I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sa-Ra 21: Self-Sabotage

[ Another botch up from my voice recorder and took me forever to transcribe. I had to rework some bits with Sa-Ra to clarify.
I also forgot to emphasis certain words that she did, so you'll just have to take it as is, I'm afraid...]

9 February 2014

Sa-Ra 21: Self-Sabotage

through Shellee-Kim

Ah good morning Shellee, One and All. It is a pleasure to be with you once more. And I bring good tidings from all the Celestials. We are most pleased with events as they are currently unfolding. For this will accelate the ushering in of events on your plane which has been promised you and for which you all eagerly await.

For today though, I would speak of self-sabotage. This is a most important topic, beloveds. For it is diametrically opposed to all you are trying to achieve.
Self-sabotage is self -destruction in progress and the antithesis of becoming whole and stepping into your highest truths.

It is most important to understand this dynamic as it might filter within you most deeply - in order to get to the core of your specific issue around this.

What is self-sabotage? Self sabotage, beloveds is an ego reactive mechanism born of a fear/s that begins to accelerate over time, consuming parts of the consciousness in the most subtle manner. IF this process is not brought into the awareness and arrested through action on your part.

Self-sabotage is a response to external stimuli in your tailor-made created world. This often reflects unworthiness within, producing a need for self-punishment (they frequently work hand-in-hand).

There is also an increasing need as a reaction of ego to feel more in CONTROL of the life alongside this. Which is the opposite of surrendering to the God within and the Higher Self.
Self-sabotage can also exist as the result in believing yourself not able or incapable, which offsets a lack of confidence in turn.

Self-sabotage is an attempt to protect and defend yourself from what your unconscious ego aspect deems necessary to protect and defend. As a reactive mechanism used by the lower mind, by its nature it denies the higher aspect of you that wishes to see the life succed and bear fruit.

The causes of origin of many of these self-sabotaging patterns are mostly hidden from view and buried deep within. These can be difficult to access, but by no means impossible.
In order to free yourself of the limited effects of these in the life, delving within is the most necessary next step. For in freeing yourself of these you automatically allow in that which the Higher Self wishes to bring you. Which is the plan for your highest possibility in this lifetime.

You cannot go around this, you cannot dismiss this, you cannot underestimate its workings and you cannot pretend it doesn't exist. These obstacles must be faced head on. For these, beloveds, are some of the many stumbling blocks on the path towards personal Mastery and ascension for ones who wish to transcend duality within.
That you live in astonishing times with truly magnficent energies and assistance in support of this healing work is one decided advantage. Although the work is never done for you by an external source, as you know.

To know true Mastery in this arena, we suggest acquainting yourself that you might get comfortable with aspects of your Shadow - that you might bring some of these causes to light.
We will start off by suggesting that you look at long established, self-destructive patterns/their manifestations within your living that have resulted in feelings of limitation, emotional pain, lack (in any or all areas of the living) and feelings of discontent. These are often some of the symptoms of self-sabotaging patterns.

Let us take for example: a person who's greatly creative -and is a working creative - but has an increasing dependence on alcohol/another substance to feel their creativity. When none was required in the first instance to express their great gift.

At this point, the alcohol/substance is being used to fuel a state of being that supports the flow of creativity. Over time and as pressure increases as the need to maintain an income does, the dependency on the alcohol/substance does too. Until such a point is arrived at where the feelings derived from the alcohol/substance are needed for the person to feel functional in other areas of the living also.

Now the feelings the alcohol/substance provides supercedes that of the desire to turn out a good piece of creative work. And this is when less controllable addiction has set in.

How was this point reached, beloveds?
At a particular place in time - and before the dependency on the alcohol took precedence - this person experienced a 'crisis' within - whether aware of it or not. In turn this triggered self doubt affecting the person's confidence. Not feeling good enough, the person sought assistance in the alcohol/substance.

Perhaps the need for the alcohol initially was triggered by an event, interaction with a person or an accumulation of experiences that 'broke the camels back', so to speak. The return of past unpleasant memories and feelings resurfacing, which may have been working on the psyche unconsciously until this point, is also a major trigger for many.

Why did this not happen earlier, you might ask? The human will and ego are able to have their way oftentimes. Creating what you call on earth a 'successful life' [SK: materially-speaking] until such a trigger point is reached.

While the above was an extreme example, as a suggestion to understanding how self-sabotage may work within you, we ask that you sit with yourself as you reflect on your day and interactions. (*)Reflect on your reactions to others in both your working, your personal life and with your families.

Following on from my previous message on Self-Discernment, you will see that time and again you allow the ego mind to take precedence, often automatically.
It is most necessary to know the workings of your mind, that you might ENTER the heart of the darkness within in order to transcend or release it. Thereby making the space for the flow of all that is good to work consistently in your life.

So we would say here once you are comfortable intellectually and emotionally with these concepts, how they relate to your specific condition and are happy to take charge of them, you'll more easily be able to arrive at the heart of the issue.
Observe your reactions (see * above)and the condition they bring forth into any given situation. And ask yourself whether these were of ego mind origin thus encouraging limitation or whether these were of divine mind origin, thus encouraging your freedom.

Ask yourself/your Higher Self and guidance how you can change your reaction tomorrow to bring abut a more prosperous result.
In order to get to the heart of the issue that lies in the unconscious, we would ask you to use a technique where you see yourself as a small child reacting to those around you during your reflecting state. Ask within whether you felt empowered or disempowerd in relation to the other/the event. If you felt disempowered, what was it you sought to do then in order to feel empowered again in that situation?
Did you choose to have a tantrum? Retreat into silence and sulks? Did you become an entirely different persona? Or did you perhaps resort to manipulation tactics in combination with one of the above?

And there in your response you will find your self-sabotaging pattern emerging many times and reasons for it, in most instances. Although it may appear to wear the face of needing to be in control or defensive, on the surface.

All these things we speak of beloveds, we speak of only because we see the many places in the relationships with yourselves that you are not in acceptance of and do not love. In self-sabotage as with all obstacles in your path of oneness with your divine self, all stem from a lack of self-love.

And so we leave this with you now that you may ponder it and that it may make sense. And that you may derive some benefit from what we have put forth today.

This is your beloved Sa-Ra

Wishing you all a most bounteous day

Until next we meet

I bid you Farewell.