I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, April 16, 2017


14 April 2017

There may well be absolutely nothing we all have in common with each other on earth. We may not speak one another’s language, share the same culture or lifestyle. We may have vastly differing customs that we judge as ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than our own, when in reality they are just ‘different’.

We may regard one another with skepticism, with hesitation and even outright hostility due to this, and before we give an-other a chance to connect with us. We may not even be able to find connecting points through common ground. And we may find entirely different things to laugh at and be outraged by.

Because of all this we may be so very good at automatically shutting ourselves off from others, when we haven’t even given the other a single open and objective moment to share of themselves.

We have pre-judged that which we have perceived according to the various frameworks that we live within and have set up for ourselves.

But, when we take that extra moment BEFORE the judgements and our clouded perspective/perception arises to overtake our little selves, to just stop and look into the eyes of an-other, we will see God there.
Asking Him to ‘come in’ in that nanosecond before responding, can help a whole lot.

You don’t have to like or dislike what you see when you look into the eyes of an-other. You don’t need to contrive your feelings of ‘tolerance’ , ‘compassion’ or ‘love’ because you feel you must. In other words, you don’t have to do anything. And it's best that you don't DO anything, but rather just allow God to (a)rise out of you.

You have only to give an-other a chance to be. Just as you would like to be given that same chance by others In the world. And be open to WHO and WHAT you’re seeing. I mean, really see-ing.
For when you look into that other’s eyes for a short time even, there will you see God.

God is there standing in that other before you, even as He is in you. Expressing Himself in all His glory, His uniqueness and His Light, dancing right there in front of you.
Is this not an amazing opportunity to experience God physically? To know Him through the physicality of another in this way?

Focusing on God’s Light and Glory in another in whatever context your interaction is, leads to see-ing more more of Him more often.

One of the ways I do this is by appreciating how amazing and unique each of us are; that He made us all so different. Like snowflakes – no two alike.
Then I feel myself going into awe that this being in front of me is also being animated by God, as I AM.

Yes, that’s what can happen on one of my ‘good’ days when I feel successful in God's unfolding within me. ☺

Practise this with those babies who cannot speak yet, or animals. It’s easy with babies to see and feel the presence of God, Because they’re closer to Him and the world from which we’ve all come. Beings that aren’t talking are still communing telepathically with us. But because they can’t verbally interact, it may be easier to start here, feeling God in and through them.

I’m privileged to have a child in my neighbourhood who lights up my life when she plays outside. She has to be one of the most joyous little beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing who is constantly singing and laughing. It’s so infectious! God is sooo alive and expressive within her so often.

The idea is to feel the unity in God with an-other, for this is the one thing that bridges all life on Earth. This is what we all have in common with one another.
Beyond duality in our ‘home’ worlds, I’m sure we are all enthusiastically in love with each other, even as we are with our very own sacred Selves. We are in awe of each other for being such beautiful expression on our grand God adventure.

Feeling it is Knowing it; Knowing it is to feel it. I feel putting this into action at this time is imperative. Because, if for no other reason, it is the very opposite of what those forces attempting to dominate our consciousness want. They cannot easily and smoothly operate and expand upon their hidden agenda if we FEEL the unity with other God beings, our brothers and sisters. They are petrified of us accessing and maintaining this state as it has the ability to spread like wildfire to the hearts and minds of others. The high frequency of true unity in huge numbers of people is likely the darkies' greatest threat!

It's what the `KZ's consciousness war is all about: keep manipulating outrage and anger at an-other in the public mind. Then divisions BETWEEN people can be easily maintained in order to continue ruling us!

I’ve seen something quite amazing happening here recently in that regard, with people who’ve never stood up before, now standing. But, as written about in my last post, not in anger and aggression ie. Fear, but in the spirit of unity and peace.

We live in an era where people are uncomfortable with holding each other’s gaze for longer than necessary. And according to which customs and culture you’ve been raised in.
In some, like here in Africa, it’s a sign of respect for an elder person to not look a person straight in the eyes, for instance.

But going beyond that, holding another’s gaze with kindness and acceptance and acknowledging them as the expression of God that they are, is helpful all around. It's actually wonderful service you can do.

It would be the greatest thing if we could automatically be will-ing (and therein lies the rub, I just heard!) and able to do this in our interaction with others as a matter of course.
Instead, for most of us most of the time, we allow our minds and feelings to be overcome by our preconceived judgements, prejudices, our defenses and guardedness. Which all does nothing to help us see and interact with the God that the other is.

Although it’s difficult to re-member, if we keep calling God that His thoughts be voiced, His feelings, His reactions and responses, etc take centre stage and not ours, that’s very helpful. And you can feel the difference in your day when you do this.

We are beings living in duality here and until we return to that natural state we have to effort to re-member our surrender to Him. For that is part of the surrender that He wants of us. It’s what gets us closer to Him.

So, next time you get on/off public transport or out of your car, ask God to accompany you in all your interactions. Before you answer another in an interaction – whether at work, home, shopping or out at leisure – re-member in that split second before opening your mouth...
State: ‘I call you in God. Let not my will be done, God, but Your will be done in all things’. However many (dozens? of) times that’s necessary.

Until we really know and are living that state of total surrender to Him, one way or another we can do nothing but keep reminding ourselves to allow and call the God presence in.

Start by experimenting with just one day where you intend (I always call for the expert Lighted help) to re-member as many times in the day as possible to call Him in to override your little self.

You may have one amazing day which feels almost surreal in Him and then it may seem to belly flop. So what? You’ll have a greater reference point from that experience now to spur you onwards.

Then it will be easier to see Him in the eyes and words of an-other.


This is one who didn't steal lyrics like Bob Dylan. Rodriguez the real thing, but only found his musical career at 70 years old. I get he had some hard music industry karma, but may be wrong. For some reason he become a (white) SA musical icon in the apartheid era here. He was more famous here than in his homeland of the US!