I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Separating Wheat from Chaff by Shellee-Kim

A few weeks ago I had a really uplifting experience.

It was all about feeling out different peoples’ timeline choices, coming up.

As I understand it, a timeline choice is made based upon our level of consciousness. On what we have aligned ourselves to and how much or how little we’ve managed to align ourselves with our God within and can express that. That’s a very simplistic viewpoint, I know.

But if it’s true that as many as eight different groupings of people are now both gathering together and separating from others, based on the above, it’s quite eye-opening to observe it all in your surrounding world and hazard guesses about those you come in contact with.

Unless you get guidance on a person, oftentimes you just don’t know. Or it’s not your business to know, so you won’t. But then there’s other times, where you just get an automatic rush of knowing.

So a few week ago I’m sitting outside catching some sun after a cold spell, drinking my take away coffee at a little local mall I frequent. It was an incredibly hot autumn day and two young teenage boys, around 14 or 15 years old, were sitting within earshot at a table next to mine eating ice-cream.

The skinny one with acne was doing much of the talking. And he was making some profound comments to his plump, quieter friend. It went something like this: ‘ Someone somewhere in a really hot country’s life is dependent on getting water right now for their survival’. Or something along those lines.
The plump friend’s comments were inaudible. But some kind of discussion around the importance of water and shortages occurred. Some profound stuff which indicated a real caring about those across lands or continents too far away to ever know anything about and who wouldn’t affect these kids in any way.

Then there was a discussion between them about ‘how old do you want to live to?’ And, again, the skinny one showed remarkable understanding and wisdom for the elders in our society in his comments. He saw ‘old people of 70’ could be funky or hip and still have a great life, or something to that effect.

Why was I so moved by him, in particular? Because the vast majority of this age group come off as so disconnected from the rest of humanity. Mostly because they’ve been brainwashed to be disconnected from themselves in the first instance. And this was the one kid in a 100 (1000?) inspired to practise behaviour based on a single word: empathy.

Then there was a young girl in her 20’s who phoned into a radio station on the day of a bus crash ,which was carrying between 10 -20 injured school kids. The scene was devastating, she said. And she did what she could for some in the way she could do it. But what she seemed most upset by was the fact that so many middle class, car-driving folk just continued to drive straight past the scene. Here was a young person struggling to understand why others had not the care to stop and assist in this, another horrific traffic accident here.

This was another example of empathy and compassion in action by a young person who had separated from the 'herd mentality' of her generation.

I found listening to these young folk to be a pretty exhilarating experience. Like a benchmark of sorts for how people (not necessarily young)will be urged to behave towards one another into the future of this beautiful planet and her ‘new humanity’, yet to be birthed.

Less than a week later and it was like a déjà vu experience. I was back at the same mall, in exactly the same seat at the same outdoor table and with yet another cup of coffee! Like the movie Ground Hog Day. Sort of. But not quite.

This time someone I knew (but not too well) joined me. I knew this middle-aged guy as a past acquaintance. And he’d been a dope smoker then while trying to run a business. Now, by his own admission, his several-times daily joints were a part of his life he shared that he loved, but denied dependency on them. And it looked like he’d come into some financial support so didn’t have the worry of keeping his business going. He was one who called himself a Christian. But said he didn’t fit at churches because of his experiences with ‘having visits from light beings or orbs’. He interpreted this as being Jesus Christ or one of his ministering angels.

He kept asking me what I thought this was and that was, what my interpretation of things was. I shared my viewpoints. But realised, as with our chats several years before, his point of reference to uphold his value system needed to be limited to what what he’d read/been taught in the bible. And he wouldn’t and couldn’t allow anything else that even vaguely contradicted that.

You likely know the ‘type’. For they are a distinct ‘type’, without wishing to come off as judgemental. Not just those who refer to themselves as Christians, but all of those ones who have committed themselves to orthodox, religious belief system or even new age ones of whatever kind.

Proving himself ‘right’ was important. So I kept asking him why he even asked for my viewpoint and what I thought, as his mind was made up. I realised he was looking for validation from me for his dope smoking addiction. He said that most wouldn’t believe or accept his theory, but I might. And that was that God was training his lungs – by polluting them and his brain – to be able to function on another very toxic planet, atmospherically-speaking, and for when the time came in the future. And that this was the reason for God wanting him to continue dope smoking.

He contradicted himself a whole lot. Frankly? I sensed that here was another addict with yet another entity intrusion creating the hell of absolute havoc in his mind. This way he could justify any and every choice in his life, including perceiving his addiction as being for a higher, nobler, spiritual cause. I think he was also of the notion he was about to be raptured off the planet as he’d ‘given’ himself to Jesus Christ.

I’m sharing this as these were very contrasting experiences and people. And though it may appear it, this is not about choices based on age. It's just that the younger happened to be my source of inspiration in this case. To my mind, this is a good description of different folk shuffling off into different timelines or ascension choices, or not. As per the understanding and practise of cleanliness and purity of mind and ability to empathise with the rest of humanity or not.
And that ability, I believe, also must extend to being open of mind and heart towards others, so as to be truly empathetic. Otherwise what's the point?

Even though our world continues to be filled with far more of the latter example- even without adherence to a spiritual/religious programming – it’s the other type that really make my week when I come across them.