I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Following Love or Fear?

[I'm experiencing massive net and phone interference again, so am posting this from elsewhere right now]


The question’s simple. Do we choose to follow LOVE or FEAR? The answer’s equally simple. “YES” we all scream in un-i-son “We choose LOVE”.

However, from my own experience this takes constant vigilance of self, thoughts and feelings. It can get exhausting...that is, until it becomes natural and second nature and integrated within. And until the time when the 'cancer' (ego) , as Jonathan Adampants calls it, no longer has anything to hold to and gives up.

It's taken a long time for me to realise giving up or over doesn't have to be difficult and fraught with conflict and exhaustion.

This man's tale (or one of them) below was something of a trigger for me and resonated profoundly.
His perspective triggered a deeper awareness within me apropos listening to ego vs listening to the God Self.
And so, I’ve been asking myself : ‘Who/what are you following now, Shellee?’
‘And NOW who are you following with that choice of reaction’?

Am I following FEAR or following LOVE in this, and any, given moment right here and now? And the next?
Mostly, I’ve been carrying a trailer load of FEAR on my back and so responded to Life through that.
For has it not been the RESPONSE to ourselves and therefore our lives, at any given juncture and in any given situation or circumstance that has always dictated - through our choice of it - our next manifestation, whether of fulfillment or limitation?

Yes, in the old paradigm and ways of doing things this is how it was for many. But now, we can turn the tables in becoming responsible for our every creation in a literally whole new way. This is what emotional intelligence looks like and it is there for our choosing.
With the rapid energetic, physiological and soon-to-follow physically evident changes, it seems like the natural thing to do.

In the past our ego has primarily ruled us as we've let it, with our God Selves only being given a fraction of the time, by comparison, to express our true, authentic natures. At least, that’s what it’s been like for me in the past. Others have allowed more of their God Selves in more often or been able to surrender to it more easily, and others yet again - less.

It’s also one of the reasons I love having little sleep from time to time and then topping that off with a second night of same, if circumstances allow. Because nothing like it takes my ego defences and resistances and subconscious game playing down in quite the same way.
FEELINGS can flow beautifully, along with God Self in those moments because the obstructions have been lessened so greatly. So do the tears liberally flow as my nervous system becomes wrecked :-)

Except why should I or anyone else have to go through momentarily depriving the Self of sleep or any other means to experience greater ease of that which I and you naturally are? Arse about face, is it not?

However, it remains in order to KNOW we are choosing Love or Fear may take some initial efforting, as we need to first recognize and feel the FEAR sensations, feelings and thoughts at hand that are the obstacles. Then we can promptly ‘Let go and let God’ of it, as the ego fears are not natural to the grand beings we are.

Our true state has nothing to do with FEAR. It is always in peace, harmony and joy – that IS LOVE. Someone I know here who is a master and joy practitioner told me: ‘when you are in your Joy you are being Love’. Or vice versa for that matter. I tend to agree, having experienced it as a kind-of God in Action experience.

All I’ve ever wanted to do in that delicious state of God joy - as it pours off and out of me - is to create and share, share, share. Give, give, give. Even as my cup (of joy) runneth over, I feel urged to channel it in any act of creating and/or giving I know how and can in whatever the circumstances I find myself in.

But back to the choosing between LOVE and FEAR in any given moment.
If every moment and every day is one which helps us to determine the next and the next, it makes sense to always choose Love. But for our FEAR sensations, feelings and past limiting ego patterns getting in the way.

What I’ve discovered in my involuntary dark arts crash course is that so very many of our feelings have been manipulated to LOOK like ours and FEEL like ours = IMITATE OURS, but aren’t necessarily ours at all.
Yes, the ORIGINAL thought or feeling connected to the limiting be-lie-f/destructive pattern at the time of it's birthing was ours. I'm not advocating non-responsiblity for that, to be very clear.

While the original experience, reaction, trauma and feelings around it was of our own creation, what followed was like piling layer upon layer of foreign matter over it. So much so, that we've come to think, believe and talk ourselves into feeling that the layers of constructed darkie programming and more importantly, the multitude of triggers, are our problem.

These artificially-constructed mind manipulations work in numerous ways, inveigling themselves into the human mind and consciousness until we cannot tell the difference as to what really belongs to and originates with us and what doesn't.
All the more reason to just bypass the lot of it by Letting Go and Letting God.

A few days ago it was given to me that FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) also works in concert with EVIL (Everything Voided In Life) or EVOL (Everything Voided Of Life).
Also the first part of the word 'evol-ution'= ensures the darkies programme us with mixed messages through their English language reversals once again.

In other words, the FEAR-inducing alien mind control programming works together with the satanic slaves to foment the anti-christ inducing EVIL/EVOL in human consciousness.

This aids FEAR in attempting to sweep the mind, heart, chakras, etc clean of Light, Love and Christ consciousness while trapping the being in darkness in the form, with or without their conscious awareness and consent. I struggle with this Law? a bit, but apparently even subconsciously we are held accountable for our choices.

Everything Voided in Life – as in stripping the essence of any system, organization, any person - in their ongoing war against God and all who choose to align with Him has been a long-time objective of the darkies.

As we go along, more and more is being revealed to us in our Love versus Fear discernment through the collective and individual subconscious surfacing as we rise toward greater Self awareness.

Credit and gratitude go to Jonathan for his clarity. His perspective is yet another piece of the jigsaw puzzle for our benefit, imo.
He also talks liberally about ‘loving in secret’ to protect both the Self and others (why he prefers anonymity – audio only) and has an excellent take on how the anti-Christ has warped the natural Laws of God here.

I believe it is his Father Within/Thought Adjuster he calls Creator or Spirit that he constantly refers to.

[A note on mi usage of the English language:
I'm changing my thinking and spelling of certain words - which have also been corrupted by the darkies to help them along in their consciousness war against us.
As someone who writes for a living, I can't do this with the work I sell, but can start by writing words differently for mi(there's one)self. That way, it carries a different, more freeing/empowering vibration for me, even if limited right now]