I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, November 4, 2019


What strange, discombobulating energies have been floating around. Yet, nonetheless I’m finding them to be very life-affirming. Adding to my continued recent celebration of increasingly-blissful bouts of inner silence.
Something quite lovely happened energetically around a week ago. It was as if fairy dust of pure Light and Love were sprinkled over the planet and human consciousness, making everything feel much lighter, brighter and happier. As if a massive doorway opened or a sky stage curtain was drawn back, revealing a higher dimensional sun that dissolved the dark remnants.
Many people have evidently been positively impacted by this also: there’s inspiration from unexpected quarters, caring and kindness expressed more between strangers and suddenly...the veil is lifted and people who are supposed to are waking up!
This is definitely not the same place/space I/we were occupying just a few weeks ago. Though there’s still daily interactions most of have to have with those in chaos, confusion and deep emotional pain.
The consciousness upgrades are so heightened now that many of the ones in pain have checked out – into an addiction - to avoid dealing. This is what the zombiefication of humanity must mean, as I have never ever seen such vast numbers of people stoned on something. Then there are the others who have schismed off into a multitude of mental disorders who shuffle around.
The remaining element in this grouping who are sober [but who may have a range of secret obsessions or compulsions] are very noticeable to others now by their anger/disgruntled/victim-filled expression towards life and people. Those emotions seem to characterise them.
While the latter may or may not have become the full-blown sociopath or psychopath that identifies the predator mind hijacking, they’re part of the way there. These are the ones that consciously invited in the anti-life forces in exchange for fake power and material rewards and sit now with the result of that choice.
Amongst them are a range of our so-called ‘authorities’. Offices and bigwigs employed by the municipality, politicians/political parties and their leaders. Also there are many shareholders and CEO’s of corporations and business groups. And some of our beloved bottom-feeding agents are there, too, along with perhaps a member of our family.
Some of you may blame or are having resentment towards organisations, parastatals, the medical mafia representatives or be involved in legal action against an individual/organisation. Or this feeling p'eed off with something 'out there' may be more subtle – and found in our agitation with systems set up to strip us of our power [that's definitely mine!].
It is for us now but to release ourselves from this victimhood within [where we’ve held this person or that group or energetic system]. For that which we have perceived as responsible for how we have been negatively impacted in our lives.
Dealing with these beings and all others in a manner that is becoming of the Godlings we are is our response-ability. No matter what our interactions and reactions were with them and consequent difficulties we personally endured as a result, they are nonetheless each to be respected for their choice on their journey in this here and now. Which doesn’t, of course, mean we kowtow to them.
Quite the contrary. With these ones we need to be extra mindful of boundary-setting for ourselves. And for that, we need to be comfortable enough with ourselves and to think enough of ourselves that we can do this. Does not loving thy neighbour or enemy for that matter, start first with the loving and care we give to our own self?
Holding ourselves in a sanctity of self-love and kindness and honour first automatically leads to our ease in expressing this in our world with others. These are some of the qualities of the indwelling God within each and as you focus and hold to your inner sun/son [that which is Him within you] increasingly daily, you may begin to feel His life more keenly.
Let His life radiate unto yours, mixing and mingling and joining that soon shall ye know not what is yours and what is His. This allowing of his light and love to penetrate your consciousness and your aura raises you ever more to living your Godself.
It is therefore only for you to ‘catch yourself’ in action when the slightest bit of victimhood behaviour or destructive reactions surface. And when that happens, you would only take conscious note of the thought or feeling [perhaps part of a destructive pattern?] and feed it directly into your inner sun, 'seeing' it burning up within. Anything less than God cannot survive in that sun frequency; the frequency of pure light and the place where love dwells. This is the place where love of self lives also.
When love of self is present, there can be nothing but seeing it, love’s reflection, in all around you – including in your previously perceived perpetrators. Then will you know you are entirely free of the ill-usion that once bound you. Then will you know there never was victimhood, only the trap of it that you fell into in your separation from love.
It’s of no or little importance to your life path whether your acts of self love offend others or not. It is only the glory of living your own true self that will free you to see all others through the eyes/vision of kindness.
Even if you don’t love your previously-perceived enemy, at the very least you will show her or him boundaried kindness and care.
May all the love of God in a myriad of ways be yours