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I AM Present

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Going 'Insane' For Service

Hello dear readers!

The energies...they are intensifying. Are they not? Can you feel the heat...?

My personal day of resolution draws ever closer. And it cannot come quickly enough. Apologies for yet again sounding cryptic...;-) but all will be revealed. Actually, I'm itching to do so.

One of my cats believes I'm 'obstinate and thick' and is not very happy with me at the mo :-) I mean, how long can it possibly take to 'get' a seemingly-simple lesson, I can almost hear her thinking.
But then, she doesn't have 16 personalities to deal with on a daily basis. Excuses, excuses...I know!

What I (only half) jokingly call 'my 16 personalities' is not unlike the books, 'Sybil'and 'The Three Faces Of Eve'. Which got me to thinking yet again how severely ignorant we are on this planet. And really liking to be so, it seems. Take the fact that labelled disorders such as scizophrenia and bipolar to conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which I myself had for six years!) are so very misunderstood.
Mainly because it is highly in the interest of medical science to encourage misunderstandings. Yet, all it takes to question the validity of medical science's claims is to do a bit of research these days.

If it was know, for instance, that such conditions had their roots not in so-called psychologicial or psychiatric disorders, but in very real psycho-spiritual and psychic ones, what state would the medical and more importantly, the pharmaceutical industry globalwide be in? A very sorry one, I'd say.

Accepting such 'psychiatric disordered' labels and the identity that goes with them is a distraction taking you away from the truth of the cause. And only serves to retard your growth through brain and mind-numbing chemical drugs, if you buy into that to find resolution.

And too few 'victims' will even consider thinking outside the box they've been so comfortably enticed into. After all, the doctor justifies their behaviour and need for the drug. And voila! Your 'illness' now has an official stamp of approval.

Owning and exploring the root causes of such an illness is far more difficult and requires longer-term effort on your part. But those who are brave and open-minded enough to explore this, find out the truth. And that is that these mental illnesses and disorders are more often than not, nothing more than soul walk-ins and entities that unknowingly attach to the field of the human being. That is to say: soul aspects independent of 'you', yet still operating through you!
Which then accounts for the many weird changes of your internal and external world, change in your response/behaviours to people and in general, what you and others would note as a major personality 'shift'. Amongst many other symptoms.

In the case of the latter, much theory and research has been done. But it is usually clear and skilled counsellors that can 'see' such lower-vibrating entities. These are common particularly in the case of those humans with addictions of all types.

However, everything has both a dark and a light side. It's all a question of choice. And this and many other types of soul contracts are available on the planet right now. It all depends on what you're choosing.

If you're motivated to help humanity in any way consciously, you could be in the process of attracting or have already attracted and begun a process of anchoring in a walk-in/braided walk-in/soul merge/soul composite or any other similar contract designed for the highest good of yourselves and humanity through service. And I'm not for a second saying the majority are choosing walk-in contracts, just that it's become much more common than before.

The thing is, these contracts are made on a soul level between the two souls/Oversoul aspects concerned. So there's often no prior knowledge of all this during the prep time (which can last between days and years, depending on what you've chosen). And sometimes the contract only consciously reveals itself to you when you are ready and someone else/someone skilled in this arena points it out to you.

Once you know what has/is occurring, it comes as a relief and can be responsible for explaining much in your world. The walk-in phenomena often accounts for the many weird changes of your internal and external world; changes in your response/behaviours to people and in general, what you and others would note as a major personality 'shift'. There's said to be as many as a million walk-ins on the planet right now.
With many offering contracts when born-ins have just 'had enough and want off the planet'; people who just want to be released or suicide attempters.
The process of the walk-in arriving is equally varied. For some it can happen seamlessly, while for many others it may be during a traumatic event, such as a suicide, an accident or illness.

Apparently tailormade to suit the the two souls concerned, they can be incredibly varied with no two being identical.

A better understanding of the whole phenomenon is below. I'm particularly intrigued by composite merges/walk-ins when numerous aspects from the Oversoul join (permanently or temporarily)with the born in persona. All rearing their heads, so to speak, at different times to express their respective wisdom! Now keeping yourself sane through all that would be one incredible feat.
As I was saying...about Sybil...

A question to one of my IF's (invisible friends)recently was: 'Are these types of 'insane' contracts amongst the most positive expressions of service to humanity? *tongue-in-cheek*.

The way I'm feeling right now is that it's more a case of high order New Earth entertainment is en route to the planet via such...just in case we needed anything extra to spice it all up down here. Not that I'm being facetious, you understand ;-)

In (true)madness, magic and mystery


From http://www.earthscape.net/soul_oversoul.htm

Soul Transfers (Walk-Ins)

Next, let's consider the subject of "soul transfers", more commonly known as "walk-ins". One of the early books on this subject, Strangers Among Us, was written by Ruth Montgomery in the mid-1970's. A "walk-in", as she introduced the concept, is a situation in which the soul that has been associated with an embodiment since birth agrees to leave the body and make it available to be embodied by a different soul. There are various reasons why a soul might agree to do this. For example, it may involve a person that is very discouraged with life, and no longer wants to live. So, rather than going through the death of the physical body, the original soul may make it available for another soul to embody. The "incoming" soul has to agree to take on all of the "karmic" responsibilities of that life, such as children (if there are any) or perhaps aged parents, and so on.

In every walk-in situation, there must be complete agreement between the outgoing and incoming souls. But since the agreements are made at the soul level, the human self may not be aware that a soul transfer (walk-in) has been agreed to. And since the incoming soul inherits the memory of the body that it comes into, the human self is usually not aware, at least initially, that a soul transfer has taken place.

In Ruth Montgomery's book, she indicated that an incoming soul is almost always a more evolved soul that the outgoing soul. This gave rise to an impression that if someone is a "walk-in", they must be a very evolved person. While it is true that a soul must be at a certainly level of evolutionary development before it is permitted to come in as a walk-in, and it is also true that many of the souls who came in as walk-ins during the 1970's and 1980's were highly evolved "Lightworkers" souls, many of the souls who have come in as walk-ins during the past few decades have struggled to acclimate to the human life situation they have entered. And more than a few have allowed themselves to be diverted from their soul's mission and purpose.

There have also been some misconceptions about the circumstances under which the actual soul transfer takes place. The earlier perspectives were that the transfer almost always took place in conjunction with a traumatic situation, such as a car accident or severe illness. Although that seems to be true in some cases, there are many soul transfers that seem to take place rather seamlessly, without trauma involved. It is true, however, that in some cases trauma tends to shatter rigid energy patterns, making it easier for the incoming soul to integrate into the human form.

Although most soul transfers seem to take place in mid-life, they occasional take place during the first few years of life, or even in the senior years. And a few people have undergone multiple walk-in experiences, separated by a few years, or in some cases several years.

The most noticeable and challenging issues for an incoming soul is that it quite likely will not have the same feelings for family members and friends . . . this tends to especially apply to spouses. So quite often marriages do not survive long after a soul transfer takes place.

What are the advantages for a soul to come in as a walk-in rather than through the natural birth process? Assuming that the soul transfer takes place in mid-life, the incoming soul can focus on its mission and purpose much more quickly, without having to go through the stages of infancy and growing up years. The risks are that it is all too easy to become entrapped in personality patterns that are already well established . . . patterns that may not be supportive to the life plan of incoming soul.

Soul "Braiding"

Soul "braiding" is a term used to describe a process whereby a new soul merges into an existing embodiment, but the original birth soul does not leave. It is similar to the process described earlier in which more than one soul of an oversoul cluster enter into the same embodiment. Soul braiding, however, can also involve the merging in of a soul from a different soul cluster. In this sense, it becomes more like a "hybrid".

Also, soul braiding sometimes involves a more temporary situation, whereby a new soul merges in for a period of time, and then later withdraws. For example, one case we are aware of involved a soul who had never been embodied on earth before, who wanted to experience what it was like to be embodied in human form here on Earth for a few days before making a decision to embody for a full lifetime. Another example would be a situation in which a soul with special talents and abilities may want to come into an embodiment for a year or two to carry out a special mission.

Entities ("uninvited guests")

Now let's shift gears and discuss a very different situation, but one that could be confused with the walk-in or braiding situation.

When a soul completes a lifetime here on Earth, it is intended that the soul will return to the higher realms, and resume their evolutionary journey in those realms. However, in some cases, a soul may be unwilling or unable to fully separate itself from the human realm. This may be for a variety of different reasons. One of the more common reasons involves addictive behavioral patterns such as alcohol or drug abuse, gambling addiction, or sexual addictions.

In such cases, when the soul leaves (through death) the body in which the addictive behavior patterns were formed, it is attracted to places or situations in which living humans are involved in these behaviors, such as bars, gambling casinos, strip joints or bordellos. However, when the soul is no longer in a physical body, it can only observe other humans that are involved in these behaviors, but it cannot experience the feelings of the addictive behaviors. The only way they can do that is to merge into the embodiment of someone who is involved in these behaviors, and experience it through that person's body. All too often in such cases, the wayward soul then becomes "entrapped" in the body of the other person, and does not know how to leave, or perhaps does not want to leave.

From the perspective of the person who has been invaded by the wayward soul, it is what is commonly referred to as being "possessed", or as having an "entity" within the body. The best protection from being invaded by such a disembodied entity is to maintain a strong and healthy energy field, and of course, to avoid addictive behaviors. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol severely weaken ones energy field, and makes such a person especially vulnerable to intrusion.

There are other situations which commonly attract entities. Most common are situations that involve "emotional vulnerability". An example would be a person who becomes distraught over the death of a family member or friend. Such a person might then attract a disembodied entity who would, with all good intentions, attempt to console them. If the entity is not careful, however, it can become entrapped in the body of the distraught person. And frequently such entrapments continue on for many years . . . in some cases, a lifetime.

From the perspective of the person with the attached entity, it is never a healthy situation, regardless of whether the original intent of the entity was for selfish pleasures, or compassionate supportiveness. First and foremost, having an attached entity is a drain on the energy level of the body. Secondly, it can result in personality disorders . . . if the attached entity had a strong or abusive personality, that can at times overshadow the personality of the person involved. And thirdly, having an attached entity can create a severe distraction from the life plan of the person involved.

We have found that if a person has one attached entity, it is likely that they will have more than one. And the more entities a person has, the greater the drain on their energy level. We believe that many cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are essentially nothing more than a situation involving attached entities.

How does one know if a person has one or more attached entities? Inconsistency in personality characteristics is one of the most common indicators . . . sometimes pleasant, but at other times coarse or abusive. Also, a person with attached entities tends to avoid direct eye contact . . . the entities are in effect "hiding" inside, and they are afraid that they might be seen . . . and indeed they can be seen by skilled spiritual counselor.

We are aware of two spiritual counselors who are particularly adept at recognizing and facilitating the release of attached entities. They can be found at: www.acrossdimensions.com or www.heart-soul-healing.com.