I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Primitive Premise

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Re: SILVERHAWK: The Winds of God, The Resurrection


Let’s begin at the beginning, then, as the end always leads to a new beginning except at a higher spin upon the spiral? The “primitive premise” is the anchor for biological man. I know that because it has served to keep me balanced and sane through life and has been the womb of my ascension process. It is also dirt simple.

Man tends to confuse himself in his infinite complexities. He builds a high-tech civilization that creates the illusion that it is unto itself and thus elaborates endlessly within his churches and other institutions to the point of babble. Then he wonders why he is lost and confused. Within his tower of babble are also many places for the enemies of life and freedom to hide. From there in their hiding, they promote lies and erroneous concepts aplenty and enlist a host of fools to stump for them. This has always been the danger of vast and complex civilizations that are built by un-awakened man.

Now perhaps you can see the wisdom of the Hopi people, who originally came from lost Atlantis, as the “children of the law of one” and who keep that covenant to this very day. Most wise indeed. The primitive premise is ultra simplicity itself. It can, however, only be seen, known and experienced as one becomes one with it. It cannot be put in a bottle in a laboratory and analyzed. You either awaken into it or you don’t. It is a way of being and seeing what is.

Meditation is the gateway that leads into this state of being. Right now I ask you to discard any and all erroneous concepts and pictures that you might have about meditation. Meditation is sunshine simple, like God. Meditation is simply “talking to God”. I should say “conversing” because you not only talk, you listen as well. This is simply a conversation that springs from the axis or fulcrum of your being. You must still the babble of the world in your mind long enough to activate the fulcrum. Then you have engaged the great mind in conversation. You need no special effects or rituals. These are optional. You can do this over coffee in the morning. Anyone can do this, although, after eons of sleep, it may take awhile to get used to it once again. Once you have begun to reengage the Creator again, you have thus arrived at the “primitive premise”. This is the point of true reality against you. Now, to strengthen the meditation, it is a good idea to walk out into nature periodically, preferably in an area that is untouched or altered by man. While meditating in true nature, you can contact the Adam or Eve in you; the original man or womb-man, whichever you are. From here you can see, feel, know, hear and experience the simple truth. This is what I call the “lone man on the mountain” state. It is just you, God, and nature. Here you can witness yourself and all you contain, as well as witness God and nature and all therein they contain and you can know your true place as man. This is one reason that the Indian sent his new young men off alone, so they would become true men and would discover their true name and purpose, thus, the “vision quest”. To truly “witness” means to “see”, from your fulcrum of being, “what is”.

Your fulcrum is your axis or equator. It is that unseen line between your left and your right brain and between the left and right hemisphere of your body. The light chakra system also runs down this equator. Let thine eye be single.

If you go to high ground and look down upon a town or city, you can see the fragility of man. You can see that he is building fences around himself in fear. He huddles in tribes for comfort and reassurance. He is helping each other to convince himself that it is okay to sleep and indulge in a fallen state. He is in denial of who he is and thus denies God, nature and his place in the plan. When death then approaches he is frightened and feels alone because he does not talk to God, as a whole or as a rule. He talks mostly to himself – to each other.

If you fear death, then you also fear life? Fear only lives in shadows. When you re-connect with Creator, you see that there are no shadows and no death as well. All is spirit, all is God. You are a part of it and always have been and will be. You need to guru or priest or church. You need no rituals or rhetoric or trappings of any kind in order to see this and remember, that which you already know. This is the primitive premise.

It has always been so since man first was, when he was simple and uncomplicated like a child. So it will always be and so will that little eternal child that you truly are, that fears nothing and simply awaits your remembering. As a child you will enter the kingdom within; as a little child, innocent, trusting and free, or you will not, cannot, enter therein.

You say you wait on God. Nay, He waits on you. He waits eternally for you to tire of your misery and childish games enough to call upon Him. Then He will lift you. He will lift you high above the eagle. He will surely heal all your hurts, dry all your tears, and bring you home in one piece.

I speak here from my own hard road of experience. Now, I walk the “good red road” forever.

When you are out in nature in stillness and the “silent knowledge” flows from your fulcrum, through your consciousness, you can “hear” the “word” in all creation. Everything “speaks” to you. All life, all forms in life, speak to you silently. The rocks, birds, bugs and plants and animals, all have their stories in life. They all have their place in creation in perfect balance and so too do you. You are Man. Awaken from the spells and hexes that you have cast upon yourselves. You have a place here as all forms do. If you want to be happy, balanced and fulfilled, you must remember from your true place and purpose.

What is man? Is he simply and inventor? Well, man creates, yes. God creates, indeed yes. Therefore, man is a co-creator. However, God also sustains what he creates, in balance and harmony. God projects his original rays of gold and silver. Silver, the creating ray and gold, the sustaining ray of light. This is the father-mother aspects of God in action. Creative power and creation result. Positive-negative, light-dark, being-non-being, form-formless, life-death, etc., etc. This is the “motor” of God.

Does man sustain? Is he a sustainer as well as creator? He better be; and soon.

The meditation now takes us deeper into the weave of our world. We have arrived at the reconciliation point for America.

When I was a red man last, I wondered deeply why Grand-father had brought the white man here. We were good sustainers of the garden after all. We shunned the idea of temples and altars with all their technologies and trappings. Those things only breed trouble, jealousies and confusion. So why did this strange hairy white man arrive here, we asked? He sustains nothing. He creates and devours everything in his path and then creates more and more but fails to sustain his foundation. He is truly out of balance we said. Well, so too were we, I have come to see at last. Man was not meant to just graze n a garden forever either. He was designed to be a full reflection of Grandfather’s potentials. Therefore he must become a creator/sustainer in perfect balance. From this state of balance and reconciliation, he becomes a “starman”; a builder and sustainer of worlds “with” Grandfather. So the creator/builder/ inventor white man and the gardener/tender red man, both have what each other needed in order to bring man to balance. So, I am here today, in the son of a white man, to do just that. To birth the “starship Indian/cosmic cowboy” man. Together we become the “pink” of Christ. We emerge in balance together, ah ho.

Now we grow out again from primitive premise into all that can come from it in balance.