I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Overcoming Inner Obstacles by Nebadonia

13 July 2013

[a follow up, related message to Bela's latest on Abundant Hope on surrendering to CM's will]

thru Shellee-Kim

As always, you have had great help. But each of you are the directors of your own shows. Suffice it to say,many of you are trapped in paralyses (be it mental, emotional, psychological) of your own creation. Much of it buried so deep within you that it will take a great excavating operation to bring it out the surface to be released.

These past patterns and thought forms as they've manifested within you are accumulations of your living experiences. They are the places of your deepest stored pain. It is high time to deal with these, allowing them to surface that you may move freely of heart and mind, unshackled into that place where your will easily yields to the will of Christ Michael.

Beloveds, your lives are all deeply meaningful to us. For you are our precious foot soldiers, our great Warriors of Light and doves of peace. You and your choices are high priority for us at this time. And we watch and support you all most keenly.
Therefore, please do not believe you have been abandoned or left behind. When you are in process, beloveds, out of respect for yourselves and your choices, we and your teams step back, allowing you the space to exercise your own personal power.
Always out of our deepest love for you.

I AM your ever loving Nebadonia.

[SK: CM's presence was distinctly in the background throughout, making this feel more like a joint message]