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I AM Present

Monday, May 20, 2013

Britain's Bizarre 'Bubble' Clouds

Good Monday to you all!

What does this unusual 'natural'(?) phenomena portend? What does it mean to you? Methinks we're on the very brink of receiving the great humanity-makeover galactic gift!

In magic, madness and mystery


May 14, 2013 - UNITED KINGDOM - The skies above Telford formed into dark clouds which turned into grey and imposing bubbles and resembled the advent of an alien landing.

The clouds formed into large and imposing bubbles (CATERS).

The imposing clouds left onlookers questioning their existence and how they had formed.

In fact, the clouds, known as the lesser-spotted mammatus - appeared as a lobe and were packed full of ice and rain.

According to local forecasters the clouds created a large thunderstorm which drenched much of Britain over the weekend.

Bubbles formed in the skies over Telford (CATERS).

The clouds are associated with the powerful storms which can sometimes occur in the summer and are a sign of massive quantities of water vapour.

Phil Spencer, a 39-year-old truck driver from Telford, was left baffled by the sudden change in the weather.

The clouds usually form ahead of giant thunderstorms (CATERS).

He said: I went to Morrisons and looked up and noticed all these weird and wonderful shapes in the sky. It was only there for five or 10 minutes and then just literally went as quickly as it came in." - Express.