I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dreams, Visions And Meditations

After a particularly gruelling period the past few months involving my car, cat and computer (the 3 C's)simultaneously and including a heavy testing period of a too-close interaction with an extremely dark soul, I also have some uplifting moments to share.

About a week after I yet again told this dark one where to get off, I was congratulated by my IF's (invisible friends) and other Celestials and had a wonderful meditation. In it, the figure eight and what seemed to be the double helix were swirling around/through me, along with rainbows. But the double helix and figure eight look very similar, so...
Around a week or so before, in a dream I was sucked into a royal blue, swirling vortex. There I floated, just feeling sooo good. And not wanting to come out of it.

The meditation above was followed by several which had the same feature to it. But I still haven't been able to work out what it means.
A golden fountain opened upwards from my crown chakra, shooting it's golden liquid light up and out. And simultaneously worked in the other direction - seemingly sourced in a higher place, coming down into my crown. So there's been this two way action happening continuously.

Then, about dreams.
I've had dreams of day becoming night (long before I heard of the upcoming Three Dark Days) and visions of the sky rolling back/opening up. A la Truman Show. Where all is revealed 'behind' what we thought was sky. Then there's been a series of dreams involving space ships. Here's last night's:

I'm on either a bus/tram with someone I know who's left their body. He spoke fine in this realm, but can't/won't speak in the dream. However, others do on his behalf. I have just collected something and need to get back home. We are riding on a popular coastal route when suddenly everything electrical just stops! Including this bus/tram.
I can either wait until it starts up again, I muse, or start walking and see what other modes of transport I can hitch a ride with in the same direction.

As I start walking, my attention is drawn skywards and in the distance there's a yellow box type structure, high in the sky. It has something flapping off its side, also yellow, but is still too far away to see clearly. This box reminds me of a bigger version of the old-style, colourful beach huts painted in all the primary colours, used for changing in. They were popular in the 40's and we still have them characteristically on some of our beaches here.

The floating box/hut kept moving across the sky, back and forth, fading out of and coming back into view; sometimes fast and sometimes slower. Like everyone, I kept my eye on the sky while walking. I saw a stationery train had also literally been stopped in its tracks. It was an unusual one because it had very wide carriages and compartments and the passengers on it seemed to have all but their kitchen sinks with them. Like they were semi-permanent residents and these spaces seemed more like spacious cabins on a cruiser. I thought to myself "Wow, I'd love to explore them and the whole train fully some time soon" and contemplated stopping then. But I was pressed for time.

Then, my attention was drawn to the sky again. Suddenly, the yellow hut/box came very quickly out of nowhere and it hit the surface of the very calm and sparkling sea. It had transformed itself (or had always been?) a school bus, which was now riding its strange wheels (but not wheels) on the surface of the sea, hardly disturbing the water's motion at all.

Then the scene switched and it was night. I was at a popular tourist and local destination - like an eatery at our Waterfront complex. A lot of people were 'oohing' and 'aahing' outside on a wooden deck next to the sea. And somehow I'd managed to get stuck in the middle of the crowd inside and could see nothing (I'm very short). I pushed my way outside to the deck and saw the show: a large-ish space craft was plunging in and out of the water, at angles, with it's underside exposed to us. We could see all the higher dimensional technology and inner workings that constituted the ship and we were all in awe.

It was almost as though the ship was behaving playfully like a dolphin would, knowing it had an audience and performing tricks to entertain. I was besides myself with excitement and kept waving each time I thought I saw portholes, shouting: 'Hi CM (Christ Michael) and team! I'm here. Can you see me?' I was madly sending telepathic messages at the same time to whoever on that ship could receive them in the hope of them making contact with me.

Then I woke up.

There was much more to this dream- pre my description above. One thing seems certain: that we're on the move; in transition.

Let the games and new journey begin!

In magic, madness and mystery