I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Morality Vs Ethics by Lady Nada with Shellee-Kim Gold


We are pleased to have been invited to speak in this manner once more. It is truly our pleasure to do so.

This one has been pondering over the title of this communiqu̩ for a time now. And we have said that there is indeed a difference Рoften times a marked one between the expression of these states: morality and ethics.

While morality is often times defined by one’s society, culture and conditioning, ethics is a state of practice which is based more on personal and internal alignment with integrity. We would say morality, because it is rooted in the externals of a society, is often a behavioural-based and learned state, rather than an internally-felt one.

In this regard, the expression of morality could be said to come as a result of numerous motivations, including guilt and fear. However, sometimes ethics and morality do combine to create an integrity-driven experience and expression. This is the natural state of expression for the Hu-Man (higher man), which humanity is currently evolving into. Success depends on how much of the accumulated fear-based expression the individual has been able to clear.

One would be at their most authentic where the practitioner possesses a good deal of internal balance. This usually first means a fair bit of observing the self in action and re-action. And then being willing and able to discern whether a re-action is being driven by the negative ego or the higher self.
Accurately identifying and accepting the differences is rather crucial as this all goes a way in determining your commitment towards living a life that is more ethically-driven and in integrity.

Have you observed how desperately people will fight to defend their brand of ‘truth’ in the name of morality? Often it will trigger such an emotional response in the one doing the defending that they forget themselves and may verbally attack the one challenging them. Although this may often be put down to ‘the heat of the moment’.

But regardless of how quickly composure is returned to these ones, the observer has seen the expression here has been motivated by intellectual/mental restraint (negative ego) rather than a genuine energetic acceptance, allowing and tolerance (higher self) of the person and situation.

Where morality becomes confusing and should be excellent pointers to you all along the way, is where it, as a mental construct, becomes superimposed in a sometimes-rigid manner that doesn’t allow for much life expression outside of this code. Whether it’s employed as a personal value held dear or used to maintain a particular viewpoint/justification on a subject or philosophy.

Often morality rules with an iron fist when fear remains the dominant underlying state within. An excellent example of this being the morality that is touted in your world’s major religions, each with their own prescribed moral codes. And, as above, because it is more often based in fear it has not the capacity to be in a state of true compassion, tolerance and acceptance much of the time.

Forcing yourselves behaviourally to appear to be compassionate and accepting doesn’t really cut it, either. Although these are states many impose upon themselves. And one where, because you may not actually feel the qualities you would like to be seen to be projecting, you would be prone to sometimes behaving opposite to that which you state or imply is your moral code.
Thus giving rise to what your world calls hypocritic behaviour, which in turn produces guilt. And this serves no one at all. So you can see the pressure you place on yourselves is exceedingly high.

For those that have managed this, living in and practising integrity is a natural part of ethical living. Which is not to say that one doesn’t fall or struggle, merely that at a particular point in one’s evolution and when enough within has been integrated, the tendency in oneself is to swing back naturally into the camp of love, honour and honesty. With self and then all others.

How is it you can bring these seemingly-similar but often divorced states into greater alignment with each other?
We would suggest becoming aware of that which you feel particularly strongly about when it comes to your ideas and expressions of what you identify as your moral code.

Even, and perhaps particularly, those who identify strongly with New Age teachings, philosophies and belief systems. For it is the psychological-emotional dynamics behind both New Age and your world religions that can produce an-often morally inflexible approach to life. And subsequently in interactions with other beings.

Perhaps those who would make progress most easily would be those who can be flexible about their moral code. This is not to say that one doesn’t care enough about it, but rather the emotional attachment to such a code would then be far less binding and restrictive. And one that is more readily able to support inner expansion.

Becoming energetically in synch first requires becoming conscious of that which is out of synch. Asking others with whom you share intimate or close bonds for their perspectives of you to be shared honestly and with kindness would be one courageous way in which this can begin to be recognized.

It is these subtle but profound misalignments within humanity that are exactly the sorts of states needing to be examined on the path towards mastering the Self.

If overlooked or written off as insignificant, humanity then continues to be distracted from the real path at hand during these amazing times of personal opportunity. And continue to allow more of the negative ego or anti-Christ within, as this one likes to call it, to flourish unchallenged.

These times essentially are about coming into alignment with your higher self as driver of your being. And so this transformative process is unavoidable if your choice is to become sovereign, co-creative beings of the New Earth.

It is precisely in the next 'now' moment that all is to finally unfold upon your plane. And the more prepared you are within, so will it all be easier to handle in your external living.

We thank you for being with us after this lengthy absence. And we honour each and every one of you on your journey. May you go forward with peace in your hearts.