I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Bunch Of Bite-Sized Messages

A Bunch Of Bite-Sized Messages

Creator Source/Mother Mary/Christ Michael



9 March -9 pm

Mother Mary

Mother Mary came to tell me today that I should be on alert/on standby as ‘it is time’ now, it happens now’.
I responded a bit sarcastically with: ‘You mean like I was on alert and in prep mode in 2004, 2005, 2006, etc…?’

Creator Source

A few hours later at around 9pm, Creator Source came with an urgent-sounding message.
CS:Beloved, it is time to get yourself into place/position and be on standby.
SK: I would without doubt, if I knew what my place and position was.
CS: You will know in no uncertain terms through your HS and/those who walk with you. It begins now; the time is now. Please ensure you are well prepared.

Mother Mary

Shortly thereafter, this was followed again by Mother Mary asking me to please not dismiss the message by Creator Source and asked me to refill my water bottles, make sure I have food stores and pack my bag again.

Also of relevance is my galactic friend B said on Thursday he was on the way (to me) and ‘girding his loins’ for our contact. ;-)There was an unusually excited energy from him. He then gave me a visual of him decked out in full metallic combat gear, holding a shield.
I think that was more personal, but also could have been a general comment by him/them on the imminent action.

Short and sweet.
Hope this is news we can all use this time.

Let it be. Let it be. Let it be.

Addendum: 10 March

Creator Source:

You, who are prepared, are all about to come ‘online’ as it were, to your True Selves. We are about to blow the whistle. No more shall be tolerated. This is the end of the games, the end of the old world and the end of the illusion.
Now you will all grow up as quickly as you know how, that all might know their true natures.
Without further ado, let us proceed.

(*I wish I had a jumping-up-and-down-for-joy emoticon here or knew how to insert it*)

You are all deeply honoured, our merciful Celestial guidance. You are our shining galactic stars...

Love Shellee-Kim