I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Shellee-Kim Gold

Sovereignty is a state of complete self-governance. Self-governance ultimately means ownership of and being responsible for your every thought, feeling, word and action. And to understand the consequences thereof energetically.

Giving aspects of your personal power away to anyone or anything is counter to this process. And so it was I came to yet another realisation that too much co-dependent interaction with my celestial/galactic/inner earth friends can do as much damage in deterring me from my path, as any other physical relationship can.

This was triggered while reading a channelled message by Eve on abundanthope.org from Inner Earth priest, Adama. He was chatting about the many surface women that feel they have a special connection to him personally, intimately. And he went a ways to explaining how this has little to do with him and everything to do with how we surface humans interpret things, feeding fantasies in the process.

I thanked Eve personally for being the catalyst for this realization within.
As I had been doing something similar with Lady Nada for some time. Not to say we don’t have a relationship. We do. But it was in my allowing something of a co-dependancy to develop that became a source of personal power leakage for me, detracting from my quest for personal sovereignty in the process. Somehow I’d put too much store into this one. And as I didn’t want to take on her or anyone else’s energetic signature as a sovereign co-creator, it was time to make some changes.

Bringing the situation back into balance meant re-evaluating and assessing my relationship with all my Invisible Friends of the Light. And so there was a necessary period of disconnection. Because what was really happening at a deeper level was I was beginning to reconnect with my Golden Angel/Higher Self in a much more profound and necessary way. This came to me in retrospect.

The relationship with our Golden Angels is perhaps the most significant relationship we can have and who’s guidance will ensure our safety and survival in both the immediate and long-term future. And one that is therefore worth putting much energy into developing, working with and listening to.

Once we nurture this relationship and to the degree we’re able to surrender our ego self to our GA’s, we are more automatically able to live, experience and express the Christ and God within. In our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

So, this is my personal priority right now. Particularly as I’ve been hearing often lately: ‘You are about to step into your own shoes. Are you prepared’? And ‘Are you ready to take that giant leap of faith’?
This has been accompanied by the following image, given to me repeatedly:
I’m at the edge of a high clifftop, so high I cannot see to the bottom. And I fall off it. As I free fall I’m aware there’s a gigantic safety bubble that I’ll land softly and safely on top of, should I fall all the way down. Yet, as I fall invisible hands are immediately at my side, under my arms and at my waist, guiding me upwards. At a particular moment, they give me a massive thrust and I take off, suddenly extending my own previously-unseen wings, exhilaratingly flying upwards…

The past weeks this image has changed a little. Now it’s me more consciously jumping off the cliff, rather than just falling off of it. I’m taking it as a sign of progress, as I’m owing more of my actions in what I believe is required of me here.
Ultimately, I feel this is about letting go and surrendering all of my lower will, fears, limits and beliefs of the negative ego to my GA. Then my lower will may take her rightful place as servant to my GA, for the first time in this lifetime. And thus may our experience as true Co-creators begin.
Until then, the continued resolving of aspects of Self in separation or still subject to duality must continue towards unity consciousness or full consciousness.

During a recent quick tele chat with one from another dimension, they referred to the reaching of full consciousness as ‘completing upon oneself’ and said this is the starting point for 5th dimensional consciousness.
The phrase has become my flavour-of-the-year catchphrase.  We were discussing intimate relationships and some choices I've had to make again recently. Ultimately, I chose to go with what my GA wants for us as that will bring the best and highest possible outcome for this life's plan.

When you have 'completed upon yourself’ (ie integrated all divisions within), you cannot be with someone who hasn't. It would be a non-match of vibrations. And ultimately unbalanced. Which in turn would breed all manner of difficulties.

Karen Danrich (of ascendpress.org) has a magnificent take on the new intimate relationships. She looks at a kind of ‘before’ and ‘after’ of such relationships and what the new ones will need to encompass for the greater good of the Whole, for those who choose to go there.

So while we’re still busy getting there and completing upon ourselves (told you it was my current flavourite!)and in readiness for the Other in our lives, I’ve discovered the best thing to do is the following: ask yourself what motivates the burning and yearning to be with some else in an intimate relationship is.
You know, those moments when you feel incredibly lonely and don’t believe you can go on, unpartnered.
Then intend with your helpers of the Light for the underlying cause (of those needs) to be brought up for you consciously and, once recognized, intend to release it. Thus this will integrate another aspect of your Wholeness that was previously lost to you.

Work this technique on all intimate relationship needs that come up, distracting you. When you’ve done this successfully, you’ll know. Then the waiting for that special person and the loneliness you felt regularly will seemingly have disappeared, as if by magic!

This comes from someone who’s been in this space for as long as she’s been single in this cycle, which is…so long, she's forgotten! 