I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


21 May 2014


through Shellee-Kim

Dear beloved friends and family

It is such a pleasure to be with you once again. Well, here I AM and we are…
And a very necessary topic is in need of addressing this day. This is around the issue of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the desire and ability to accept that which you can change. It is the intent and the acting on that intent to ALLOW all the things that occurred in the past life to BE. This occurs in turn by accepting all of the many traumas you experienced, disastrous and painful experiences and the wide range of abuses you have perpetrated upon one another. It is from this you can know and live PEACE and balance.

When you accept what you perpetrated upon another or what another perpetrated upon you (or your perception of it) a great deal of progress is made. You stop warring within yourself, for one. And this is an enormous step towards progress of the kind you wish to be making.

For in accepting yourself, rather than continuing to ‘beat up’ on yourself at some or other level of your being, you are choosing the way of peace within. And thus can self-forgiveness flow more easily through you. This is but a starting point then for more easily forgiving those situations, people, places or circumstances you found yourself in as a perceived victim.

Dearly beloved friends. It is NOT your job or responsibility to shift another to this perspective or place. It is NOT your job to ‘get them to see’ anything at all. Obsessing over this, especially as regards your loved ones and family members is diverting YOU from your own path of healing the Self. Do you see?

We understand fully, beloveds, your great love of those close to you and wanting this self-forgiveness/forgiveness for them also. But remember: it is they that must want and desire that enough to take their own practical steps towards this, in the first instance. No amount of your coercing, manipulating, attempts to ‘show them’ will make any difference to them if they are NOT willing to take on the responsibility of their own creations. We do hope this is clear. We see how many of you are caught up in needing to do this for and with others, before you have your own house in order in this regard. However, this is not service in the highest interests of ALL.

And, as we have diverted ourselves off topic to explain that, we now return also. As you are expected to do – to your own selves. Through the forgiveness of self, you are granting permission to your Higher Selves and the God within to take full ‘control’ of your vessels; your mind and emotions. And this then becomes a most grand starting point to being the conduit for the expressing of higher wisdom within.

How do you know when you HAVE surrendered in acceptance to all of your unforgiven parts?

You know this, beloveds, because you feel – perhaps for the first time – conflict free when thoughts and memories resurface related to your past trauma/s or the persons related. This is one way you know your efforts have been successful. Another way you know this is your reactions to and with others are no longer triggering past destructive and limiting patterns of response. Many of these being related to how your ego decided (often at an unconscious level) to protect and defend yourself in the world post your trauma.

How do you when you have NOT yet surrendered in acceptance of your unforgiven parts? You know it because there are aspects and areas within your mind and life that remain in a state of turmoil and pain. You know it because you continue to experience blockages – the opposite of flow – in the living. You know it due to the negative or destructive reactions to you from others.

These are some of the alerts that you may know where you are in this important question of forgiveness. We have spoken around this subject before, but again feel it necessary at this time to raise.

Your new lives are to begin very shortly. And it will serve you and everyone around you best if you have LET GO of all that holds you to your past. Without this, there can be little forward movement. For indeed, it is a necessary start point from which to begin your co-creating in your sovereign state.

We hope this is more food for thought in your respective preparations of the Self. Always brought to you in the name of the highest good of all and with Love.

Beloveds, as always, it is my pleasure and privilege to serve as, when and how I can.
I come forth today along with the Sisters. And we wish you all much future happiness in the newness of yourSelves.

I AM your ever-loving Sa-Ra

Bidding you Adieu