I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Heavenletter 5019 Stars Shine In God's Light

Hello Dear Ones

I feel a great resonance and synchronicity with the Heavenletters.
Not for the first time, but for more than a handful of times since May have I received in advance of the Heavenletter appearing, the exact same phrases, words, metaphors as those which appear. I receive these mostly from Source/God also. Sometimes from CM. And lately my EM/HS is joining in on things.

It seems to have started up again, so here I AM trying to once more make some sense of it all.
Perhaps it's precog telepathy at work. And moving more into the Mind of the One. Yes, I buy the latter for sure. That would be the place in which many receive of the same by way of information during a similar time period=synchronicity.

Fine... But that still wouldn't explain Source and the Celestials using my very own private and personal life experiences as examples (that no one else could possibly know about) to illustrate humanity's triumphs/challenges and how to recognise and resolve them while still remaining open to growth and always in service.

Honestly: I feel blown away each times this happens!

This occurred similarly for me last year with Mother Nebadonia's messages given through my AH colleague and telepath, Rosie.
In this particular phase, it would happen that Ma Neb (my nickname for her.Actually, that's just an abbreviation of my real nickname for her ...which has had her and CM seriously chuckling over numerous times now. I'll share more another time...) would be saying the exact same things; same examples/metaphors that had been in my mind, on my heart or in my living experiences. Again, she's used both 'positive' and 'negative' experiences/reactions from my very own rather mundane existence to illustrate.
My heart nearly missed a beat when I read this for the first time last year and all the hairs on my body stood up. WTF???

Of course, I've been very careful not to share this - except with a couple of close friends, until now. Although I desperately wanted to share it with Rosie at the time, but kept deleting my mails to her after writing, thinking it could all be perceived as seriously delusional. And there's plenty of people out there that think I'm a First Order Loony Toon. I do too ;-)

Question (to you and Self): So EXACTLY WHY are the celestials and galactics using the free-access channel of the TruWoman Show? I christened my life the TruWoman Show sometime ago. But clearly this existence of mine and the entertainment called (my) Life provides the celestials and galactics with fodder of some type.

Making examples of aspects of my most personal life, processes and challenges is strange to read publicly, to say the least. And I've not been given a reason for this. And trust me - I do a LOT of galactic/celestial 'asking'! I know I allowed my life, thoughts,feelings, etc to be an 'open book' for the galactics. Meaning my EM/HS is clearly totally happy with being under surveillance 24/7 - and not just for security purposes, by the way.

Never mind...I'm just becoming more and more frustrated with not knowing again. I let it and the frustration go now...

Anyway, here in this current Heavenletter is plenty of what was told me also within the past 48 hours.
Indeed we have been mistaken in our identity and it is time to reveal ourselves to Ourselves [read more below].

With that must automatically come the moving into the Mind of the One - par for the course in living in and with God. May the experience for us all that wish Oneness with God grow steadily with each passing day.

Rant Out

Warmest Love


Heavenletter #5019 Stars Shine in God’s Light, August 22, 2014

God said:

On the surface of life, you are no longer what you once were or thought you were. In the world, you grow. Yet there is far more to you than meets the eye. This is the indelible you. This is the Eternal You, the far more to you that seems to have been hidden, hidden from view, hidden from you, and everyone else.

When you are seen for Who You Are, the whole world will change before everyone’s eyes. The world is in your thrall. All it takes to ensure a new world is for you to see yourself differently, to see yourself more deeply, more in the Light of God.

You are not this rapscallion you seem to think you are. You are not this scoundrel, this mistake-maker, this fictional character who makes a fool of himself now and then. A fool, you are not. Yet you play a part, and you and the whole world believe you are less than you are.

Will the Real You stand up? Will you be counted? Will you count yourself in on the mysteries of the Universe? For Heaven’s sakes, of course, you are one of the Wonders of the World.

You know yourself so little. You see only a one-sided portion of yourself. You dismiss yourself. You think you are run of the mill, or even less than that. You are a non-believer when it comes to yourself. Maybe everyone else on Earth is more worthy than he looks, yet you may see yourself only as the dregs. You are the beautiful Light of the World, and you lie fallow in the shadows.

Come out from where you have hidden your True Self. Get into the sunshine of your life. You are a palpable sentient human being in whom I have placed My faith. It is not really faith that I have placed. I have more than faith. I have full knowledge. I know Who You Are, and I declare it. I do not refrain.

You have been mistaken about your identity. You are a diamond that you value as glass and broken glass at that. If you could but begin to see the diamond that you are. You have been mistaken in many things on Earth. Can you consider that you have also been mistaken about the value you are, the intrinsic value that you are? If you were only half of what I say you are, would you not stand tall? Would your shoulders not go back? Would you not walk differently? Would you not hold your head high?

Who do you think you are to slump in this temporary body when, all the while, you are a Divine Child of God? What boldness you have to shirk responsibility for yourself. Are you coy? Do you play the shrinking violet so you can fool everyone that you are modest? It is not modest to deny yourself your rightful heritage and to deny others your light. Are you saving your Light? If so, what are you saving it for? Do you want Me to come down and reveal you to the world, and then you would walk in splendor? Do you want Me to place a crown on your head?

By dint of your birth, you are already crowned. I sent Light to Earth. I sent you. Come out of the shadows now. At the very least, reveal yourself to you. Then you will not be able to keep your Light hidden.

Introduce yourself to yourself. Say:

“Hello, I am the Son or Daughter of God. I am all that I long to be. God has placed me on Earth in order to shine His Light. What have I been thinking of? I have not been thinking. I have been idling around. Now I take my true place in the firmament of the world. Now I shine God’s Light wherever I look. I signal to all: »Here I am. Here you are. We are Shining Stars in God’s Light.«”

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