I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, December 11, 2010


...about their evolution. And committed to clearing-serving on this plane.
Please read Lisa Renee's latest piece. Go to Resources - Newsletter - it's dated December 10 and called 'The Fine Print' :


It perfectly summarises the psychic hijack I experienced a short time ago. She speaks about why there's a particularly nasty wave of a collective attack on humanity right now and what we can do to protect ourselves more adequately. Lisa's focus is on the science of ascension and its effects on energy fields and the human consciousness.

Weaker attempts to derail me (and so many others around me) continue on. But with each hit, my vigilance and discernment grow ever more potent. :-) Presumably part of the lesson here.
I wrote about this under the title 'What Belongs To You And What Doesn't' in the Emotional Intelligence category recently, for those who didn't read it.

[A new piece to be posted shortly].

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