I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Serving in the Chaos by Mother Mary

9 July 2016

Dear Ones of Earth

We are most heartened to be with you once again this evening and wish all who read these words a graceful transition. For this is indeed the time of the transition; the time when all is to be revealed and the time when you ones ‘find your feet’, so to speak.

You, who are to go forward first, are now to get ready and prepare for your ‘coming out’. The time is upon us and you.
For those of you who have public roles to play:
Be warned - this will not be easy. In fact, there will be much that will appear to be against you. But that matters not for you will have all the back up and protection you need as you step out and show the world your true colours.

Many members of the public will become quite desperate to quench their thirst on the spiritual waters you will offer and provide for them. Pay no heed to those who would attempt to derail your efforts, for they too, will reveal their own true colours in time.

There is to be a release of waves of chaos – man made of course – that will be instrumental in both the revelations and the total fall of the house of cards that your on-planet controllers have set up.

For most of you beloved ones this is the most wondrous time to ever live on planet Earth. Particularly from your standpoint. For you who are going forward as the leaders are indeed blessed beyond measure and greatly privileged in serving at this time and in this place.

We have those from all over the many universes now seated and poised, spectators awaiting this beginning...of the end.
And what an end it will be! We will certainly be exiting this beloved planet with a bang.

Aside from this, much will need to be made of very little when it comes down to brass tacks and to remedy the backwards-approach to progress that has been so prevalent on your planet for so long. I mean this in terms of the information you’ll be giving out and how. [SK: I get a visual of a many-levelled, tiered sort of structure as if info will filter, flow or be distributed down through a ‘hierarchy’ of sorts]

Yes, you will be receiving information to share – depending on who you are and what you are here to do – via your own respective hierarchies that each of you are a part of.

SK: I’m confused. Are you speaking about hierarchies as being the way we’ll receive information internally, do you mean?
Or some type of physical, external hierarchy?

MM: Both. You will each have access to your own internal hierarchies, as well as being part of an external hierarchy. The latter of which will provide the necessary support and feedback for you.

Know that I am primarily here addressing the ones who will be the wayshowers and leaders for this period - the re-educators.

The change coming is a momentous one and those of you who find yourselves in positions of leadership will know you have done the work to ensure your place in all this. Now everything begins to become visible and all will be quite transparent.

Indeed, the excitement mounts and the anticipation is sweet.

This is all, beloved ones.

I AM your loving
Mother Mary

[SK: MM and Aton were apparently going to do something together here. I’m too exhausted, so Aton’s returning to me, maybe tomorrow, MM’s just said.
I had a wonderful meeting earlier with them and other and a VIP I haven't had contact with forever, it seems].