaneously. On your plane of polarity you cannot really have the one without the other. This is what it means to live within duality.
Of course, the secret to wisdom lies in how you RESPOND to BOTH harmony and sorrow. And all the many, many situations within your living, life and emotions that are all coloured by this duality.

The answer to resolving this human conundrum lies in accessing how you feel about any situation or person that you might find yourself interacting with at any given time. Maintaining harmony and /or balance in all situations requires that you do not give over of your personal power to it. Be the situation joyful or sorrowful. It matters not. The trick is to keep yourself perfectly poised energetically, and thus in balance. This you will find will be the answer to many of the situations and encounters with people, shortly to come.

Mother Earth indeed looks forward to this 'rolling over' phase of hers. And she eagerly anticipates that many of you awakened ones are to follow her and is most excited about this.

The ones who rule your world, or who think they do, have energetically mostly already left your plane. And little of their essence remains to hold them to your physical plane of earth at this time. But they have been allowed to go as far as they have to bring the greater mass of humanity to a place of awakening, in the main.
And yes, this awakening occurs with a thud rather than a gentle nudge awake. For those opportunities have long since passed. And the time ahead is now best left to serving the masses. First through an awareness for all and then by holding the ones Shellee-Kim calls the on-planet 'darkies' accountable for their many and varied ongoing crimes against humanity. So it is!

And we wish to add that there will be much help in accessing the information needed to arrive at new decisions that the masses can make more discerning choices. Based on the soon to be presented Truths of your world.
Precious little to date has been made known and available to the broader public. Regardless of the alternative news and websites that exist on your internet. Much still remains hidden from view which needs to be uncovered and revealed all at once.

The shock to the system that many will experience will be experienced as a panacea for those of you who have done the necessary preparation work to date. For you it will be a blissful door opening opportunity to step forward and begin gifting those around you with your essence.

There is to be no confusion around your roles. At your higher self level you are all very clear as to what these are and what they entail. And though many of you may not have access to this at a conscious level at this moment, it matters not for you are soon to have this information consciously.

SK: Aaah...the proverbial 'soon'...hee, hee!
We do like to make fun of this word as it pops up all too frequently and annoys many of us for good reason, we think; it toys with us (if we allow it) especially since 'soon' has been around a decade or so for some, like me.

M: Well, what do you wish me to say? You know the score and you have largely dealt with it quite well. I see no reason to comment further.
[SK: putting me neatly in my place...;-)]

There are to be no more compromises. With either yourselves reading here as the awakened ones or those masses who still continue to sleep. There are to be no more compromises and none further are to be COMPROMISED. Waking up will ensure this. And people will very clearly and obviously choose their sides, quite transparently. For this is what is required in this end phase of this cycle; that all is transparent, thus exposed and accountable for and to all. As well as being accountable, most importantly, to the self as a part of all of this.

The transparency and exposure must naturally lead to accountability based on levels of honesty. Never before in the history of your planet will so many experience so much of these emotions in such a short period of time.
During this intense time the dual opposite of honesty - dishonesty and lies -will come strongly to the fore by the forces opposing humanity's liberation. These will wish to defend and preserve their own lives and humanity's limited consciousness and this will be primarily what the upcoming 'battle' will be based on. Should you wish to put it that way.
It amounts to truth seekers and bringers who wish to expose truth versus those who wish to preserve the lies, maintaining as many in unconsciousness and limitation as possible.

So yes, as Shellee-Kim has stated in her blog: the war is to become most visible, conscious and two -sided as the final battle act plays out. And one where the playing fields will indeed become levelled for the first time.

[SK: A beautiful joyous feeling in my solar plexus bubbles up]
And of course this is the most joyous and exciting prospect for ALL of us and we are quite sure for
you too.

And on that note I shall take my leave.

Wishing each of you great strength and the knowledge that you rest securely in our help and support every step of the way.


Machiventa Melchizedek
As One with you