I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, September 19, 2016


At this time of the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ as someone recently described the current earth phase, I find myself for the first time having a little more envy of the sheeple masses than I can ever remember having.

I find myself thinking repeatedly about the ‘ignorance is bliss’ phrase. And the freedom that that brings – of a kind. [*said kind of tongue in cheek*]
It could be the freedom from knowing you have a responsibility to more than just yourself and the freedom of living life for its material pleasures alone. Life lived on that level by its very nature wouldn’t bring the accompanying pressure or anxiety of feeling spiritually-burdened.

Though the sheeples' focus wouldn’t necessarily be focused on humanity and the larger galactic picture as a planetary evolving species and the personal commitment to that, it would still bring pressure of another type.

Though I know intellectually feeling burdened or pressured is not God’s nature or Will, I have moments where I feel those pressures, nonetheless.
And though most of us don’t know or can’t understand why, this phase and the challenges it brings exist for a specific reason. So we continue doing our best to rise to what is demanded of each of us.

Despite the all-out war on human consciousness currently, I’ve noticed that there’s a certain sector within the sleeping majority grouping who have been having rather sudden awakenings – for better and for worse – this year. A lot of these seem to be happening amongst the Indigos – the 20-somethings. At least it’s so with the ones I’ve been meeting.

Some are just allowing themselves to be guided and lead into their specific series of unfolding experiences (I call this the stepping-stone phase) with relatively-few obstacles in connecting with more of themSelves and mega protection from their IF’s (invisible friends).

Others, on the other hand, also triggered to wake up now, are resisting every step of the way and subsequently hitting up against one obstacle after another in their living.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of the former recently who’s HS has activated consciously. This person likened her recent experience to ‘a baby being born’. I guess a rebirth is the perfect way to describe it.

I listened within and changed my days for a meeting just so I could connect with and advise this one, as per what her HS wanted her to know. There was an urgency to be at this particular place and time and I knew in advance I wasn’t going for the reason I was conscious of alone.

What came up again in that scenario for me was that these awakening ones, particularly because of their state of flux, are most vulnerable. Though they have their HS and IF’s protection simultaneously with them.

By and large, there’s little to no understanding of the on-planet darkie slaves, invisible satanic forces and their off-planet negative alien masters. Mostly because there’s been practically zero openness or acceptance that such could possibly exist.
It doesn’t help that many Lightworkers have been conned by the CIA-constructed New Age. But that is another branch of the Lightworker-derailing plan and it has been the choice of each there to polarize to the light.

It remains that many – awakened Lightworkers and awakening - have never sought out the fact that we live in a Matrix where our adversary has both rigged the game from the start and has created all the rules while warring against us covertly. Subsequently, by default they’ve always had the upper hand - operating without the knowledge and consent of humankind.

The current ‘awakening’ group already have a lot to deal with – feeling rejected by elements/people from their previous life; not wanting to be out of integrity with their new inner status and ‘dropping out’ of society; having friends/family/associates feeling threatened by their change and trying to hold them back/dismiss/attack them in various ways, etc, amongst many others.

Then there’s the hidden hand of the adversary and its many ways and means of distracting and mimicking consciousness and the psyche of a person – a coupling of mind-control programming and hyperdimensional hijacking, courtesy the negative alien agenda and their satanic slaves.
With the objective being to divert the person from their awakening connection to themselves/HS, to God and thus to their mission in service to humanity.

As far as I’m concerned, THIS topic is the all-important news of the times in which we live.
Because when we know our adversary and their subterfuge, we also get to know ourselves more deeply. We are forced to. Indirectly it is a gift, though shrouded as a curse sometimes. Knowing where we give our God power away, to whom and why is essential on this journey.

The parasitic darkies are (unintentionally) kind enough to guide us into knowing ourselves by unwittingly revealing themselves, their tactics and trickery en route.
Once we have a handle on what some of these are and take steps to retrieve our stolen power, we real-eyes we are on the right track to growing, expanding and evolving ourselves further in God.

I posted some of Lisa Renee’s negative ‘behaviour types’ recently. These are all as a result of splitting in the human psyche from experienced traumas and in general, the PTSD result that most of the human population suffers from.

We are perfect food for these parasites while we remain unwhole/split and in that state there remains these subsequent open doorways for the parasitic darkies to access us.

As also mentioned previously, it is not about FIGHTING AGAINST them during an attack (=FEAR) should you experience one, but rather remembering who you are and ALIGNING WITH your real God sovereignty identity daily (=GOD/LOVE POWER).

You are God made manifest and are inviolate as His Law in human form.
Here’s one suggested affirmation:


However, you may still continue to be besieged by all sorts of circumstances and people showing up in your daily life to attempt to derail you if you’re still en route to your wholeness quest.

The parasitic darkies track people from birth and are able to access your DNA and much else. Who you are, therefore, and what you came here to do also plays a part in all this, I believe.

What I have come to like – even be grateful about – is that the darkie parasites leave a trail of clues by way of a response in their game playing when they feel threatened by your growth or a specific action on your part. Like the ‘breadcrumbs’ trail in the Hansel and Gretel children’s story.

Here are just a few ways they will try to divert you away from something, into destructive behavior or feeling adversarial emotions and feelings about yourself ie low-vibrating ones. They work the latter in conjunction with the satanics ‘suggestive’ thought/feelings.

One of the biggest issues for many are potential ‘handlers’ in our midst. With the biggest hurdle being that people may arrive into our lives or may already be there that are being unconsciously-driven to keep our uncleared negative control programming activated and maintained. This is particularly pertinent to the vulnerable, newly-awakened.

They don’t only come in the form of a potential partner or your current partner.
Our needs in general (aka attachments) can become a real weak spot.
It happened to me with two different people last year who wanted to ‘help’ me– sent in when I was at my most fragile. And earlier this year with someone else, which I suspected from the word ‘go’. I experimented, spotted it and got rid of the last one the fastest.

But handlers can just as easily be a family member like your mother/father, sibling or adult child, a friend, neighbor or boss.

SOULUTION: Trusting your discernment and in your IF support is crucial to stay clean. Listen and act!

Then there’s the global misogynistic programming agenda as a means to derail and split women further. I came across a fair bit of it in the New Age, way back when –always cleverly masked.
Parasitic darkies despise women (threatened by the power of the feminine divine).
Therefore, know that emotionally/psychologically abusive men in a family/relationships are driven by this so that what runs them can ‘feed’ off the power and fear it breeds in women. The irony is that some of the world’s cultures who believe themselves to be the freest of this are the ones most imprisoned by it.

SOULUTION: See it for what it is; don’t dismiss input from those who love and care about you and can see what you can’t. Choose God’s sovereignty within you and ask your Guardian Angel for the relevant specialist angelics/galactics to both clear you, protect you and for the answer to your quandary be placed before you unmistakably.

Author and trauma consultant Eve Lorgen hosts the fascinating and very important multi- panelist youtube discussions below. She talks about one guy’s long-time fear and paranoia finally leave only after he did years of healing/clearing work. It was only then he discovered those thoughts/feelings had belonged to the Reptilian attachment on his back all along and were never his own.

SOULUTION: Ask HS/your God within to clearly assist you to see what is of YOUR creation and what isn’t. Bring in the relevant galactic/angelic specialists versed in the removal of parasitic attachments.


Following on from the last symptom, there are the obvious acknowledged addictions. And then there’s the more subtle ones, such as the society-affirming addiction to work, gym, blogging/social media on cell/computers, taking prescription drugs and TV watching. All of these are ‘helped along’ by the ‘suggestive’ Satanics, as per my above description, with ‘specialists’ in various areas.
All of these and more are ways of ‘checking out’, ie not owning/taking responsibility for our lives. Subsequently leading to those open doorways within us again.

SOULUTION: The first step here is to acknowledge you have become addicted to whatever it is. That is taking the necessary response-ability. Then you are not blocking the desire to stop. Like the parasitic darkies exist to help us attach to addictions, so are there specialist angelic/galactics to help us stop them. In your weakest moments they will help stop the ‘craving’ and break the cycle. I did this as a box-a-day cigarette smoker years ago.


Because the parasitic darkies are masters of mimickry, I’ve only recently come to understand that many ascension symptoms (which I always thought was service-to-other work done by the Lighted realms exclusively) have also been hijacked in their attempts to derail individuals on this path.

Here’s some of them:

*Exhaustion and the need to sleep...NOW
When you have that sensation and it hits immediately; not being able to keep your eyes open. They run this on specific groups/entire populations at certain times.

SOULUTION: ‘I COMMAND in the name of God’s Light of the highest that if this sleep-inducing sensation is service-to-self and driven by parasites for means of control and NOT for my highest good that they leave and are removed immediately with the help of ...(your galactic/angelic specialist).’
[call HS/Guardian Angel to help and say out loud]

*Brain/mind fog. Blanking out on a well-used word, phrase or name of something you’ve named a thousand times easily before.

SOULUTION: Same as above, replacing ‘sleep-inducing sensation’ with ‘brain fog’.

*Human/phone/mind-manipulation interference when trying to start/move through or finish a project that is Truth-orientated and that can assist others on the journey to liberation.
Other humans will be ‘used’ (mostly unconsciously) to break your concentration in a multitude of ways.

Mind-manipulation is the most difficult to detect initially as coming from a source outside of yourself, as most convince themselves that they are ‘blocked’, ‘undisciplined’, ‘lazy’ or justify why the project should be postponed.
The suggestive thoughts/feelings are most often NOT coming from you, but mimic you. And you’ll soon get their ‘flavour’ when you start to become aware of them.
Again, this is usually the work of the fallen satanic invisible hierarchies who specialise in the unhealthier feelings/thoughts such as laziness, pride/entitlement, liar/corrupt and lust/addiction, to name a few. They implant thoughts and ideas and feelings that suggest/egg you on or divert you away from that which is beneficial to you and others.

SOULUTION: For human interference ask your HS and GA for galactic/celestial ‘blockers’ to repell potential people in advance.

For mind-manipulation you will need to first ask for the galactic/angelic specialists who can help you discern the difference between your own thoughts and those not. As your awareness grows and the foreign thoughts/feelings pop in, you can watch them and put a ‘no entry’ sign up in your mind (mine’s black, red, loud and flashing), visualize a black thought form exploding or just say out loud: ‘You aren’t mine and I don’t accept you’. All of these are effective.

*Brain scrambling: different from brain fog, this is something that occurs with folk trying to help heal or clear themselves emotionally/spiritually. I’ve discovered it happens most often when people try initiating spiritual protection, try to ground themselves or connect with whatever their chosen process that helps in spiritual clearing/integrating is.

SOULUTION: ‘I call in (with my HS and GA) the Lighted specialists of dark removals. Identify and remove all the interference I’m experiencing, including throughout all my subtle bodies and chakras across all space/time/dimensions/realities.’

Ultimately, you want to stay away from FEAR as often as possible, if not all the time to avoid subjecting yourself to the darkies psychic/emotional/mental feeding frenzy.

An increasing amount of spirit-leaders are at the fore now to show you further solutions and how to maintain your raised vibrations to keep them out.

In that respect I would strongly suggest watching at least one, if not both, of these multi-panelist discussions on mind control and how to break it.

The one thing all of these people seem to share in common - though extremely diverse - is that each early on on their respective journeys saw their fear and chose to rise beyond it. This in itself makes all of them great teachers.
They’ve recognized that you can only be a ‘worthy’ opponent of the parasitics’ war on consciousness if you choose to embrace and vibrate at their low frequencies.


A webinar panel discussion on “Hyper-dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment” from May 21st 2016. Featuring Eve Lorgen, Tom Montalk, Carissa Conti, Laura Leon, Bernhard Guenther, and James Bartley.

UNTANGLED GATHERING: AI & Mind Control Symposium – Know Thy Adversary

One of the speakers, James Bartley shows the ways this invasion takes place in the psyche and body and solutions to it within the first 40 minutes. They all have valuable input, however I found Harald Kautz-Vella's knowledge quite exceptional[see specifically from 2hr 21/22 mins until he's done for his 'flushing the green light' tip and identifying with our heart chakra/the real you]