I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sa-Ra 20: (Self) Discernment

3 February 2014

Sa-Ra 20: (Self)Discernment

through Shellee-Kim

Well, beloveds, it is indeed a wondrous day. We see the Son/Sun shining upon you all -even those who aren't in sunshine country at the moment :-)

I will explain: There are few on your plane at this time who are truly ready for the changes ahead. Though we, as a collective, have put out many messages through a variety of trusted channels and messengers. Unfortuantley, most who read these are looking for the temporary 'fix' they provide, rather than taking the advice and guidance offered to heart. And applying it to your own life so the days may pass with real progress within yourselves being made.

Of course, this is but another choice. And then there's the relatively small fraction amongst you who DO diligently work with the material offered and take it most seriously. So our efforts are not entirely wasted. However, with this AH group we do make a good deal of progress and the Truth is taken seriously. This warms us greatly :-)[as per her Son/Sun comment above].

Today, we would like it to be known that when the dam wall bursts many more will be wishing to join your ranks. That is, more will be shocked into understanding the importance of such Truths and will be actively searching for those who can provide answers on this. And so all you past efforts that you have individually and collectively made are not to go wasted. Their value shall be recognised.

Just a few words of encouragement, beloveds, in the midst of what appears to be a total meltdown of your societies on so very many fronts.

Well, what I would like to speak of today, beloveds, is the question/topic of discernment. But this time let's put a slightly different spin on it.

Assessing situations and people accurately requires discernment. But to accurately discern where others are at, you first need to know where YOU are at. So let's call it self-discernment, in this instance.

When you are in the state of discerning something or someone you put your 'feelers' out; sense that situation or person so you can receive an accurate 'reading', yes? But being 100% accurate also requires you first clear any and all inner obstacles that could be blocking your reading of that situation or person.

Such as if you have a predisposition to or an aversion to the colour blue that someone may be wearing as a piece of clothing, as a simple example.

If the person you're trying to discern is wearing this colour it could pose a problem because of your associations with the colour blue. Unless you've managed to bring your intense likes or dislikes of the colour blue into your awareness and understand what drives it, you won't necessarily be free of this as an influencing factor when attempting to discern. Meaning you'll likely get an inaccurate reading of the person and the situation.

Understanding, therefore, what blue means to YOU first is part of the preparatory work of now so you might get busy with bringing yourself into a state of neutrality in such places within. A place where you will NOT have the emotional charges causing those interfering likes and dislikes.

This plays out in much the same way with what you refer to as your moral codes. Very often, it is whatever you feel strongly for or against that creates your imbalances within. So if you can lightly touch these aspects of your moral codes [SK: I get a visual of two hands lightly touching at the fingertips] rather than holding fast to these as absolute Truths [SK: Visual of two hands in a hard handshake grip, not letting each other go], you will be in a far more fluid and open state within. And one where your inner voice can more easily be felt and heard, with less obstructions surrounding it.

Another example is a crying child in a public place who holds onto it's mother's hand. It is very difficult for most of you in such a scenario to NOT size up such a situation, often with your own preconceived judgements at work. And for most, this will not be a neutral response as your past will often interfere with you here. In such a situation, for many of you your inner dialogue will already be at work. 'If this was my child, I would ...', you may say to yourself; whatever it is you believe is the 'right' response to the child and in this situation. Often as per your own conditioned upbringing. And even without knowing the context.

Do you see the difficulty with discernment of your world now more clearly? And how much of yourselves, your past selves, interfere with you today? This is further excavation work that is required by you. That you turn over and examine all principles, morals, likes, dislikes you feel strongly about - whether positively or negatively.

If you are committed to this process, you will find out soon enough that many 'values' you thought you held dear were empty of REAL value to you, as you journey to YOUR OWN wholeness. And, at worst, were perhaps REACTIONS to others: a DEFENSE for your self-preservation/fears or a value belonging entirely to another. Often to one of your caregivers as a child or another influential authority.

Letting go of these and finding out what you REALLY feel and where you stand NOW is deeply empowering, beloveds.
And, in fact, is essential in serving with a clear and open heart and mind. That you might clearly discern your world and those in it, making the best possible choices for yourself and all else.

I will leave this in your hands for now. That you may choose what to do with this material also.

Each and every one of you are so deeply loved by us All

I AM your Sa-Ra

Loving you and at your Service

And until the next I say