I AM Present

I AM Present
It's here! The ascension times are upon us. And both a simple and complex choice is at hand for us all.

We can choose Love or Fear.
If we choose Love, we also commit to loving ourselves, owning all of us in the process. Without this energetic shift within, we cannot fully shine as co-creative human masters and walk free in our sovereignty. This is also a prerequisite for 5th Dimensional living.
If we choose Fear, we remain in the cosy confines of the 3 rd Dimensional matrix. Here we don't need to confront our shadow selves or take responsibility for all of us. This choice naturally means we will also need to wait for the next cycle of ascension opportunity to come around again for us.
Ascending in physical form isn't a given. And an intellectual or emotional desire alone won't take you there.
Subsequently 'heaven' and 'hell' are both states of being right here on earth, manifesting through our very own consciousness choices.
And because of current collapsing timelines all is unfolding in greater polarity right now.

What are you choosing...?

Expanding our consciousness to make the leap into the 5th Dimension is an energetic one. My experiences and path of personal growth have shown the many boulders on the road to success. Fact is, it's difficult to accept and integrate truth within, if you're not aware of the subtle forces that oppose it and the Light. Ones which subsequently block us from choosing our highest possible lives/outcomes. And most often, without our conscious awareness or consent.
Therefore, some of the related components I'll be exploring will include: understanding our slave mentality and how to break free; our galactic connection to both STO (service to other) extra-terrestrials and STS (service to self) ET's; the ongoing psy-ops programming by the Illuminati to keep us at war with self and each other; how lower thought form entities feed off our power, keeping us fragmented; our Inner Earth family and the Lemurian/Atlantean connection; relationship mirrors to Shadow/Inner Child healing on the road to wholeness.
All this ties in with the coming revelations to be disclosed to humanity - who we really are, where we came from and where we're going...

In magic, madness and mystery!

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Mighty I AM Presence and God, Source of all Sources

Let us be for you like hollow reeds being blown gently in the wind...the wind of your consciousness.
Knowing the firm but gentle presence of our sovereignty, which is YOU fully active within US,
We SHALL overcome-just by Being; we SHALL be the warriors of Change and we SHALL know what it is we are expected to do for YOU, your Will...that is to bless everyone and anyone on our Paths.

Let our God hearts, which we are within, expand to contain us in the field of the Mighty Power that is You. We are microcosmically and macrocosmically both containing and are contained by the force of You and Your Love.

Held within us and embracing us both, We are One...merged field; ever shifting; ever expanding and ever more Knowing by the minute.

Is it not glorious, that we are so privileged to re-member and know this experience on Earth...even as we may already BE naturally it in the heavenly realms?

Is it not the grandest gift to be able to serve Him in this manner that grants us the opportunity to demonstrate our grace and gratitude to His Life within us?

Life is, indeed, a crazy, roller-coaster journey of highs and lows – until we choose to get off the ride.
This is the natural next step in our Freedom in God. Celebrating Him!


What an extraordinary time (and expansive, no time) the past four to six weeks have been. Have others been experiencing similarly to me? I would so like to know what sweetness of inner/outer experiences you have had also.

I have no idea whether this is the Wave at work, but I’ve realized all it takes to know who we really are is to let go of who and what we’re NOT.
From then it becomes only choice to stay in that place of Truth within ourselves. And all the striving, which can so easily become strife-ing instead, can cease to be such a great emotional burden it is or has been for us.

How utterly glorious, then, is it to be gifted with new inner tools of awareness that make this journey of re-membrance of the goddesses and gods that we are that bit easier. Or is it merely that the adversarial fears have now been swept aside by that far more powerful force, leaving us more easily ale to see, feel and live our God Selves. And without trying so hard.

Whichever it is (I sense the latter) - Glory be to God in all this extra support. What sweeeeet liberation!
I mean, when, in God’s name, did I feel so compelled to do a backwards ‘bollemakiesie’ (SA for ‘somersault’) as I have again today :-)? Not in many years...

I mentioned expansive no time earlier as I don’t know how else to describe some of what I’ve experienced. But there’s also been a sensation of living each day in it’s entirety – as if it were both the first and the last day. Truth be told, there is no 'tomorrow' to fear anymore...it's all happening right now, simultaneously. And what tomorrow brings has the least meaning it ever did in my life.
This, even as I've experienced the opening and closing of timelines, with the past year feeling like so much has been lived, because it has.
Maybe the result is learning how to be more present in the moment and living the now with far greater ease.

I was out food shopping in a working class area at outdoor market stalls. I glanced across to the end of the stall nearby and caught the eye of a slim, middle-aged woman. Next second she appeared to momentarily vanish in some type of mist and then I saw her ‘fragments’ re-assemble back to her full body self once more. Think the Matrix movie here. Don't ask as I don't have an answer about this yet.

Many exciting moments of breakthrough of personal awareness and other lovely experiences have all taken place in my own little garden.

I was doing a morning communiqué over coffee in the sun recently when I was blessed with another expanded experience.
I felt every blade of grass waiting...waiting...in sweet anticipation. Then the wind lifted a bit, enough to make the blades shiver and I felt the wind kissing and embracing them and the gorgeous dance of harmony and love and oneness between the grass blades and the wind. They'd been waiting to be kissed by the wind. I felt what it was like to be both the wind and the grass in that moment.
It was truly a Divine one and I’m now struggling and in two minds about mowing my grass and have let it get very long.
The emotion and sensation of it remains. And I cannot begin to think what living that kind of expanded consciousness experience must feel like if you’re able to stay in it all day, every day.
I don't know if I'd ever get to do anything productive except be in a kind of stoned, exhilirated, harmonious, anticipation of the orchestra of Life constantly playing around me.

To top it, in this period I’ve so far had three back-to-back days of exquisite Joy again. In those moments and days I hardly know what to do with myself; it’s almost too much too bear. I call it the Unbearable Lightness of Being. My favourite actress, Juliet Binoche, starred in a movie of the same name.

There’ve been other experiences that have been metaphysical, mystical, magical and to me, this falls into this ‘extraordinary’ category. If we all experienced this all day, every day, it would be an amazing consciousness adventure. Not that it isn’t already. But you know what I mean.

If I had to describe this period in a word so far, I would use the word ‘exhilirating’. Of course there’ve been days which have been crappy emotionally or/and those temple and skull aches and I’ve also had my first cold in years. Not to mention the discovery and clearance of a nasty attachment and more.

But so what – because we, beloved people, are ever and always gifted with choice. We are blessed to be able, if we so wish, to choose a different way to react to all that occurs in our living. Every single moment...of every single day.

What a gift is this Life!
Thank you into eternity to the One who made it all possible – Heart of my heart, Soul of my soul...God.