I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, July 27, 2014


12 July 2104


through Shellee-Kim

I AM SA-RA...SAWRAW...SARA...here once more. And I am delighted. For it has been difficult to reach Shellee for numerous reasons recently and have her make the space to bring this communique forth.

Change is upon us all now, beloved friends. And we are your greatest admirers and supporters both. And will ever be at your side. It bears repeating that you truly know this is so and is to be.

Now I would to like to broach the subject of Fear and Terror.
Feeling such feelings and being in this state, many reading here might say, is the opposite of being and feeling 'spiritual.'
Your definitions of spirituality, particularly those in the New Age movement, does not cater for the exploration of Fear very much and Terror, even less. As these states are seen as unnecessarily indulgent and also defeating the purpose of the object which is to always think and feel 'light, happy and positive' thoughts and feelings, is it not? This is, after all, one of the tenets of the New Age's philosophy.

You would find much the same occurring within the rites and rituals of other religious and spiritual paths. While it may be encouraged to pray for the collective suffering of others, in the main human pain within the congregation is not much focused on or explored. And when it does rear its head publicly through one of the adherents/members of whatever the organisation or spiritual path, it is usually snuffed out just as fast by the presiding authority.

Whether spiritual leaders or members, too few people in general are comfortable with exposing the 'negative' within themselves. Or witnessing it being exposed publicly within others in this context as this reflects back, breeding discomfort within. Fear is at the source of all of this. But during these times we'll be moving some degrees beyond Fear even and into the realms of Terror for many. As you are soon to see.

You have noted that the general discomfort with Fear and it's related companion, Terror, is constantly pushed down and out of sight by most. This happens privately as well as publicly. But in terms of your immediate future, it is the dealing with public Terror and Fear that I wish to address tonight.

As you will be the ones who will guide and lead others, it is imperative that you first become completely comfortable with whatever Fears of your own you still have. If you haven't already. At least then you will not be relegated to the side of the crowd – and as one who needs the calming when crises occur.

Being comfortable with your own Fears mean exposing them : first to yourselves and then to others (if needs be). First and foremost it is to be your authenticity that is required in all situations and at all times. If you are covering up your Fears, you are not standing in your authenticity. I say this, beloveds, for you are expected to be transparent that people can identify with you and build trust in what you bring. And this includes not being in Fear around demonstrating exactly who you are.

Now, how would you then apply this oppenness, transparency and authenticity to assisting people through their Fears and Terrors? And I include those who've (like in the New Age) never given themselves permission to be in these states - perceiving this as 'unacceptable' public behaviour.

Collectively, when in Fear people often 'infect' one another. Just as Love and Joy are contagious, so can Fear and Terror be. People in this state immediately need a distraction that you may begin to reach them and calm them down by and through your own pre-sence of harmony, stability, authority, peace, love and compassionate care.

It is human nature to wish for quick fix solutions. Yet this is exactly what you will need to produce in situations you will face shortly. Imagine people who, for whatever the reasons, are separated from their loved ones. Such as parents who are separated from their children. You will be faced with an onslaught of panicking people who are in varying states of Fear, with Terror being at the extreme end.

If you take the hands of the person closest to you who feels this way and compel them to keep eye contact with you while you intend to make contact with their Higher Self for assistance, you will mostly be able to help bring the person to a degree of centredness and some balance again. Do this with as many as you can.
Then, when you have enough within that group that have some emotional balance again, ask each of them to turn to someone in need, doing exactly the same thing you did. This approach will completely take the explosive edge off such potentially disturbing group situations. And Terror will dissipate, while Fear will lessen collectively.

Do you see that you will and can counter the emotions and vibrations of Fear and Terror with calm, bringing balance momentarily back to people? This way you will be able to manage them more successfully.

Do understand that Fear and Terror will also be triggered by an energy people gathered together will plug into (which creates the ability to 'infect' a crowd). And once you are able to identify that, you will also be the more knowledgeable for it and at an advantage.

You have previously heard about other suggested methods to apply to calm angry people in a riot/mob. Consider this piece as one that goes hand-in-hand with that.

This is what I wish to share tonight with you all, beloved ones, as thing 'hot up' on your plane. Along with our mounting excitement. And yours too, we believe? [*Sa-Ra smiles*]

Lovely to have spent this time with you again, friends.

I AM your Sa-Ra

Wishing you Adieu for now.