I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Misogyny's a topic that touches everyone very deeply. There’s a hyper-sensitivity to it, as with any subject that triggers deep and uncomfortable cords within. And probably the reason why it’s not spoken about enough.

The surface response to the subject is to balk at its existence at one extreme, or claim - in what feels like a defensive response by many- that at least women in the western world are 'free'. But whatever does that mean?

Misogyny does exist. It’s widespread. It’s all-pervasive. And it permeates and echoes through everything we are and do. And how we react to each other. Just because it’s communicated in the language of subtlety, mixed messages and often subliminally to us (both genders), doesn’t mean it’s not there or doesn’t exist.

Remember, we are a world of programmed beings. With much of the programming taking place at deeper levels within us than merely our conscious minds. How we respond is often dictated to us by how we feel (or have been made to feel) at deeper levels within us.

Like that old favourite misogynistic meme with its negative association that’s been turned into an almost acceptable catchphrase : ‘ Women get illogical when they get emotional’(is mostly used to diss women). Getting emotional is allowing yourself to feel your way through something in reaction to it. So why do men refuse to see their own emotional responses as exactly the same? Similar responses merely come differently-packaged.

But the real point is, it’s less about the hypocrisy than about the negative association directed at women. Ditto the phrase used to vent exasperation at ‘women drivers’. Despite proof that women drivers are a far lower insurance risk.
These and many other similar examples are used to motivate misogyny in our world, both through men and women alike. For the most part, women themselves are misogynistic. If we feel this way towards ourselves, we can’t help but feel and be so towards each other.

All of this, I believe, comes about in a bid to be accepted and approved of by men! When you don’t or can’t fully accept who you are, you tend to identify with whatever it is you next perceive as a ‘power’ source.
Unless you’re one of the rare few women who has dared to acknowledge the paradigm of misogyny and has taken steps to personally free yourself of it. That will mean finding your own inner misogyny’s root cause, undoing it and replacing it with your own authentic personal power. At which point no one outside of yourself will be dictating to you, as you won’t be accepting it.

Proof of misogyny is everywhere. Either blatantly up in our faces or hiding in plain sight. Most commonly, you see women who band together with men in any group dynamic – whether a social occasion, a corporate scenario or even a gathering where the male/female dynamic plays out, such as in a workshop or on a retreat. Other than in rare instances, these are examples of how women give of their personal power. And how we subtly say to men: ‘I’m worth less, you’re worth more, so here, take my power’.

To my understanding, this has been due to the perception that men hold the ‘power’. Which they do on this world, inauthentic though this power source may be. The type of patriarchy fashioned by the Jewish Khazarian Zionists is for the purposes of creating imbalances between the sexes. That way oppression can ensure that spirituality and knowing the true power of Self for all will remain subjugated.

Evident in popular television series such as Survivor or Big Brother, people gravitate towards those they believe hold this power. Often rejecting all else in favour of that. First and foremost people want to be approved of by what they perceive as ‘power’. And be seen to be supportive of it. These have been my observations regarding misogyny – and the power dynamic on our world, in general.

The greatest irony on our planet is western women seem to be under many preconceptions. One is as regards the freedom they think they have. ‘America is the greatest experiment in human control on the planet’, I once read somewhere. And never forgot it as it’s proved itself to be very valid over the years.

For instance, American women, in my observations, are the world’s No 1 as it relates to the misogyny programming. But what’s more is the way misogyny’s been packaged there has ensured that women lap it up like nectar.

Where else except in America do you find women happily slicing and dicing their body parts in plastic surgery from a young age? Or convinced that showing boob as a ‘serious’ guitar-playing woman is necessary and ‘normal’ to get you the popularity ratings required online. Then there’s that meme of the ‘perfect’ person/family that that country’s so obsessed with, which sets that culture apart from others.

As I see it, this is just a thinly-disguised and programmed social conditioning to make everyone feel like a failure and never good enough. However, most there fail to see this is the exact opposite of being either 'liberated’ or ‘free’.

Unlike their traditionally-repressed sisters of other countries, there’s really only a single difference. Misogyny is hidden in plain sight in America and other western countries, while it may be an overt element of the culture or religious lifestyle in those other lands. Including most of Africa. Methods may differ in the extreme but the end result is the same.

All you need do is look to that selfsame ‘freedom’ in places like the USA and Europe to a lesser degree, that seems to insist that flaunting sexuality, trading in body parts and sexualising your behaviour is all perfectly regular. If that’s the case, you've likely also bought into the memes as a woman that your body parts are there to titillate and tease men (if you're straight). Though you may not openly admit this to yourself, you may well be caught up in responding that way. This is how subliminal collective programmes work.
Nor is this last point aimed exclusively at American women, but at women globally. Woman have been locked into this behaviour with men since time immemorial on the planet.

The controlling Jewish Khazarian Zionists, with the help of their Hollywood movies, have programmed women into specific stereotypes. Amongst them the whore, the angel and the bitch. If you don’t fit into these, you’re not ‘normal’ in the USA. Though these indoctrinated stereotypes are pretty universal if you're buying into the JKZ's matrix, somehow there still remains much greater breathing space elsewhere to personally challenge them by seeing them for what they are.

Maybe the most telling, though, is both blatant and subtle digs to undermine women wouldn’t still be continuing into 2015 if misogyny no longer existed.

Spiritual scientist, Lisa Renee, has a broader galactic viewpoint on what misogyny is and means and why it’s imperative for the controlling faction that this continue on to oppress all people of earth.

And it is just one of five of the Archontic Deception behaviours, designed to promote and maintain division and oppression between both genders on earth.

‘AD behavior is to promote hatred of the female principle in women and men on earth in most any way possible. The female principle of intelligent energy is the spiritual principle and intuition access of the higher soul bodies. To access the soul, one must access the heart through the feminine principle whether in a male or female body. All humans from the electromagnetic energy level (aura) are both male and female principle energies. The female energies have been crucified on earth to stop generating spiritual energies or female principle advancement in the current AD systems. The AD controllers are patriarchal dominate and have varying degrees in the way they express misogyny. Treating women as sex objects or breeders, believing women are inferior intelligence, treating emotional intelligence and intimacy as a stupid waste of time, believing women have to be beaten down to show who is “boss”, honor killings of raped women, wearing burkas punishable by death are all examples. Many men still believe this even if they will not publically express it because they know it is considered politically incorrect. One may note that the majority of all serial killers, rapists, child pornographers, financiers, world rulers, secret societies are male. When we look to the token females in world power, they are not balanced female energies. They are women propped up in the patriarchy devoid of female principle energy, indoctrinated into the AD Behaviors