I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, July 20, 2014


A while ago the term 'Higher Self' -used to describe that which drives our lives (if we allow it)- no longer worked for me.
In fact, it never worked for me. The name implies to me - and many others besides - that we, the persona/ego self are therefore the 'lower' aspect. Well, it is and it isn't true. Due to our existence within duality, many automatically perceive ourselves in terms of opposites - so Higher and Lower here.
To totally differentiate while still capturing my ever-present essence in a term, I decided that Expanded Me/EM encapsulated that pretty well.
As our connection grows ever stronger now, you'll likely be hearing more from EM.

Blessings abound for you all!

EM 2

9 July 2014

Aah yes indeed I AM here.
Its wonderful again to have this opportunity with you. And as this is a public message... I'm very grateful to be able to speak through Shellee. For there is indeed much to say.

We are One.
You and you and you and you and I...
Joined together by and in
The glory of our God within.
For ever and today
Let us make a way
That we might share, express
All the bounty that we are
For it is together
That we can
And will go far
[*EM smiles for a long time*]

It is my delight, precious friends of earth, to bring you more of who I AM, that you may begin to know me a little better through these words you read and the vibration I emit.
This day I would bring you a message from my heart to yours.
It is of consternation that when I look around I see faces of blankness to the Truth of man, by man...as to what lies in the hearts and minds of man himself. It is a blindness by him, to him....
And though some are waking in small measure to more of the Truth about them, most do still remain fast asleep.

I use the word 'fast' to imply a kind of 'locked into' scenario. For indeed, man is locked and bound into a web like limitation of himself. Courtesy your planetary controllers.
Many have bought fully, whole-heartedly into the picture of the world and of the human plight which the controllers have presented. And our efforts – along with many of you awakened ones especially when you sleep ([SK: :-)ironic] – constantly go out to counter the measures put out daily by the dark ones.

Man's rise to conscious awakening will be nothing short of meteoric when it happens. Perhaps you may even see it as a miracle. But one that is considered long overdue, in any event.My role in all this is to help return man to his place within his heart through self love and acceptance by embracing all of himself. And of course my aspect, SK, is something of an expert on this. For her life has been lived in just the opposite manner. So who better to know the pitfalls than we. *smiling*

Humankind is again at a crossroads. But of course most are not even aware of this or that they are travelling on a self-chosen path. There's no understanding and therefore no acknowledgement of this and thus no conscious choice that can be made by the majority. The life is spent in UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

All the more meteoric will be the rise once the cards are laid on the table and man awakens with a jolt. For then will be an experience that man will choose which takes everything to the other end of the spectrum. And this turning point will mark the entry into the new day on earth. Though it might begin with violence, anger and aggression.

And so it is felt that if the only way forward is via a massive, collective uprising, then so it must be. For we will work with whatever man collectively chooses and assist in this choice for the best outcome of all. And this IS what man has chosen.
So be it.

The greatness of God and his glory WILL be made manifest on earth – one way or the other. And this is what all we workers of the Light have gathered together for at this time. That our individual and collective efforts might reflect this.

I bring this message to a close by saying:

Let One and All know WHO you are
That you were born of God
And come from the stars
Designed to take flight
At a certain point in time
And now that time is here
The place is now
And there's no room left for fear.
So here may you knowAll that you are
So our forces may join
From near and far.
Let us gather precious people
There's no time to lose
We are to make headlines news
In a world that desperately seeks
Many a new muse.

Please accept that...
From my heart to yours

Much love
I AM EM [Expanded Me/SK's Higher Self]