I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Shellee-Kim Gold

Feasting on the flesh of raw and fallen human e-motion
Is sustenance to the lives of the great parasitic ones
Silently they go about their business
Hissing dis-eased feelings, thoughts and words
Into the minds of the lost, confused, innocent and angry alike
Subtly eroding the soul of higher, healing emotions
Carefully injecting the emotional muck and mire in a slow-release poison
That is the downfall of the psyche of Hu-man kind
Aligning with Darkness, like Light, is a choice after all
Yet the ignorant ones know not the power they possess, given away so freely
It turns swiftly and soundlessly to imprison them
Swelling the life force and ranks of the Dark Ones
And all without Hu-man consent or knowledge
Until the day when they sit face to face with themselves in review of a life
Less than lived
A life that they chose to live in denial, pressed into unconsciousness
In favour of the freedom that was sought before the start of the earth walk
And so it is to begin again
In new beginnings comes fresh hope for a better lived life in unfettered Light.