I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, January 10, 2019


...2019 TO ALL!

I'm rather challenged currently as my home wifi has been blocked from my use entirely for the past several weeks. Our telecommunication technicians have 'never heard of such a page' as '├žontent error corrupted'...which only means one thing ;-)...guess who? The darkies are also heating up my computer so it shuts down within 20 minutes.

When this nonsense is allowed then it usually means I'm in a lesson [of restriction]. So am presuming once I 'get it' the Light will again connect me, as has happened in the past.

Keep checking in.
I will try and get something up here soon. Though I have to prioritise my work, running around between internet cafes and libraries.

May the best days be ahead of God's greatness realised for and within each one of us- that his glory may shine bright through us, illuminating all hearts and minds upon earth.

And so it is!

Love to everyone