I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Psychopolitics Of Racism

It feels like a long time since I last posted...wonder if we've had another mini-stasis that's accounting for my time-stretching perception of this period!

There are many prejudices that exist within the human mind that is in direct conflict with our spiritual and evolutionary choices of now. And one of the most powerful memes that support the 'divide and rule' psychopolital games of the Zionist Talmudists (ZT's)and their minions globally is that of racism.

Thus racism stands directly in the way of Unity Consciousness. And it is not enough to desire to be One with the Creator, while, for instance still harbouring unacknowledged feelings of resentment, remorse, anger or hatred or guilt, amongst many others in this arena. Or being in denial about the existence of these feelings. For, as with all other prejudices on our world and within us, this opens doorways that allow collective parasitic (STS's) unseens to take hold of us. With the result that we walk through our worlds in conflict at a subtle, unconscious level. And not being able to be properly aligned with Creator Source within.

This great land I chose to born to was supposed to have represented and been a wayshower of Unity Consciousness to the rest of the world. All based on free will decisions of individuals here, thus affecting the collective. But, as with most countries under the socio-political control of the ZT Rothschilds and their enslaving banking system, the psychopolitics of control here has remained much the same as it's been for decades.

After the careful staging of a 'free' South Africa 20 years ago, all that's really happened is that the apartheid system has been diguised by lots of 'liberal' laws seemingly in favour of the majority Black population's rights. And the ZT-controlled mainstream media have pushed this as 'freedom', along with the hero worship of Nelson Mandela as the man who facilitated these so-called changes. But in truth, hardly any of these new laws are implemented or practised properly - enough to benefit the majority, that is. Or if they are, they're so undermined by 'non-delivery' that the morale of the majority remains at an all-time low. Most Black (including Coloured)remain unemployed, while the majority of Whites still have the plum jobs.
And the same psychopolitical power remains in place, much as it has for decades amongst the wealthy White minority.

What continues to occur here on this subtle level is the driving force in keeping this country and it's people oppressed, divided and at (silent) war with one another.
And what makes the racism meme play out differently here than elsewhere, is that the majority Black population (40 odd million), are as per the points in this piece below, continuing to be dominated and controlled by a tiny White (5 million odd) population. This must be seen as a hugely successful operation in the eyes of the ZT's. And for us, this is a great example of what not to do going forward into our new and more balanced society.

Getting beyond the denial meme/programming and to what needs healing is all highlighted in Gillian Schutte's letter below. Schutte is a local filmmaker, activist, writer and more. And one of the tiny handful of White who acknowledge that this is the game here. She refers to herself as a 'Settler' at the end; the Afrikaaners were of Dutch origin and settled here in SA. Like all of us Whites here from various regions of the world.
The only way to dissolve a dangerous and destructive meme like this is by getting conscious of it.
Powerful etheric collectives of specialist 'racist' entities (like there exists for many other human issues) are encouraging and subtly fanning the flames of such prejudices to continue creating conflict within, if we don't.



Dear White People


by Gillian Schutte

I have decided to start the New Year with a letter to you all. It is a letter that implores you to wake up and smell Africa with a fresh white nose.

Before you get angry and defensive, think of this letter as a crash course survival kit for navigating a new reality, and please be assured that if you take heed of the call in this letter your life will change in miraculous ways. Once the blinkers are off the world is a much more colourful and celebratory place to engage in.

Let me begin by wholeheartedly apologising for what my ancestors did to the people of South Africa and inviting you to do the same. I reject their legacy as much as is possible and, as you already know, have made it a life mission to deconstruct the phallocentric white view of ”white as right” and the misguided precept that white is central to all reality.

I reject the discourse of white domination but I acknowledge that I was brought up in this construct. Though my single-mother household was never economically privileged we were privileged by virtue of our skin colour and my mother was given assistance by the state that a woman of colour was denied.

I call on white people to reflect on what it means to be born into unearned privilege, to excavate our long history of racist exploitation and assumed superiority — to acknowledge that this is what we were taught and then to reject it wholly.

I call on white people to acknowledge that whiteness has become invisible to us and we no longer recognise it for a discourse that perpetuates the dehumanisation of black people in ways so subtle that they appear normal.
I call on white people to admit that the rainbow nation is a myth and until we truly are able to recognise the humanity of all people we cannot claim to be post-racist.

I call on white people to acknowledge how white supremacy continues to play out in the media — in representations of blackness — in the constant accusation that black people are racist when they speak their truth.

I call on white people to recognise the black-bashing trend of our media, which is largely white owned, and to put an end to this dehumanising and destructive infantile idiocy.

I call on white people to recognise that by jumping in on national debates that do not concern them they are usurping a platform for authentic black voices to air their grievances about our leadership. You may have noticed that the black voices we need and want to hear choose to disengage because they are skaam to share the podium with a lot of cacophonic white outrage about the same topic but from a white racist perspective.

White people please just shut up for once and listen. Not everything is about white people being accused of racism. Sometimes it is about the black middle class and whether or not they have adopted vile white practices.
I implore you, white people, to listen to black voices calmly and not to react defensively to every outrage a black voice presents.

I call on white people to accept that they are not the only race that is entitled to rage, to hurt, to pain, to anger.
I call on white people, to recognise that they fear the emotions of black people — that it is this fear that makes them shut down black voices and defend themselves from the suggestion that they are complicit in the continued oppression of black people.

I call on white people to recognise that we have all been taught (in varying degrees) that black people do not have the same emotions and psychology as us and that this fallacy is built upon the double-edged sword of domination and fear. To dehumanise a people is to exploit them with no guilt. To recognise their collective pain is to admit the guilt thereby see the humanity.

I call on white people to recognise how whiteness has unconsciously used blackness as a conduit for its own darkness and unacknowledged savagery.

I implore white people to get over their fear that black people are out to slaughter them in a wholesale genocide of revenge. It has not happened yet and there is so much evidence that it will never happen in a country that has built its economic policy on global standards that favour whiteness and rely on the middle class as a buffer zone between the people on the ground and the elite corporate and political class. Just get over yourselves. White people of middle class are still safer than people living in townships.

I call on white people to work on a strategy to lessen the growing gap between rich and poor because, white people, it is the poor who are really suffering in this country and it is the poor who are the wretched fall-out from a more than 360-year history of white domination, slavery, subjugation and theft of livelihood.

I call on white people to understand that poverty and unemployment are social conditions. By renaming them ”laziness”, ”lack of ambition” and ”stupidity” you are furthering your own illogical delusions that whiteness has nothing to do with the untenable conditions that most black people are forced to live in. These are not inherent traits of being black, as many of you are fond of saying. These are the social consequences of a brutal colonial history and current globalisation — coupled with weak anti-the-poor leadership.

And please white people, when you feel compelled to criticise Zuma, as we all do, please ensure that you are critiquing him for his favouring of white corporates and the white middle class over poverty issues — for his pro-capitalist stance and his failure to deliver to the poor — for his patriarchal utterances that threaten to usurp women’s rights — rather than obsessing over his penis, his wives, his second-language command of English and using him as a scapegoat for all your fears and negative unconscious stereotypes about all black folk.

Oh and one more thing … asseblief white people, from well-meaning liberals to white supremacists — just stop telling everyone who is not white how to behave, what to think and when to say what. By trying to control the public agenda you are participating in your own imagined oppression and avoiding the possibility that we are all human and can co-exist very nicely.

Be grateful that you are still welcome in a land that was stolen.

And stop bitching and telling black people to get over their history. Goddammit — if those things had happened to white people there would be an entire world domination film industry built upon the “legitimised suffering of white people” so why will you not understand that colonialism was a holocaust of epic proportions and it will take many, many more decades for the pain to subside.

Instead of defending your privileges by denying them and nursing your guilt through misguided outrage — why not get your hands dirty while helping to restore this country to a space of dignity and respect for all.
Try now to reconsider the possibility of the healing potential of apologising collectively and genuinely for the wrongs our history has perpetrated against the indigenous people of this land.

Oh ja … and white people, please try not to respond negatively and vilely to my letter because I will never stop pleading with you to get over yourselves and get with the current programme. It is as easy as the blink of an eye.

Yours sincerely,

Settler Sister