I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Letter to Joshua Broomberg

Dear Joshua

Last week you and your teammates caused a major stir amongst many within the population of your fellow Jewish South Africans.
In fact, your photograph and caption resulted in an eruption of something akin to a major scandal.

Could all the heated social media about you, conflicting comments on news sites and disparaging discussion generated only be due to you posing for a picture wearing a keffiyeh (Palestinian scarf) and donning badges in the colours of Palestine?
Well, yes. And no. While many of the threatening comments to and about you were extreme enough for journalists to describe as 'right wing' and 'fascist', they apparently came from the Jewish community themselves.
Ultimately, what resulted from this was a good exercise in maintaining a grand illusion.

The caption under the photograph [go to my first source at the bottom of the article to see the pic] of you and your team mates on tour in Bangkok for the World Debating Championship read:

on tour in Team South Africa wearing Palestinian badges and Keffiyehs to show our opposition to the human rights violations carried out against the people of Palestine.

Your non-conformist and courageous stand clearly hit a powerful nerve that runs through the Jewish community. A nerve that initially jolted 2000 signatures on a petition gathered with lightning speed. The petition called for your suspension from your school, King David, in Johannesburg. It also called for you to be stripped of your honours as vice Head boy. It appeared this came mostly from the school's parents.
This was then followed in quick succession by another, different petition: that one contained 3000 signatures of ex King David scholars and leaders - in support of you.

I'm curious to know: Was the softening post your initial stance due to pressure later placed upon you by yourself or your parents? Or was it the threatened agenda of the South African Board of Jewish Education...
Whatever it was, you are young yet. And if this pronouncement of your humanity is anything to go by, it is in such stands as yours that great hope lies for the future of this world.

The entire reaction to you, Joshua, was more than a bit extreme and evocative of old Communist tactics. The effort to highlight an outspoken voice, to incite criticism of it and then encourage it's suppression through cyber 'witch-burning' for being perceived as offensive is hardly a new intelligence approach.
Making an example of one who takes a stand against the status quo also subtley sends a signal to any other potential strayers from the herd, reminding them to stay in line too, or else...

And remember the paid shills and trolls in South Africa helping this agenda also. Like just about everywhere else, their work is to deliberately create conflict for the purpose of mass mind manipulation and control through breeding confusion and division. They're also well versed at fanning flames of dissension and putting out other fires - whatever happens to serves their global bosses interests at the time. More importantly, they had a presence on all the same digital newspaper forums that ran stories on you and your team.

Your story was hugely inflated last week while other issues of far greater importance nationally were unfolding. Such as the Marikana Miners massacre trial and the involvement of South Africa's deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa. He stands accused of giving the green light for the surprise mass murder against those 34 protesting miners. Or perhaps, Joshua, your 'story' was handpicked as a welcoming diversion by those that run the media; the same ones who work hand-in-hand with the mining magnates, including those of Lonmin Mines and it's murdered miners ( where Ramaphosa's a shareholder). Apart from the fact that there are plenty of vested interests in SA mining within the Jewish community itself. Just saying...

With all due respect to your stand, Joshua, it wasn't as if what you did was that controversial or provocative. Nor could it be classified as Constitutionally-official 'hate speech' - against the Jews, as some respondents were trying to claim. So what was it then that your symbolic gesture stood for that caused that level of outrage and such a frenzied furore?

Retired ex minister Ronnie Kasrils, referred to the petition against you as “despicable” and “disgraceful” and likened you to certain anti-Apartheid activists.
So why would Jewish authorities and their community members be happy with less? And moreover, to be perceived as narrow-minded, intolerant bigots, unable and unwilling to deal with any viewpoint that conflicts with their own - especially their own.

Lately, I've noticed even talk show hosts have commented on this very thing after numerous call-ins by Jewish callers and their opinions on the Israel/Palestine atrocities. They're easy to spot; clone-like in their responses. They've either been criticising others for not supporting Israel's slaughter of Palestine and their children or critisising them for supporting Palestinians.

South Africa's population of 53 million constitutes a population of less than 800 000 Muslims, while Jews number at less than 10% of that - less than 70 000. Yet this tiny portion of the population are, in the main, very economically and financially powerful. And have always been so.

Most of this small and very traditionally-devoted group do not need to be kept in line. As you've had to be in this instance, Joshua. They happily keep themselves in line most of the time. This applies to everything from towing Israel's Zionist propaganda involving justifying why it's acceptable to deliberately murder Palestinian kids, to keeping those conditioned flames of victimhood of the 'poor, persecuted Jew' alive. And the latter inevitably involves bringing up the Holocaust in discussion. Another well trotted out meme designed to keep the rest of humanity psychologically-shackled to guilt and shame eternally.

You know how the Catholic clergy's paedophile predilections are the source of much serious and ongoing debate as dinner party talk? Or how well known comics and mainstream media cartoonists continue to stereotype Muslims and Islam as 'terrorists', violent and a warring people – especially so since 9/11? (another meme at work).
Or how about those sometimes-hostile and condescending comments on television talk shows about the intolerances and condemnations by Christians who openly demonstrate such regarding the world's 'non believers'?
Whether it's Oprah or our own queens of talk shows hosting them, such debate with those of differing viewpoints is essential in healthily debating free speech.

Yet, one scenario's missing from this picture and ever has been.
There's one religion and cultural group in our world which continuously manages to evade scrutiny and responsibility on almost every single count. And most especially when there is the remotest possibility that it could be openly criticised or associated negatively with.
That country, religion and culture that has consistently managed to escape criticism in so many spheres is the Jewish culture, Israel and its 13 million Jews globally.

We've all seen and know what happens when those with an alternative viewpoint or theory try to challenge Jewish academia, religious figures or politicians. They and their theories are quickly dismissed by means of ridicule or they are subject to character assassination.

It doesn't matter who such theories emanate from; how well-educated or how credible the one doing the challenging is. Or how well researched her/his perspective may be. And when a Jew her/himself tries to do the challenging?
That brings to mind brave Ernest Zundel, who was held without trial and then sent from Canada to Germany (where Holocaust denialism is a crime) to serve five years in prison because the 'terrorist' dared to question the Holocaust. More importantly, he was a serious threat to the Jewish-Zionist lobby.

And my point, Joshua, is that in simple terms anyone at all who is perceived to 'criticise' ie questions alternatives to Jewish history, Jewish politics and...well, Jewish anything mostly(unlike the rest of the world's doings and screwings) is fast and furiously labelled 'anti-semite'. This often comes complete with accusations of 'hate speech' as part of the emotional lashings for victimising the poor, persecuted Jew.
As a challenger of Jewish mainstream thought/action, you could have a 'Zundel' done on you or even be 'suicided' by Mossad and co, depending on your 'crime'and how high profile you are or not.

Often a bully/abuser's first line of defence is attack. It takes attention instantly away from the potential crime/criminal. It's a reverse tactic.
So my question: what is there in Jewish history, Jewish rule, Jewish religion or all of them that the world's largely Jewish-owned media (a fact – research that for yourselves as it's an important aspect of the control strategy) are so petrified will be exposed? Or is it just one of many dirty secrets the Zionists at the top of the pyramid fear will tumble out,crushing them in the process?

I could go on and on with many other examples of what Jews and non-Jews alike have tried to bring forward in attempts to reveal all manner of Truths to the world and the Jewish community alike,regarding our current geo political situation. But at the core of the matter is that self-censorship and patriotism go a huge way in keeping any healthy, critically-minded and open debate nicely at bay for and from this community.

French philosopher Voltaire puts it so succinctly when he said: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

So, dear Joshua, being the 'mensch' (Yiddish for person of integrity/honour) you clearly are, I'd like to thank you for inspiration in my exploration of this grand illusion thrust on to the 'chosen people'. And the desperation of those who control it. Built on a plethora of lies and deceptions, the majority of (practising) Jewish people themselves have been used as scapegoats without their conscious awareness.

'I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it'
also by Voltaire is something the Jewish community of South Africa and globalwide would do really well to begin embracing.
Especially if they want to themselves avoid being perceived as 'militant' and 'extreme' - the same words they use very often to describe their own enemies.



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