I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, February 2, 2016




I was musing while driving today about the world’s many millions of religious devotees; who spend much time in prayer to their respective gods and some, for whom prayer is often a many times a day ritual.
Right here in SA, we pay acknowledgement to four of the world’s significant religions: 700 000 or so Muslims; a tiny but powerful 70 000 Jews; the second largest Indian population outside of India, many of whom are Hindu, and millions of Christians.
There's also millions of African traditional religious devotees who's teachings are largely oral, as is the case in most of the rest of Africa. And who are largely ignored.

Even if they don’t say it, each thinks that her/his so-called holy texts and books are superior to the next. I’ve had first-hand experience of this repeatedly. Most are quite subtle about it, though, with the one loudly voiced exception being Christians who believe they have a mandate from the heavens to tread on anyone and everyone’s free will by ‘bringing (more like forcing) the word of God to all’, as per their be-lie-fs.

Ye who pray to what you know not.
Know ye not that each holy work throughout your world and across time has been fictionalized, has had large portions of text removed and has been subject to every other kind of abuse.
The resultant works come not from those entrusted in God’s holy union, but by corrupt men who wished only to set a course for the control of the human life and spirit across time.
This was but the same for the many Lighted works brought forth to en-Lighten and liberate mankind that ye could be provided with choice.


[SK: Was dwelling on humanity's individual and collective free will vs conscious and unconscious enslavement on planet after posting my Invocation yesterday on similar]

This shall stop now and the people shall know and the people shall choose. Choose, with conscious knowing…
No longer will thy be ‘in the dark’ unless thy choose for it so to be.
No longer will thy bodies and minds be wracked in pain and suffering due to programming of limitation and destruction embedded deep in the psyche.

This is my button-pressing moment, I tell thee. Just like the dark ones give notice in advance of their own ploys, this is MY moment to give you due warning.

Know it for it is to be. And you dark ones will shake and shiver from your very own creations. I am no God of wrath though you may see what comes as such. You have willed this time over and over and over again, never once thinking over the consequences of your actions, for indeed you did believe you were invincible. And you did believe your ‘god’ would rescue you.
You know now this is not the case as you sit with your broken dreams-or should that be nightmares?