I AM Present

I AM Present
It's here! The ascension times are upon us. And both a simple and complex choice is at hand for us all.

We can choose Love or Fear.
If we choose Love, we also commit to loving ourselves, owning all of us in the process. Without this energetic shift within, we cannot fully shine as co-creative human masters and walk free in our sovereignty. This is also a prerequisite for 5th Dimensional living.
If we choose Fear, we remain in the cosy confines of the 3 rd Dimensional matrix. Here we don't need to confront our shadow selves or take responsibility for all of us. This choice naturally means we will also need to wait for the next cycle of ascension opportunity to come around again for us.
Ascending in physical form isn't a given. And an intellectual or emotional desire alone won't take you there.
Subsequently 'heaven' and 'hell' are both states of being right here on earth, manifesting through our very own consciousness choices.
And because of current collapsing timelines all is unfolding in greater polarity right now.

What are you choosing...?

Expanding our consciousness to make the leap into the 5th Dimension is an energetic one. My experiences and path of personal growth have shown the many boulders on the road to success. Fact is, it's difficult to accept and integrate truth within, if you're not aware of the subtle forces that oppose it and the Light. Ones which subsequently block us from choosing our highest possible lives/outcomes. And most often, without our conscious awareness or consent.
Therefore, some of the related components I'll be exploring will include: understanding our slave mentality and how to break free; our galactic connection to both STO (service to other) extra-terrestrials and STS (service to self) ET's; the ongoing psy-ops programming by the Illuminati to keep us at war with self and each other; how lower thought form entities feed off our power, keeping us fragmented; our Inner Earth family and the Lemurian/Atlantean connection; relationship mirrors to Shadow/Inner Child healing on the road to wholeness.
All this ties in with the coming revelations to be disclosed to humanity - who we really are, where we came from and where we're going...

In magic, madness and mystery!

Sunday, February 26, 2017


22 February 2017


I come forth now
The pearl cast
Amongst the swine
Let no one tell you
For you know now’s the time

Time for your secrets to
Come out in the wash
Lest they be forgotton
Like all those who are lost

It’s a song and it goes like this:
Make hay while the sun shines
For your manipulation of nature
Means your comeback shall
Be even greater

It’s not that I object to your free will
Did I not give it to you that you might
Use it to the hilt?

It’s just that children who don’t know
And cannot see
Where the destruction
Of their toys and those around them ends
Have not the understanding of a grownup
To know why and when they should stop.
So must they now be firmly taken in hand.

Thus it will be made clear to you
In the most public of ways
That all can participate as EQUAL players
In your seemingly-endless games
For the first time it will be
Yes - them, you and Me

Finally, we are all to be
on leveled playing fields

It has been a long time coming
Has it not, children of the dark?

For in you lies the salvation of the world
But first you will fall by your very own sword

Truth and justice the people do want
So let’s give it to them, I say!


25 February 2017


Everywhere I am, you are
Everywhere you are, I am

Your breath pulses up
From the very ground
Under my feet.
The force of you
Transmits through the wind,
It IS the very wind.

Breathe in; breathe out. There
You are...
Ever rhythmic at one with
The heart beat of the earth
And our very own.

In the silent chorus of
Your breath
I am that and all other
Mechanisms that are your
Endless expression of and
Through life.
That is My life through yours.

Every atom and molecule
That you are
Is but the echo of my
My experience in your

Is that not a miracle?
That every unique lifeform
Is fuelled by My touch
Moulded by my hand
And shaped into the
Ultimate perfection
It was destined for.

Destined by Me. For
I have the final and
Ultimate say as to where
My creations are headed.

You are my precious jewels,
Shining your brilliant Lights
On my behalf.
It is no accident you are in
The space, time and planet
You find yourself.
You have longed for this
Experience as opportunity
For our grand re-union, in form.

Take it now. Waste not a moment
Longer. It is the greatest gift you
May honour yourself with.

More importantly, will you then
Be in a position to truly honour,
And in turn, gift the masses.


These profound lyrics of this 28 year old song by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith from Tears for Fears is even more apt now than it was then. Because now the war against human consciousness reaches its pitch.
Still, I forgot what unique vocalists these two are. And don't ask me whether they're murdered now and clones of the original great pair...I want to pretend to myself...just this once, when listening to some of my past musical loves. Even though I strongly suspect (one way or the other) Roland is not the Roland of 1989. Song lyrics below.

High time, we made a stand
And shook up the views of the common man
And the love train rides from coast to coast
D.j.'s the man we love the most
Could you be, could you be squeaky clean and smash every hope of democracy
As the head line says you're free to choose
There's egg on your face and mud on your shoes
One of these days they're gonna call it the blues yeah, yeah

Sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love, sowing the seeds
Sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love, sowing the seeds

I spy tears in their eyes they look to the skies
For some kind of divine intervention
Food goes to waste
So nice to eat, so nice to taste
Politician granny with your high ideals
Have you no idea how the majority feels?
So with out love and a promised land
We're fools to the rules of a government plan
Kick out the style, bring back the jam, yeah, yeah

Sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love, sowing the seeds
Sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love, sowing the seeds
The birds and the bees
My girlfriend and me in love

Feel the pain
Talk about it
If you're a worried man
Then shout about it

Open hearts fell about it
Open minds think about it
Everyone read about it
Every one scream about it
Everyone (everyone, yeah)
Everyone (everyone) read about it, read about it
Read it in the books, in the crannies and the nooks, there are books to read

(Sowing the seeds) Sowing the seeds of love, we're sowing the seeds, sowing the seeds
Sowing the seeds of love, sowing the seeds
Sowing the seeds of love
Sowing the seeds of love
Mister England sowing the seeds of love

Time to eat all your words
Swallow your pride
Open your eyes

Time to eat all your words
Swallow your pride
Open your eyes

Time to eat all your words (High time we made a stand and shook up the view of the common man)
Swallow your pride (And the love train rides from coast to coast)
Open your eyes (every minute of every hour)
Open your eyes (I Love a sunflower)
Open your eyes (and I believe in love power, love power)
Open your eyes (love power)

Sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love, sowing the seeds
Sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love, sowing the seeds
Sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love
sowing the seeds, an end to need
And the Politics of Greed With Love

Sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love, sowing the seeds
Sowing the seeds of love (hand in hand), seeds of love (hand in hand), sowing the seeds
Sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love, sowing the seeds