I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Pale Ibongi 4/5/6: What He Wills/God's Dawn/Loving Thyself

[You will sadly  have to miss out on my pearly tones and create your own perfect melodies for these three - if you want]
Happy Holidays to All and may the peace of God live in your heart!



Being in our heart now
Is what we’re meant to do
Knowing where to start now
Is living Him so true
[Chorus x2] Being, feeling, knowing, seeing

Knowing what we’re here for
Is living life for Him
Wherefore art our God now?
He waits upon our hearts
Let us be done with suffering
So he can make a start
[Chorus x2] Being, feeling, knowing, seeing

I activate His light now
So all may join with me
I will do His will now
So all can ride so free
Being, healing, knowing, feeling

We are one unified whole
For everyone
We are sparks of His light
On His body of love
Healing, knowing, feeling, being

He is one in our hearts
So we’ll never stop
This is where His home is
It’s where we go to flop
[Chorus x2]Working, playing, knowing, feeling

Every task we do
Is always filled with Him
Moments for each feeling
It’s always like a dream
Sometimes we are passive
At others we are not
As His will wishes
For us to experience
Is always our happy lot
[Chorus x 2]Feeling, healing, serving, doing

We are only ever
Doing as He wills
What this constitutes
Is listening to his song
Whichever way it flows
We know it can’t be wrong
[Chorus x2]It’s feeling, its healing,
It’s living, its being.


God’s day has come
His dawn (has) begun
That all may know
The shell they are
When He brings knowledge
From afar
Which also will be
Right where you are

God’s might is simple,
Kind and true
Everything you desire
In faith and love for you

He raised us up to
Where we stand
Now we choose to
Give Him a hand

The workings of His
Magnificent plan
Are nothing but a
Gift for man

Let’s make it so then
And treasure the moments
Of His glory on Earth
So our Mother can
Be rebirthed.

Glory, glory are
The days ahead
In love, compassion
And Light
He works His magic
And His might.

And so it is
For it is written
That through Him shall
His-tory be re-written


Kiss thyself, love thyself
Cuddle thyself, comfort thyself
This is your ‘job’ to do
That those who are also you
May bring through your Truth

In wholeness and unity
Shall ye know your name
Shall ye know your game
[And how to play it]

In wholeness and self-comfort
Is unity a given
In the pre-sence of unity
All around you can more easily

For you are a catalyst that He
May work through
Casting His love power to the
Far flung corners of the Earth
Wherever and however
There is a gaping dearth

Beloved hearts of my heart
Souls of my soul
Shall ye make this journey with me
That will be of mutual fulfillment
For our end goals?

Blessings and love runneth over
From your golden cups
Allow all to spill its sacred contents
That ye might slake and salve
Another’s thirst.