I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Being Our Own Saviour

Being our own Saviour in these times and to ensure our future placement is the single most important thing we can currently strive towards. This means daily inner work - to see where we're not standing in our own power. And then taking the necessary steps to free ourselves from this.

When we stand in our own power, we are also free of the thought forms of others, limitations of our personal past/conditionings and thus current reactions to inner truths and people. We are then in a place of authentic neutrality, are more greatly balanced and can be far more effective in our service to others.

I'm going to let my first ascension guide, Karen Danrich, speak on this through the various excerpts from her teachings with the various kingdoms. Although her site ascendpress.org no longer exists, her take on ascension is that it's a biological process. And freeing yourself of the hazards en route to a successful ascension requires intending it so daily.

Love of the One Heart

Source: http://www.saviourbehaviour.com

The journey to one’s understanding that you are God/Goddess in human form only begins as one consciously chooses to evolve out of the separation that caused one to perceive God/Goddess as separate. Humanity is lazy. Humanity is also confused. The laziness and confusion are the result of the electrical energies that retard the field day in and day out. Such frequencies cause soul to retract so that there is no soul guiding the life of the form! (The Buffalo Kingdom through Karen Danrich) - www.ascendpress.org

The reality is that no one can save another. Each must do their own inner homework to understand and forgive. In the forgiveness possible through real ascension, the patterns change, the density lifts, the joy returns, and hope is reborn anew. No one can do this for another. (The Earth Mother through Karen Danrich “Mila”) - www.ascendpress.org/articles/earth-motherIII/Savior.htm

Equality and the dance of the savior or guru are at odds with one another. The guru or savior wishes to be perceived as perfect, beautiful and all-powerful or all-knowing. Of course they appear that way as each that follows the guru gives their power, light and knowledge unto them. There is no room for equality in such a dance; for the guru is on top and all others are underneath in a pecking order or hierarchical structure. There is also no way to move into the dance of unity in such a game; for a hierarchical structure and unity are at odds with one another. (The Earth Mother through Karen Danrich “Mila”) - www.ascendpress.org/articles/earth-motherIII/Savior.htm

It was perhaps in one of the last ascensions upon Earth, in a human known as Buddha, that the concept of man as God was anchored to such a degree that humanity at large began to seek a "savior" en mass. Buddha, being the last ascension, was subject to the greatest of veils, and created the greatest incomplete ascension. Buddha and all perceived masters since his incarnation have been viewed as "God" causing God to suddenly become something outside of oneself rather than an internal state of being.

It was from the mass desire to create a savior that the lifetime of Jesus manifested. It is human nature to worship, and the worship of those such as Buddha or the life of Christ has been so great that the internal awakening has been shattered almost beyond repair. For large numbers of humans are awaiting "God" or "Christ" to descend to save them and carry them home rather than choosing to ascend and begin their own internal transcendence…

Mankind was the one that chose to leave "heaven" and enter the dance of disunity, discord, pain, anger and fear. No one did this to mankind, mankind did this to him or herself in his or her own illusion. No one can ascend mankind out of such illusion, each must choose to come to understand how one's own ancestry created the illusion, and remove each belief system therein, one layer at a time. (The Buffalo Species through Karen Danrich "Mila") - www.ascendpress.org

It is human nature to look outside of oneself for one's truth. Such a thought-form predisposes the human species to thinking that others know more, or that another knows one's own truth better than oneself. Ascension brings about an understanding that only the initiate can truly understand his or her own unique truth.

The guru or teacher only understands his or her own particular truth. It is in the sharing of one's truth that others may find a parallel truth of their own in which they can awaken unto. Mila and Rama have tried to teach from the perspective of sharing their truth in their experience of ascension, but do not claim to have the "only truth" and certainly not the only type of ascension possible in human form. Each form is unique. Therefore, each form will experience its own unique journey of ascension. Only the initiate understands intimately their own journey, because they are the only one experiencing it first hand. Therefore, each initiate must follow their own guidance, and never allow another to tell them what to do, or what their truth is. (Lady Agape and Lady Rize through Karen Danrich)

"The Earth Mother wishes to address a difficult thought-form in most humans who pursue the spiritual path. Most humans have fallen into the belief in the savior. The savior or being a savior or searching for one to save oneself is in opposition to the path of ascension. Why is this so? Ascension requires turning inward to discover one’s own god/goddess within. In so doing, one becomes one’s own savior and one’s own champion to continue to transcend in the journey of ascension." Karen Danrich

So often, we see our human brother and sisters seeking teachers or gurus to find their way "home". We state that no guru, no teacher, can possibly open one to one's own soul. Opening to one's own soul requires inner work, inner processing, and inner releasing of the pain that caused one to armor one's heart from childhood. Most humans shut their heart at a very early age. Often by age 2, most human children seal their heart and never open it again for the entire lifetime! Although this is sad, one can go back in time to the moment when they chose to seal their heart shut because life was just too painful, and begin the process of opening the heart in full. Although this is not an easy process, as enough of the heart peels open, contact with the God/Goddess within can and shall occur.

In so doing, one shall begin to hear the messages of their own soul. As the messages of one's own soul pours forth, one shall become their own teacher, their own guru, and this shall allow one to find their way through the labyrinth of spiritual evolution. No one can do this for another, and no one better knows where one needs to be or what one's path is other than oneself. As one attunes to the messages of their own soul, one shall be guided from within. As one learns to follow one's own internal guidance implicitly, one shall find their way "home"...

There is a huge seduction amongst teachers and healers of all kinds. The seduction is that you "need them" to find your way home. In reality, you need no one other than your own connection to your own source or the God/Goddess within. Following another will take you off course, beloved. Following another is the method of the antichrist to assure that one does not ascend, does not find their way home, because each path is so unique, so distinct, that if you follow in the footsteps of another you shall get lost within your own journey...

You are God/Goddess in human form. You have always been God/Goddess in human form. We guide you to quit giving your power away to authorities of all kinds, whether such authorities be metaphysical, spiritual, medical, governmental, or educational. You are your living truth, your living hologram, as a member of the human species. Your own ascension and future therefore lies within your own hands. Only you can choose to awaken yourself and find your way home! (The Buffalo Species and the Earth Mother through Karen Danrich "Mila") - www.ascendpress.org

"The thought-form of a savior is a manipulation of the dark to cause one to fail to fulfill upon one’s own personal ascension and take responsibility for one’s own personal ancestral history. No one can ascend another; no one can clear one’s own personal karma in one’s own ancestry other than oneself. Each must do their part. Humanity must learn to save itself by evolving out of the paradigm that it has sunk into through it’s falls in consciousness over time. (The Shark Kingdom through Karen Danrich)"

"The fantasy we see most humans in, is one that accompanies the usury. In the dance of usury, one is used, and then one is also "taken care of." In feeling taken care of, one is not required to "think", or "take responsibility" for one's own thought-form, or one's actions, or one's evolution. We see the desire for a savior founded upon such a thought-form. We also see that the failure for more humans to take conscious responsibility for their own ascension to be the result of such thought-form. As more humans take responsibility for their thought-form through the choice to ascend, the human dance shall change before your eyes. However, this requires more humans to awaken and choose to ascend, and then make their way through the internal process of transcendence of thought-form. (The Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms through Karen Danrich "Mila") - www.ascendpress.org