I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winds Of Change by Tara through Shellee-Kim


9.55 am

T: It is I, Tara. Hello beloved friend. Can we speak?

SK: I’d love to.

T: Things are about to get moving now in no uncertain terms. Indeed, the mother’s time has come. Are you prepared, beloveds? Inside and out?

It has been decided on that very shortly we are to make our presence known, very openly. Your skies will be filled with our Fleet’s vessels and many will look upon this in wonderment, in bewilderment. This is a necessary next step in the current plan. There were several scenarios, but this is the one we have decided to go with. The one that would potentially have the most positive impact upon the people of your world. The Dark will, of course, try their hand at creating distractions and diversions through their attempted psy ops plans, which will not succeed.

Now, let us discuss your arrival here on ship. There are some of you who are to be called and brought to ship slightly earlier than planned originally. A pre pre-preparation, if you like. It has become necessary due to the ever so slight change in plans that you, the forerunners, will help to implement. (I get an image of water flowing outwards from a level, down to the next level and the next…signifying the start of and the impact on all who will receive this energetic flow of Light/information wave).

For this time period, those of you in this group are to be given certain tools that will help both in your discernment of those around you and in their upliftment. These are very precious gifts of a higher dimensional nature, as has already been discussed in other messages. THESE ARE NOT TOYS AND ARE TO BE TREATED WITH THE UTMOST RESPECT. ( SK: I get that this applies to a small group of maybe up to 30 people).

Now, on to something else. Many on earth now have a new chance, a new opportunity that wasn’t present a few months ago. Due to all that has transpired recently this has created an even greater ease of transition for the choices of those remaining. And equally amongst those who are leaving for their own destinations of choice.

What this period has accomplished is a greater removal of the dross which disempowers the minds of men. Although you may not say this, looking around you and in your general interactions with the world at large. When the moment of impact occurs this will become clearer to you. And the subtle changes that have been accumulatively taking place during this past period will now more visibly begin to be seen in how people begin to USE THEIR MINDS. This is partly what we were aiming for. And much pressure will be removed from you ones, as a result.

This is really most wonderful news for you all. And so it is with pleasure I have brought this to you today. The winds of change are indeed upon us now.

[SK: This is the first time Tara, who usually expresses with such a sense of humour that I’m constantly giggling at, has spoken with such seriousness and authority.]

SK: Is that all Tara?

T: Yes, that is all for now, my beloved friend. I am delighted to have had contact with you again. We do so love you all and are anticipating a most wonderful reunion with you. Until then…

I AM Tara

[We had a good chat after this and she reverted back to her ‘lighter’ Tara self ‘now that the heavy stuff is out of the way’. Not that I want to pigeon hole her, but still nice to know I’m not the only one around with more than one personality ;-)]


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Question: how do we know there won't be a change of plan Again?