I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Parasitic Entities That Feed Off Human Emotional Energy

These are amongst the most important reasons behind the attempted repression of our collective consciousness at this time. And which has resulted in the current state of affairs on both this planet and within ourselves as humanity - making this short David Icke video essential viewing.

As the battle for our souls rage on, it's important to know as much as we can about the psycho-spiritual warfare we are subject to daily.
For most, this is occurring beneath the surface of our minds - subconsciously. And the only clues we possess are in our very re-action (s) to our world and lives. Thus, making us extremely vulnerable and highly susceptible to high order manipulation.

Energy indeed flows where attention goes!

Countering this, and thanks to our merciful Creator, we continue to have incrementally-increasing doses of the Wave (see the 'Wave' section on abundanthope.net) being released onto the planet to help us both clear ourselves and raise our frequencies beyond the reaches of the soon-to-be ex planetary controllers' psychological operations designed to keep us in limited consciousness.
And most importantly, beyond FEAR [False Evidence Appearing Real].

But, nothing will change within us or without in any magical way...
We must therefore be prepared to embrace and work with this cosmic gift consciously. In our openess and explorations will we thus know also what blocks it from working positively in our lives, ie. the mechanics of collective manipulation.


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