I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, January 16, 2016


12 January 2016

Good Evening to one and all! And a very good evening it is.
It is with great joy that I have returned to this one, Shellee-Kim, and come forth to share that which has long since needed saying.

It is time, dearly beloved people, to begin the series of events that will lead to your ultimate liberation.

It is time to make your voices heard, in whichever capacity that is possible and however it may be welcomed by those who thirst to KNOW.

It is time for your hearts to be united, first with God within you, then with each other that you may present a unified force. And then with all others that surround you and to whom you bring forth your Service in Love.

We wait upon the perfect moment to set the ball rolling, as it were. And will continue to encourage you in every way we know how until then.

In the meantime there are numerous ways in which you can continue practising for what is to come. We eagerly look forward to more of you stepping forward to join those who are already committed to the plan of Christ Michael Aton.

All might seem interminably long and drawn out on your plane and in your ‘reality’ and your time. When, in fact, it is all happening in the ‘now’. And all will be as if you are recalling a long and distant dream once you are firmly established in this same ‘now’ moment with us. In fact, it will be the same as how you currently perceive your dream state in recall.

Beloved family and friends: my heart is full with anticipation of the time ahead to be shared with you all; the excitement over the joy that all will share in and all will express, and the finale of this particular leg of the journey on your Mother Earth.

Do look forward to the most wondrous times together, for they are coming.
Your efforts will not go amiss, not one of them.

This is all for now
You are beloved to me and I love each and every one of you.

I AM EM, Higher Self of SK and I thank you for hearing me.