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Friday, July 19, 2013

Western Women Jailed For Reporting Rape In Dubai

Continuing with the current theme, the misogyny meme as part of the Archontic Deception programming hides in plain sight everywhere!

The bright lights and allure of earning decent foreign currency in a purportedly modern first world country can come with a heavy price. In one of the many lands in which Sharia law is hypocritically practised against women by men - indirectly condoning sexual crimes against women - this is an especially dark side of Dubai living. And Western women who flock there should take these examples as serious warnings BEFORE considering work there.

While local women put up and shut up with these sex crimes against them, it's not the culture of Western women to do so after being raped by locals. And should you attempt to actually hold men responsible openly (via the 'law')for their crime, YOU, the woman, will receive the full brunt of it instead.

I also know this from personal experience. I was arrested in a small town in Upper Egypt by the local police for staying under the same roof as an unmarried Egyptian male. They broke down the door to his practise in the middle of the night, hoping to catch us in the act of sex as evidence. In which case, in alignment with the law we both would have been jailed immediately and the strongest possible sentence applied to each of us. Luckily, this didn't happen.
But my passport was taken away and I had to report every few days to the local police until our court date when we had to appear before a People's Court and (all male of course!) judicial hearing. I was schooled in exactly what to say by my Egyptian friend who translated all, focusing on my admission of guilt by wrongfully living under the same roof as a single person with another of the opposite sex. In Egypt, showing affection in public by two of the opposite sex or being caught/admitting having sex without being married is a crime almost tantamount to murder!

Eventually I escaped with my passport to the Sinai to recover from my ordeal in a fishing village. My male friend closed down his thriving medical practise due to his disgust with the system and treatment received.

As an aside and to demonstrate the convenient double standards at play within such cultures, in the same land and throughout the Middle East it is common practise for male lovers to openly walk hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm, as it is perceived and accepted as 'friendship'. (google gay/homosexual life in Dubai/Egypt)
Many practising homosexuals who's psycho-emotional choices are to be with men in intimate relationship are married to women and have children with them to appease the law and maintain their cover in accordance with Sharia law requirements.

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Norwegian woman who reported being raped in Dubai is jailed for 16 months

A Norwegian woman, 25, was in Dubai on a business trip

She was raped and reported the incident to the police

At the station, police took her passport and jailed her

She will now serve 16 months for illicit sex outside marriage

By Sara Malm

17 July 2013

A young Norwegian woman has been sentenced to 16 months in jail after she reported a rape in Dubai.

The 25-year-old was in the United Arab Emirates on a business trip when she was raped and reported the assault to the local police.

Dubai police did not believe her, and instead took her passport and jailed her on suspicion of having had sex outside marriage.

Sentenced: The 25 year old Norwegian woman was raped on a business trip and thrown in a Dubai jail

The Norwegian woman reported the sexual assault in March this year, after which she had to spend days in a cell before she was allowed to use a telephone.

With the help of family members, the Norwegian consulate was able to negotiate a release and she has been living under the protection of the Norwegian Sailor’s Church until her sentencing this week.

'I received the harshest sentence for sex outside marriage, harshest sentence for drinking alcohol and on top of that I was found guilty of perjury,’ the woman told Verdens Gang.

‘It is a terrible situation she is in,’ said Gisle Meling, the priest at the Norwegian Sailor’s Church.

‘We are very surprised and had hoped it would go another way, but we live in a country which has a justice system which draws its conclusions with the help of Sharia law.’

Dark side: Having been detained in Dubai since the assault in March, the woman has now been found guilty of sex outside marriage, drinking alcohol without a licence and perjury and was jailed for 16 months

Dark side: Having been detained in Dubai since the assault in March, the woman has now been found guilty of sex outside marriage, drinking alcohol without a licence and perjury and was jailed for 16 months

She was sentenced to one year and four months in jail but as Norway has no extradition treaty with Dubai, her future is uncertain.

The young Norwegian woman's story is not unique.

Earlier this year Australian Alicia Gali, 27, spoke of how she was thrown in a Dubai jail for eight months after she reported a rape.

Miss Gali was working at hotel chain Starwood when her drink was spiked in the staff bar.

She awoke to find that three colleagues had raped her, but when she went to a hospital for help, they turned her over to the police and she was charged with illicit sex outside marriage.

Under UAE law, rapists can only be convicted if either the perpetrator confesses or if four adult Muslim males witness the crime.

Under the Sharia-influenced laws, sex before marriage is completely forbidden and an unmarried couple holding hands in public can be jailed.

Foreigners jailed in Dubai are deported immediately after completing their sentences.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2367152/Norwegian-woman-reported-raped-Dubai-jailed-16-months.html#ixzz2ZUqSLXrP