I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Apparently Justin Bieber's a woman. So is Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie's a black man and Sandra Bullock, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Arniston and Selena Gomez are all men. While Donald Trump...yes, is a woman!

And this is just the tiniest little tip of the iceberg that is the Hellywood celebrity Trangender Agenda.
At first, in some type of shock, I didn't want to accept it - not wholeheartedly, anyway. Some of those who I'd admired were not the gender I thought they were? What? Then it was a case for me of dumping pre=conceived, inculcated programming, where the truth had ever been floating just out of conscious reach.

I'd done quite a serious lot of research on this TA. And given time to those I perceived as agenda-free, except for their desire to get truth out there. These were people who'd long been studying the physiological, anatomical and biological differences between men and women.
People who clearly knew the difference between the hairlines, neck(and adams apple), the shoulders, waist and hip structure of both men and women. They could also demonstrate what the person would have looked like as a child of the original sex and in some cases, were providing childhood images of the person concerned to back this up.
Some researchers were also able to show how operations to remove penis's or add on breasts (in the case of man-to-woman), along with the consumption of hormone chemicals created a very believable-looking person of the opposite sex.

I must add here that I've lost a lot of links, names, quotes and other relevant info I copied recently. I began the piece around two weeks ago and kept adding bits to it. It was longish, by my standards, and almost ready to post. I went to find it in a Word doc only to discover it...gone! No sign of it anywhere. Gone, along with all the info and youtube links.

My musings had begun with the concrete people, of which there are many in the United Fakes of America that are not cloned or transgendered. Yet it's the cloned unensouled walking around in human bodies in that selfsame land that are hiding in plain sight. And that the masses worship, moreover. The cloned (original murdered), transgendered stars are manifestations of the same soullessnes in the masses.

Even though I'd never felt urged to visit before in my lengthy globetrotting, just before the advent of the internet my daughter and I visited the USA. I went because I was a travel addict and had been offered free plane tickets. Who says no to that?

Wherever we went everything and everyone 'felt' unreal. Or most people and situations, anyway. There was an uneasy eeriness that I couldn't quite put my finger on initially.
Then it dawned on me. At that point I couldn't stop thinking of the original and remade movie 'Stepford Wives'. And that's probably the best description for the discomfort we felt in our many and varied experiences. Fortunately, it wasn't ALL we felt. We did meet a few very real and lovely, authentic, soulful and wise people in various circumstances. That was 18 years ago.

I'm mentioning that as, in retrospect, I saw even then (without being properly conscious of it) that the experimenting objective with this country's people (and later the world's)- has long been to steal as many souls as possible, one way or the other. What happened here was to be a kind of prototype for the takeover of the rest of the world's souls.

So while the Khazarian Zionist Jewish mafia may well perceive their activities here and amongst the rest of the globe's majority as a success, it has been and will be a very short lived one.
Mostly, because the psychopathic freaks of nature have been worshipping an unnatural, dead, sick-green glob of mass energy that they've given all sorts of names to, in their various forms of 'worship'. We know it's not Satan as he was rehabilitated.
Yet, the 'thing/s' has used and abused the willing psychopathic ones also. The 'thing' needs to feed and has amassed it's energy from the earth souls who have given themselves up to it - voluntarily, through deceipt or manipulation.

Back to the Transgender Agenda.
The thing knows little other than to reverse/inverse, lie/cheat and...imitate! That's what an entity without a smidgeon of it's own authentic power does to survive.

One of the ways the thing likes to cock a snook at God is to give the middle finger to the matriarchy; the feminine divine. And why the real power of the feminine energy has been expelled, inverted and twisted over the millenia to suppress wise women teachings. In the careful removal of Mary Magdalene and her teachings from the public domain, the burning of women during the Middle Ages, introducing women-repressive religions and in general, keeping misogyny alive in the minds of men-and women, regardless of race, culture or religion.

Millenia-old memes and mind control programming have been set up that the archetypes of 'angel', 'prostitute/whore' and 'bitch' in the main to keep women in self-imposed limitation.
Though in some 'liberal' cultures and countries, that mind-control programming has been kept alive, buzzing just below the surface. Which still allows men to be-lie-ve they treat women as equals and women to pretend to themselves, their men and the world they're free.
We're not free, beloved sisters, mothers, wives, daughters. But all that's about to change in our favour. Women will rise, as one. And alongside their male counterparts. Up until now the power of women has been inverted in these ways and much more!

In truth, the thing is shit-scared of woman power...womyn power...wimmin power...
Which is the way of love, compassion, nurturing and care. For the self as God/dess and God/dess as self - and then for all others. In short, the way towards re-establishing BALANCE AND HARMONY BETWEEN BOTH SEXES IN THE WORLD. Perhaps this is its greatest fear.
And why men must rule it's world. And misogyny must reign supreme that the patriarchy is ever kept intact.
So women should transform themselves into men and men make a mockery of women in the world of Hellywood.

A good number of children born into an already-established family in show biz (aka KZJ-owned family) are 'groomed' from early in their lives, being forced to change gender from a very young age. Or are programmed through various means into feeling urged to do so. Not all children in all families, but certain key players that are programmed to perform public influential roles.

And, as we know, what better way to control the masses than through the entertainment and media industries. Those who became conscious and tried to break out or away were murdered. That is murdered and then cloned. Such as Lauryn Hill, imo and feeling.
A great comment that also got lost was someone obviously in-the-know in the music industry. They said that when an artist is discovered, they're invited to a dinner to sign up with the recording company. Then they're expected to sign their name in blood. Once that's done they murder and clone the artist.
Once cloned, they become perfectly-pliant to worshipping the thing, doing it's bidding and playing their dark inherited-parts towards the plan for total human enslavement.

In a country like the USA with such a huge celebrity culture and the obsession with becoming famous, I'm wondering how a revelation of this Hellywood horror-filled truth is going to impact the masses. If fans currently go demented just by being in the same auditorium as the star they worship, what will happen to them when that star turns out to be...a starlet! Or vice versa.
Or the well-known male news anchor, loved by millions, turns out to be a woman.
The possibilities are endless.

If you think it all sounds too ludicrous to be true that Donald Trump (from a 'key' family background) is a middle-aged woman and Melania Trump is a man, go and research and draw your own conclusions. Somehow I always felt Donald didn't sit comfortably in his/her skin, but could never say why! None of his/her potential trangenderism has anything to do with how I see his/her role as a politician, let it be said.

The Kardashians are purportedly men and the tennis star Williams sisters are um...brothers!


Not being able to grow a beard normally is a big female to male transgender sign. Brought forward by a Christian here.

Please, don't accept anything here. Get going with your own research on the subject. I see such preparation as dealing with one shock less than we'll have to deal with when it all begins.