I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, January 18, 2014


It struck me on 31 December. An odd kind of urgent sensation, coming upon me in waves.
But The message was perfectly clear.
‘This is make or break time! ‘Time to make a Stand. So CHOOSE now, how you wish to manifest this. And, more importantly, ACT on it.’ This went on loudly and for days until I ‘got it’.

Every day since then and until last week the passion on an important piece I was forced to drop several years ago, surfaced and resurfaced…consuming me with passion once more; firing me up with desire to DO SOMETHING about it. It was clear to me I could do nothing other than take it up again…and this time I was assured of a successful conclusion. And that was encouraging, considering the forces seemingly at work against it the last time…

As if to confirm both my choices and my CHOOSING of them, I encountered Zen Gardener in one of his pieces saying very much the same thing at around the same. His words inspired me all over again. And this was followed in sharp succession by Linda Houseman essentially saying similarly in a socio-political piece. And finally one of my colleagues on Abundant Hope was fired up with enthusiasm of his own to make a stand, asking of others to do similarly. And using those same words…’it’s make or break time’.

Was it our Expanded Me’s/EM’s (aka Higher Selves) coming through helped by our galactic brethren as part of the release of this Divine flooding some of us were feeling? Whatever it is and from wherever it may come, it's now demanding questions be answered and addressed much more tangibly…

How many of us sit by passively, waiting for the next perceived font of channeled wisdom to give us a momentary ‘lift of inspiration’ out of our daily humdrum and troubles? To feed us. Guilty as charged!
How many go to healers or embark on some new course or spiritual philosophy or path for just the same feeling and to feel free-er within? Yes, in the past…guilty as charged again!

It’s easy to look outside of ourselves to resolving our worlds within. But not necessarily the more growthful route. Besides, more often than not – as per my own and others’ past experiences – it’s just another momentary energetic high, often lacking what we’re needing to sustain ourselves indefinitely. It's often as if we are paying another monetarily for THEIR energy, on some level or another, while continuing to avoid dealing with our own.

However, there’s a substance you are able to build within that comes from chipping away and carving out what is right for YOUR own soul. Which is never to say you cannot be aided en route by the works, thoughts and ideas of others. I was…for quite a time.

I’d say the best combination that creates real evolution and growth within is owning all of you firstly (the good, bad, ugly, positive/negative thoughtforms; the whole shebang). You need a serious dose of self-awareness for this one. Then deciding and choosing what stays and what goes.
And then, if you feel driven to serve others in this grand unfolding plan on Earth, adding your intent followed by the ACT-ion required. This last step is what I perceive as the ‘make or break’ moment. THIS is the moment, the time and choice that determines how you’ll be allowing/not your EM and invisible friends/helpers to assist further in your quest. And which of your numerous future choices you energise/not into manifestation, including the path of your highest possibility.

So this brings me back to our collective ACT-ions required currently. It’s true to say that many who have tried to create Missions of Service have been struck by adversarial forces – knowingly or not.
Some of the ones who had an awareness of this deliberately retreated to fall under the darkies’ radar for the protection of themselves and their families. While others perhaps experienced what may have seemed like other inner or outer obstacles, preventing them also from successful execution.
Then there’s been the group of those who started out with good intent and appear to be successful as healers and teachers, but knowingly or not sold themselves out. They might have compromised on their spiritual integrity/control of their works in exchange for material offerings/sponsorships/site popularity or could have had an aspect of their ego ‘taken over’ by CIA programming, without their knowledge and often through ‘channelling'.

With all these numerous and varied tactics and programmes created to take down as many expressions of the Light as possible, it’s little wonder the ones who have managed to hold onto themselves have retreated. But that time, if I understand correctly, is now over! And it is time to stand, regardless of what or who you perceive the adversary to be…

Activism of any type has always been characterized by one major attribute, in my observation. Courage.
The courage of an individual/many to stand up and speak out for a people on an issue of injustice or prejudice that helps to mobilize change through inspiration and speaking to the hearts of people.
And activism – whether via a creative or artistic expression or the speaking out of an individual - can lead to (r)evolution for both Self and others. At this time I’m much more concerned about the(r)evolution of others.
But what this means first is deciding and CHOOSING, then exposing yourself and your particular brand of Truth and then putting yourself out ‘there’. Getting up and DOING instead of just BEING. Regardless of who might ridicule you and how humiliated you might feel. Regardless of metaphoric rotten tomatoes or the real deal being thrown at you. And regardless of being rejected by your family and wider social circle. No one ever said standing for Truth would be comfortable. And I guess the last factor is the one that has had the biggest impact on dis-courage-ing the many.
But for those serious, time for being is gone and done (well, in truth that never really ends-but for this cycle of prep, I mean).

Here I urge each and every one of you who feels your life is not complete without some type of giving to others. You may think you cannot do anything without resources – material things or money. But you very much can. If the will’s there, you can literally serve in a soup kitchen or do any other type of voluntary work in your immediate community, even if you’re unemployed and have minimal transport money.

You can serve in any number of ways by being available to counsel others, should you have those skills. In this bracket, you can allow yourself to be ‘used’ to gift another by just being a listening ear, even if the person doesn’t want feedback. Which I’ve often found to be the case.
You can assist in cleaning up a place of nature, forest or beach closest to you. Or even help in removing some of the non biodegradable pollution in your local shopping precinct/mall area. Visit a hospital, clinic, children’s or old age home to comfort the ill or/and their families. You can ask to be used by CM and God as a conduit to uplift, comfort, have the right words of wisdom on hand or just even generate a silent, reassuring touch or warm smile where it's needed.
And I could go on…

So you see, even without resources or money, there’s many ways you can choose to ACT in service.

And with my own personal situation: after a very decent pep talk with Ma Sekhmet, Nada, Mary and CM earlier this week, I was assured THIS time nothing would be going wrong with my project. Certain changes within were facilitating that now and added to that was the factor of having even bigger help as I’d opened myself to working more with Divine Will. Somehow I’m believing and trusting in that process this time. Like I couldn’t or wouldn’t last time. And so far, so good.

It is expected of us that we now ACT. And we are all badly wanted and needed as this cycle's final act plays out.

Love of the One Heart