I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, April 16, 2016





Holy Mother God [aka Infinite Mother Spirit]

Blessed be you, humanity, for you are the fulcrum of God’s deepest yearnings...made manifest.

Blessed be you, beloved men, women and children across all races, religions and cultures of this rich earth plane. For you have called yourselves to this time and place for the purpose of experience and God’s life through yours.
And what an adventure of great depths and journeying it has been - both into and out of yourselves - and has ever been so.

Though you may tire, despair and grow despondent over that which appears never to change, nor to bring fruitful results as you perceive them, know the outcome of your choices and actions just the same bear that which are the invisible triumphs – of your soul.
It has ever been so and will always be.

Aaah, Children of Mine. Your yearnings go not unnoticed, nor will they go unheeded. And most particularly if they are in and for being about the Father’s business.
You will receive the results you so deeply long for. It may just take a little more time than you hoped and prayed for.
This is all.

I AM your beloved and loving Mother Spirit most High. Or as this one, SK, calls me, IMS or Holy Mother.


12 April 2016


[an inspired story through chat with Holy Mother Spirit]

Once upon a time in a far off land, a baby girl was born to an average family. They lived in an average home and drove an average car. When the child grew older she went to an average school.
At this point, the girl already thought all of her experiences were normal.

She walked through life year upon year, journey upon journey and phase upon phase.
Up and down metaphorical (and sometimes physical) hill and vale she went, always with an unknown, but acute, yearning within.
It often felt as though something was missing from the girl’s life, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was.

And while life gave her a great deal of pleasure in the form of encounters with many a colourful character and adventures in the world, it also left her with a great deal of pain.

No matter what her experience and with whomsoever she experienced with, Solara somehow couldn’t shake the feeling that all of it was somehow NOT her life. And that what she was experiencing was just another transient adventure. Who’s life was it then, she kept asking herself?
The void within Solara, now a woman, remained unfulfilled. Nothing and no one, it seemed, could fill it. And she did try – in every way imaginable to do so.

Many years passed and Solara still felt similarly. It seemed as though Truth and the mysteries of Life would never be revealed to her.
All of which seemed to be wrapped up in a secret about herself, that Solara had never fully known or had satisfactorily confirmed. Passing feelings in fleeting moments about her real identity came across her and went. She would often brush them away thinking they were the result of some overcompensating need to be ‘somebody’ in worldly terms.

However, the Truth was Solara had been born a goddess, despite often feeling less than others and undeserving of Life. And therein lay the rub. While the goddess part of her felt one way, she, the personality, the girl within a woman’s body, felt quite another.

Children’s fairy stories are crafted to try to convince their readers of the illusion that there can only be one princess, queen or goddess in the entire world to be born with great privilege. And thus great worldly power and access to seemingly-unlimited material gain. As if somehow, she should be bowed down to by the rest of the world’s people, that she is somehow above and beyond all of the rest and can justifiably demand unconditional worship from other human beings.

Yet, as with all Truths that are deliberately distorted, the opposite is true.
Which is that the vast majority of humanity are all either aspiring goddesses and gods in the making, or are, as with a minority, are goddesses and gods already.
No, being born a goddess certainly didn’t mean Solara was the only one in the world who was!

Quite some few fully-fledged goddesses and gods roamed the world already, feeling equally as isolated as Solara did from their galactic and spiritually royal kin.
For a long time many of them too had no inkling on their own respective life journeys that this was also what they were and a similar terrible loneliness emerged from deep within their own cores, too.

This wandering royal tribe of goddesses and gods scattered across the Earth were continuously impulsed by the God of all Gods. While some sensed this, others didn’t. But it mattered not for it still remained His heart within their very DNA that drove them ever forward and onwards.

And such was the sojourn of the goddesses and gods walk of faith through feeling upon the earth plane. That was, until their identity became a conscious knowingness for each.
Until then, the journey was bound in the dimensional land of great illusion where the true and glorious goddess/god within them was but a distant, often-elusive dream, held captive by the ego mind and its myriad fears.
Until it didn't, this ego mind was given unwitting pride of place and the upper hand in the royal goddess/gods true being.

Slowly, but surely, and as the knowingness returned to each in turn, the loneliness and yearning to be with their own decreased somewhat, though was never fully quelled. Especially for the ultra sensitive goddesses and gods who were ever impulsed with their remembrance of day and night activities in other dimensions and on the ethers.

Somehow such gifts were curses, yet the seeming-curses of their experiences on earth were always gifts to them simultaneously. If they would but see and accept them as such.

Even so, as time went on the royalty of God’s liquid gold blood in His goddesses and gods seemed to rush ever-faster and increasingly through their very veins.
That was, until the day finally came when their full re-joining with Him within them, was ordained by the very God of all Gods Himself.

This turning point marked the restart of another entirely new journey, lived in an entirely new and different manner. One where the full identity of the goddesses and gods knew themSelves finally, totally and completely for who and what they actually were.

And so it was that the goddess Solara, along with her other goddess and god family members, were reborn.
And finally, there was permanent peace and an end to the void. They were filled, fully charged and activated in the knowingness of their true goddesses and gods identity.

And in joy, creativity and great love did that of God pour forth through them. Now unshackled and unhindered, their grace-filled bounty was shared and given to all they met, even as it was given to them to heal of the world.
After all, such is the nature of a goddess and god made manifest and a goddess and god realised.